Psychic on Psychic: Discover the Power of a Birthday Reading

Psychic Marin Interviews Psychic Britta

Every year, I indulge in a birthday psychic reading. As compared to a “routine psychic reading,” the focus of a “birthday reading” is to specifically look into the upcoming year and reveal any potential opportunities that lie ahead, and most importantly to avoid any disasters over the course of the next year.

From a psychic’s point of view, there is usually a boost of energy that occurs within one’s aura on a birthday. Unlike other holidays, a birthday is “our day,” and it usually lends to an energy that is above and beyond a person’s typical vibration. When you radiate at such a high frequency, it is often easier for a psychic to take advantage of this abundant energy, and easily tap into and view your full potential. If you have been struggling with setbacks or delays because your energy has been lower, take advantage of the additional energy you may project on your birthday, and invite a psychic to interpret your soul’s potential and reveal opportunities that can shape your future.

I recently had my birthday reading with Psychic Britta ext. 5440. I have to say, Britta gets the award for “most well-rounded psychic” that I have yet to read with here at California Psychics. With her diverse knowledge and ability to offer information on so many topics, I could take the conversation in whatever direction I wanted to go. I inquired about career, love, my children and family, spiritual path, and even had time to get into academic study. Although she looks and presents as a young woman, she has the life experience of an old soul and the intellect of a wise elder.

Fortunately, and I say fortunately, because I initially dislike unforeseen change, Britta didn’t see anything out of the ordinary happening for me in this upcoming year. She told me that in some situations “boring can be good” and I absolutely agree with that statement… a “boring” year without unwanted surprises is what suits my busy lifestyle best. Although she didn’t have cautionary messages, she keenly mentioned I should expect changes with my younger son and his current school placement. She nailed his personality, describing his wittiness and need for individuality, and without that opportunity present in school, he is currently on the path to conformity and his spirit is being stifled. She had a compassionate ability to sympathize with my concerns as a mother, yet her logical way of thinking provided suggestions to tackle these “what should I do?” moments in parenting. Her insight and confirmation was significant as it provided that sounding board I needed to finally move forward with exploring academic options.

After our reading ended and I reflected on upon my notes, I realized that in twenty minutes, I was able to get a complete overview of my life. To get this variety of information, I didn’t have to call multiple psychics, I was able to get the big picture in one action-packed reading with Britta. I didn’t even have to pose a question for her, I just told her “It’s my birthday… what do I need to know for the coming year?” I love it when a psychic is able to run with the energy and information they gather, and not a minute is wasted.

If you have a birthday coming up, before you blow out that candle, treat yourself to a birthday reading with Britta ext. 5440. You will feel prepared to embark upon another year and have the insight to make your birthday wish come true!

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  1. Kathy

    I’ve had a lot of changes, both in my family and within myself this past year. I definitely plan (now) to get a reading on my birthday. Thank you for the advice.


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