What Crystals Can Do

Shamans, wise women, alchemists, and magicians have used crystals in their work for centuries, but what can these amazing rocks do for you? It was only in the late 1980s that crystals first hit the top of the metaphysical pop charts, thanks to an IBM research scientist named Marcel Vogel. Vogel’s research into the therapeutic value of quartz crystals led to a discovery. He found that the relationship between crystals and water was intense: he could structure water by spinning it around a crystal that had been tuned, and that changed many of the water’s characteristics. It became an information storage system, of sorts.

FATTS: This acronym is the key to what Vogel documented about the therapeutic capacities of quartz crystals, including amethyst, Herkimer, citrine, smoky, Elestial, and rose quartz. Translated, it means that crystals can Focus, Amplify, Transform, Transmit, and Store energy.

Focus: Healers use crystals to focus their energy to a very exact point—by sending it in through the base and out the tip of a natural crystal. Since it’s hard to find knowledgeably polished crystals that honor the original inner structure, I recommend using natural points that have as few dings on them as possible.

Amplify: Crystals that have a high “fundamental field”—that is, an internal structure that resonates strongly—amplify any energy sent through them.

Transform and Transmit: Crystals can get rid of negative energy by transforming it; what’s more, they can emit energy that has been given a specific purpose through your programming—such as healing, or serenity, or protection. And crystals help you to send and receive information psychically!

Store: In 1994 scientists were able to store and retrieve a digital holographic image of the Mona Lisa in the subatomic structure of a quartz crystal. I myself have been able to store and retrieve the energies, and a certain amount of the information, from weekend spiritual workshops … even years later!

And I’ll add an additional quality that I discovered during my work with crystals: Each one has its own sparkly, individual “personality,” and its own “life path.” When you get to know them, it’s kind of like having fairies around the house!

This is a four-part series. Next week we’ll discuss “The Care and Feeding of Your Crystals.”

For now, tell us how have crystals enhanced your energy? How have you used crystals? Which ones are the most useful?

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