What Is Heaven Like?

It is one of the most eternal of all eternal questions: What is Heaven? Everyone has an idea in their head, whether it’s based on religious beliefs, communication with Guardian Angels or firsthand visitation. Many of our gifted psychics share their profound impressions and experiences:

Jacqueline ext. 9472 is one of several psychics who have personally crossed over. She recalls, “I was gone for quite some time, and my experience was very extensive. The thing that many have such a difficult time believing — even comprehending — is the fact that all of your senses are very much a part of heaven. You not only see the beautiful flowers, you actually hear the music they are singing. The flowers greet you, and you are a part of them — they are your brothers and sisters. The smells are so unbelievably and euphorically fragrant.

Heaven was also a utopian vision for Psychic Leo ext. 5265 — one with lessons attached. He recalls, “feeling like I was floating and seeing this mist around me. I don’t know how to describe it other than that it was thinner than clouds, but thicker than fog. Before I was sent back, the spirit gave me a lot of information, mostly in my subconscious, like a guide to life.”

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