You Are What You Think

Mind Your Thoughts for a Better Life

One of the basic principles of metaphysics states that we create the experience of our reality through our thoughts, feelings and beliefs. So how does this relate to the areas of prosperity and abundance? Prosperity and abundance can take many forms, and the most obvious one is financial prosperity. We can also have an abundance of friends and good relationships, heath and good life experiences such as travel.

Our current state of prosperity and abundance accurately reflects our beliefs about ourselves and our place in the world. If you have areas in your life where you would like to be more abundant, the best place to start is to examine your thoughts and beliefs about that area. If you looked at those areas in your life in which you are satisfied, you will find confidence, positive beliefs and little or no worries and doubts. In the areas you feel need improvement, the opposite beliefs are most likely present—negative beliefs such as unworthiness, fear of failure, and a general lack of confidence.

These two belief systems can easily be seen in those who have abundance and those who struggle to get by. It is necessary to take a compassionate and honest look at the negative beliefs we hold before we can make positive changes in our lives. The journey to improvement starts right where you’re at, to build upon what you have one step at a time. I find that the best way to start is to make a list of all the good things that are in your life. As the saying goes, “Count your blessings.”

The feeling of gratitude that we experience when we think of the good things in our life is a very positive and powerful emotion that acts like a magnet to draw more good into our lives. Remember that your thoughts become words, and your every word has the power to create and affect attitudes, behavior and perception. I encourage you to listen to the words you say to yourself and others. Are the phrases and words that seem to strike a chord in you feel positive or negative? Try being aware and listening to the words you think and that come out of your mouth, and how they make you feel. Are the words from an old habit? Do they truly reflect what you would like to communicate and create for yourself and others? Take the time to think about what you want in your life.

Each of us is meant to experience abundance in all areas of our lives. It does little good to have all the money you could ever want and experience ill health or loneliness. True abundance covers all of life’s experiences. When we follow the path of the heart, the path that supports our true nature, we begin to trust ourselves to make the necessary decisions that help us become balanced and harmonious beings. Emotions are your campus in life. They are a signal sent to you to help direct you and motivate you to take actions to make changes. Listen to your thoughts and feelings. This will help to keep you directed, focused and committed to fulfilling your heart’s desire.

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    Thank you for the great article, I really enjoy reading your posts. It’s the first email that I read. It helps me put things into perspective. Thanks again from your faithful reader.


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