Turn On Your Success

Identify Your Blocks to Success

We all experience obstacles on our life path at one time or another, but sometimes some blocks are bigger than others and sometimes they’re almost impossible to identify.

What Blocks Feel Like

A block can be anything that keeps you from realizing a dream, taking the next step forward or something that thwarts your steps towards success. Blocks can be mental, physical and even energy-driven.

Asking yourself these simple questions can identify your blocks and help you take steps towards removing them from your life path:

• Do you feel like you should be doing something else, but you don’t know what it is?

• Do you doubt your own skills and abilities, but you’re not sure exactly why?

• Are you an uninspired artist who just can’t seem to create anything that feels right?

• Are you having trouble imagining what success would feel like or doubt if it’s even attainable?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, try to listen to your own body, mind and spirit and figure out what’s holding you back. That’s the first step towards breaking through those blocks.

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You could also seek out professional help from anyone ranging from acupuncturists to astrologers or psychics. The trick is to find something that you’re comfortable with; something you may already intuitively know is the right solution for you.

Past Experience

Think of a time in your life where may have felt blocked before. What did you do to clear that block? Did you go for a walk or clean your space of clutter. Did you speak to someone who had fantastic advice that inspired you? If you’ve “been there, done that,” then try things that you’ve done in the past—if it worked before, it may just work again.

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Universal Guidance

The Universe is an intuitive, well-oiled machine when it comes to leading you to the guidance you’re looking for and the guidance meant specifically for you. All you really have to do is ask and the Universe will provide you with answers.

Whether you want to consult the wisdom of the stars or consult a numerologist, you can find your answers by taking just a few minutes and spending them on you and your road to personal success.

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Narrowing the Focus, a Third-Eye View

Having a “third-eye view” is one way to zero in on the barriers to your success. There are many dedicated and gifted psychics who have insight into things most of us cannot readily identify. So if you’re having trouble pinpointing your blocks, a little psychic insight might just be what the Success Doctor ordered. After all, if you want to start living that successful life as soon as possible, today’s a good day to start. You just need to:

• Believe success is possible

• Identify what is blocking your success

Clear those blocks from your path

• Reach for the stars

Start living the life you deserve and desire right now. Clear your blocks and turn on your success.

4 thoughts on “Turn On Your Success

  1. LJ

    Hi Yolanda – thanks for your comment. As I mentioned to “tb,” sometimes one our journey forward we get block (or hold back as you mentioned). Take the detour. 1) detours can lead you to strange and wonderful things that actually help you get back on the road and moving forward; and 2) just getting away from what we’re so concentrated on can be enough to spark that interest again.
    What do you suppose is holding you back? Whatever it is, it’s not quicksand, so rest assured that you can move forward again soon – just try a temporary distraction from your thoughts – read a book, re-arrange a room, take a walk – do anything that you like that has nothing to do with what you’re trying to create – motivation will call you back and set you on the right road again. Best of luck.

  2. LJ

    Dear TB in SF: Thank you for your kind words – you’re in good company. The funny thing is that I had a block when writing this article. It’s a subject I love and believe in and therefore I thought it would be a piece of cake, but for whatever reason I was blocked. For me, getting away from what I’m trying to create and approaching it again later is helpful – I’m a de-clutterer – having things cleared and/or in order helps me order the thoughts in my head.
    Don’t ever give up on yourself – just distract yourself for a bit. You just have to find what works for you – but it is a process finding it. Ironically, I found mine while doing this article. Hang in there – and let me know how you’re doing. Again, thank you.

  3. yolanda

    No that is the hole truth and nothing but the truth, I also need to move foward but find myself holding back day by day!

  4. tb

    thank you.. I have had a block for 9 months now
    It is difficult when clarity is hard to gain and a block just takes over! my art especially and then it can feel like my whole life is blocked
    I am waiting for some sign from the universe instead of giving up
    It has been the longest block ..but your words are helpful.


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