6 Ways to be More Empathic

Empathy: How to Take Sensitivity to the Next Level

First, there’s a difference between being empathetic and being empathic. An empathetic person is someone who can sympathize with someone’s feelings. An empathic person not only experiences that empathy, but they’ll also feel someone’s feelings as if they were their own. Like most things in life, being an empath can be both rewarding and at times difficult, but a true empath’s heart always leads them to help others. Here are six ways to become more empathic and enhance this gift so you can center your energy and share your gift with others:

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1. Trust What You’re Feeling
An empath should learn to trust the thoughts and feelings that come their way even if they don’t completely make sense right away. Eventually, a seemingly innocuous word or odd feeling will make sense. It’s like having an aha moment. Letting the feelings flow freely always leads you to the answer. This practice is like bodybuilding—you build strength as you learn to trust the process and practice it. Trusting your feelings builds your psychic confidence and makes you a better empath.

2. Find Time for Quiet Meditation
Meditation, as in sitting in the lotus position, is great if you can do it, but it doesn’t always come easily to everyone, even the psychically in tune. But just having a little alone time can be enough to quiet the mind and center yourself. I like to say, “Find your zen any way you can.” If you enjoy being creative, do something daily to calm your mind.

3. Ground Yourself in Nature
Part of taking on other people’s emotions and energies involves being somewhat of a sponge. You’re soaking up someone else’s feelings and it’s important to wring your spongy self out, so to speak. Spending time in nature is great for empaths. Grounding yourself by literally touching the earth with your feet and/or hands helps you to dissipate any energy you’ve absorbed from others, negative or otherwise. It also gives you that centered feeling that’s so necessary to do what you do—help others.

4. Get a Pet or Play With Someone Else’s
Animals remind us that there’s only one way to live—in the present. Being “fully present” brings clarity of thought, eliminates distractions and quiets the chatter that sometimes goes on in an empath’s head when there are so many messages and/or emotions coming through at once. Pets are an example of unconditional love at its best.

5. Get Near Your Astrological Element
If you know your astrological Sun sign, then you know whether you’re an Earth, Water, Fire or Air sign. Getting near your element brings you fully back to that connection with “self.” Think of the relaxed feeling you get when you sit near a lake or stare at a roaring fireplace; that’s how Water and Fire signs do it. Air signs can simply open the door and breathe in the fresh air and Earth signs find peace in planting gardens or walking in the woods.

6. Avoid Loud and Crowded Places
No one is saying you should become a hermit, but empathic people just seem to flourish when the environment is calmer and quieter. If you’re empathic then you know how overwhelming it can be after a while when you’re in a loud bar with people chattering, music playing, and emotions flying all over the room. Go out and have some fun, by all means, but also make sure you have an exit strategy for that moment when you realize that you’ve had enough fun for one night.

All of the things mentioned here are focused on centering your energy. If you’re an empath or a highly sensitive person and you’re looking for ways to become more empathic, follow these suggestions and you’ll find that centering yourself will enable you to enhance your abilities more and more over time.

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4 thoughts on “6 Ways to be More Empathic

  1. margaret

    So that is what it is I can feel peoples pain or aggression even if thier not around me. Its hard to take sometimes but I pray for them in whatever they are dealing with. But I also get feelings of something not nice is going to happen I don’t know what it is sometimes I have an idea but I never want to say anything because I still have doubts of what I am feeling. The empathic article that I have just read has put things in a little more perspective for me. Is an empath also someone that can feel bad things are going to happen as well as good things for someone? The one thing I don’t do is agnore the feelings I get I just don’t know how to express them to others or to that person so they take them seriously.

  2. Carol Clark

    Thinking the comments Paul Shishis has left, he has missed the true value of what an ’empath’ is/does/feels. I have recently discovered the ability to actually ‘feel’ a person’s heart feelings, it is amazing, overpowering sometimes but also to be taken with joy, you are knowing what that person is truly feeling when they are unable to speak the words they honestly feel so the pain doesn’t hurt them quiet so much when verbalised.

  3. Elizabeth

    wow…i read this about being empathic..so fits me…and all that you suggest i have learn to do..when i started to feel i did not fit…and i stop trying and started to be lead from the guide that came within…now i am calm and relax..with the simple things in life..learning who i am…from within..thanks for i know there are so many like me..

  4. Paul Shishis

    Great advise as I have felt great depression and anguish of my fellow humans getting murdered daily
    Knowing about higher powers of secret clubs used against the 99.9 % of the world’s population in fear and death
    Replacing LOVE with lust diminishing collective divine love as ONE human family species
    The truth of free energy shelved as well alternate ways of healing then stepping on cartels like the mafia AUTHORITY

    As well private banks in the wings to collect off the poor MORE AND MORE
    Corporations so big combined with the military complex displace our people WORLDWIDE
    Same old ,same old == divide and conquer concept the people
    Thus putting hate for one another to who he or she is from which tribe /religion /region

    Yes it does attach to one when one earns to learn TRUTH of the matter on our planET *


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