Psychic Q&A: Worth the Wait?

Psychic Q&A: Worth the Wait | California Psychics

Feeling Unappreciated

Dear Kallista,

I have been in a relationship for a few years now. He has a daughter from a previous relationship and I a son. His inability to work right now due to a car accident has affected his ability to be independent. I have never been the type of person to walk away when times get tough but at the same time, I feel unappreciated. Everyone has obstacles to battle and sometimes I feel as though I’m not appreciated or given the time and attention I deserve. He says he loves me and pictures life with me and my son, once his life is stable. But nothing will change if you don’t take the steps, no matter how small the change. My question is: am I being too hard or is this relationship worth hanging on to, as I do love him and know he loves me??


Psychic Kallista ext. 9623 responds:

Dear Wondering,
You are right, you do love each other, and that makes it worth the wait and worth hanging in there with this relationship. This man of yours is struggling with feeling vulnerable due to his current lack of independence and inability to work, because these things have hit him right in his pride. But that doesn’t mean he gets to take his frustrations out on you. There are times he’s made you feel very much alone and on your own, and that is not working for you at all.

Please know there’s hope. Even if you’ve already tried to talk to him, try again. It can help to write down all the points you need to address before you have your next appointed talk. Include things you want him to do that he can act on. Be sure to preface your next discussion by asking him to please just let you say what you need to say, and afterward you want to hear his response. It would be good to come from the perspective of your feelings. It would be helpful to start by praising him for something he does that pleases you, then describing what he does that hurts you.
For example, you can begin by saying you love how he makes you feel like he loves you and your son by planning your future together, but it hurts you when he doesn’t acknowledge your efforts to help him get through this difficult time, or give you the time, attention, and appreciation you deserve. By approaching the conversation this way, he’ll be better able to hear what you have to say instead of going straight into self-defense.

He will listen to you, and you will see him make more of an effort to support you emotionally. This will be the start of a great deal of improvement between you. You’ll be glad if you stick this out, because the two of you have something quite special that could last a lifetime.

Wishing you every good thing always and in all ways,


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8 thoughts on “Psychic Q&A: Worth the Wait?

  1. Caren

    Hi there

    Im 42yrs old and i been dating with a man 51yrs old for 11years. He is very secretive on everything.
    He lies on his age and i just found out that he actually married with 3children. Im very upset but i love him very much. Now he wanted to marry me to be his 2nd wife. But i dont know should i accept or not please help me

  2. Jannie Byrd

    Hi praying all is well I had been dealing with a man for over 30+ years and I love him still I’m not sure if he still love me so I wanted some help from you all and will he return to my life forever.

  3. Lydia

    I been filling lately taken advantage of by my husband been together for almost 22 years and married for 12 years this Aug 11. He always try to make me fill that I am always in the wrong and never do nothing right. I’m never good enough or will never be good enough in. His eye. I can fill that we both been a situation that we are both unhappy gor a while but I still stand by his side and to try to fix what this might be but more I try the worst it get between us. Truly don’t know if I should just give up and for both of us to go are owe way feeling really confused. I can’t keep on doing this it’s really breaking me and the emotional abuse is getting way to hard to handle. Just need a little help in the right direction

  4. Mary

    I don’t know what kind of relationship that I am in. I moved from a different state to where he lives. Now he telling me all different types of things. Thanks god that I have family here. He doesn’t call me or text me back. I have been upset about it now. But with the faith that I have from God everything is going to be OK. Trying to move on from it . Now just praying to God’s that I found a job and work with my own business. Try not to let it get me down so much like am a very strong woman about things that people does to me. I’m grateful for my family. So I would like to know what to do now?

  5. Joyce

    Hi I been in a relationship for 11 years
    But the last year a ahalf we been having bad ups and downs
    I think or a lot sure he been with a other girl
    He says no but gets very mad when I ask
    My tummy hurts (gut) feeling
    And feel over whiled
    Not sure but there are a lot of signs
    What should I do to been sure I can’t take it
    I’m so upset when I see look or talk about it
    I’m sure that I’m not going crazy
    Help me
    Tell me what you think

  6. Rosalba Perea

    I’m so frustrated, will I find my soul mate and be married soon? I’m in love with this wonderful man, Mario. He sends me mixed signals. He does so much for me and has said he really does love me. He works and lives far away so we hardly see each other. Once said he put in for a transfer, a year ago. I’m losing hope. Is this ever going to happen or should I move on. My child good sweetheart wants me but again, theirs drama there as well. I don’t want to waste any more time. I’ve been single for 12 Yrs. I’m ready for marriage.

  7. Angela SHarma

    I’m planning on starting a new life with someone I’ve met. Giving up alot for a new happier beginning. Do you think he is the right man for me to spend my life with and will be be decision for my future?

  8. Emily

    My girfriend of 4 years up and left on june 26th. She looked frustrated and really look confused never gave me an answer she still hasnt talked to me about it. It seemesd like she was forced to make a desision. I saw her last tuseday and she looked very worn out and defently not her self. Like she is being like someone like her sister wants her to be. She also looks like she is in a doward spiral it to a pit. This isnt her the way she is acting. Her family hasnt been that excepting of her gayness. I want to know if she will come back i have been giving her space and let her come to me.


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