Transform into the New You

Embrace the Opportunity to Transform

A Transformations Session involves the unique experience of seeing inside your mind through accessing information from the subconscious that can help you understand what your emotions, thoughts and feelings are trying to tell you. Often we find our internal mental world a muddled mess of confusion and conflict, fraught with judgments and fears, while a nagging battle between a controlling critical voice and a desire to be free consumes us. The work of Transformation is a how-to approach for integrating dualities, awakening one’s potential and transforming negative behaviors into positive intentions.

How it Works

Each of us has thoughts, feelings, internal battles or dialogues that in turn lead to specific reactions and response behaviors. Through Transformation Sessions, a psychic intuitively sees how these unconscious, internal energies influence your external realities, which are colored by your beliefs, values, attitudes and judgments. For example, an unconscious belief such as “I’m not good enough,” creates an energy pulse in the nervous system that creates a pattern that can eventually manifest itself as a health issue or emotional problem. On an external level, inner patterns motivated by a “not-good-enough” belief can seemingly attract bad luck or rejection.

Who Would Benefit

1. Individuals who are working on themselves or involved in a therapeutic program and desire deeper self-knowledge that inspires a psychological breakthrough could benefit from Transformation.

2. P>eople who struggle with an inner critical voice that erodes their self-worth, or those who have an over-achieving drive that pushes them into a “Never Enough” lifestyle could also benefit. 

3. Readers of self-help, awareness-type books could enhance their comprehension since a session involves a how-to approach of that written material.

Who Wouldn’t Benefit

1. Individuals who don’t want to change or feel pressured by others, yet don’t want to “go there” wouldn’t benefit from this experience. It’s okay, You don’t have to go there. Peace can be found without therapy and all this inner stuff.

2. People who want a psychic reading to focus solely on external details and do not care to experience the nature of their inner self.

3. Readers with an attitude and belief that processing life experiences through the intellect is much safer then the wonder of learning to read the language of the subconscious.

This isn’t for everyone.

A change of one’s reality begins in finding the root cause of the pattern. Through sensory perceptions rather than analytic deduction, and through effective communication with the emotional body rather than emotional venting or repressing, one can reach these core levels. Often times, after a Transformations session, one’s dream state may become very active, indicating inner-work processing. A shift in consciousness is commonly experienced as a sense of well-being, a new mindset that sees possibilities instead of blocks and a feeling of connectedness to a higher purpose rather then the loneliness of having to defend yourself against the odds.

Act and the universe will react.

One thought on “Transform into the New You

  1. suzanne

    Hi Kim
    I would love to understand myself on a deeper, reactive level. I am fatigued with the conventional methods of help. I get so much more from the items written than from my counselling. I do not have a credit card and I live in Canada. I do have a PayPal account but I do not believe that this is an accepted form of payment. Any suggestions??
    Almost desperate, Suzanne


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