What Not to Do the Day After Thanksgiving

Beating the Black Friday Blues

Known to many as Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving can be a pitfall for a variety of reasons – least of which are the crowds at the mall. Whether you’re planning on a shopping extravaganza or a quiet day at home, here’s what not to do!

Stuff Your Emotions

Understandably, family situations can be stressful. But if you’re an emotional eater, the last thing you want to do is try to squash your feelings with fistfuls of left overs. Make it a point to be measured about your intake. If that means finding a way to express your emotions – or leaving early rather than getting riled up, go for it. You’ve got to be your own number one priority and you don’t need to head into the holidays feeling out of control and worse for the wear from the start.

Shop ‘Til Your Bank Balance Drops!

It’s easy to overdo it in the face of good deals – and Black Friday is filled with them. However, rather than buying up everything you see for fear of missing a deal (or spending on foolishly fancy things just because they seem momentarily within your means), remember that gift giving is not about quantity. It’s about expressing emotion. A little, well thought out present goes a lot further than a whole host of hastily purchased trinkets.

“Know that within your spiritual core you deserve abundance. Stay away from people who say otherwise. Take real action to make your goals happen. If you’re thinking about, but not taking steps in the direction of abundance, you’ll usually end up disappointed.” – William ext. 5131

Forget What You’re Grateful For

Sure, the day of thanks may be over, giving way to the spirited season, but at the holidays more than ever, it’s vital to remember what you’re truly grateful for. Your friends, your family, your kids, your pet, your lover… whatever or whomever it is, don’t hesitate to let them know, now and always, how lucky you feel to have them in your life. No to do list is more important than putting time into the things and people you care about – spending time with them is a gift that keeps on giving.

“Food is a wonderful healer. Thanksgiving is a celebration of sharing. Cooking and preparing food for or with one another is a great way to heal oneself by healing others. If you live far from you family or don’t have family consider hosting an ‘Orphan Thanksgiving.’ You know other people who have no where to go or be that day. Invite them and welcome anyone they may know to join in. Make it a potluck to cut down on expense! You can do the same thing for Christmas!” – Chloe ext. 9421

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3 thoughts on “What Not to Do the Day After Thanksgiving

  1. sally brooks

    I think the black friday is a terrible day because of all the violence that goes on around the states at different stores. It’s just a ploy to get your hard earned money. Christmas is a holy day you should think of baby Jesus and not the commercialality that has become of a wonderful day. Besides what happened to homemade gifts, like cookies, handmade gifts, and just giving of yourself like doing something for someone else. And most importantly Love, Peace and Happiness. God Bless Us All

  2. Lynn

    When I was in a marriage sharing life with another person, I remember thinking and acting like I was being asked “to put up a false front” while breaking bread on Thanksgiving’s Day with my mate’s family. Said family, being the one that I knew had back stabbed and wrongfully judged me since day one. Being accpected to smile and politely agree to every subject expressed. Along with swallowing my pride together with my Thanksgiving dinner, as well. Which went down with even more difficulty sitting at a dinner table where alcohol was never permitted.
    But, with all that said, it beats this Thanksgiving Day where I spend it alone, deciding to also to forgo the filling turkey dinner. Many of my close friends have expressed disgust at their “unfortunate bad luck” having to begrudgingly be dragged to their in-laws homes to participate in the days feast. I hope this reminds readers in the same situation that they could get their wish. Being alone without anyone to share the day, dinner or friendship with. Which may run into the rest of the holidays. Maybe not just the upcoming Christmas and New Years, but possibly even more years spent alone without anyone to share those holidays with. Regardless who you are, with enough holidays alone. Eventually, being alone on days meant to be shared, alone with only a ticking clock you’ll have time to find out the true meaning of Thanksgiving!
    …………Here’s to not finding out “the hard way”. HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO EVERYONE!


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