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The Power to Lead

After so much hard work, July is a powerful month when your innovative thoughts and loving ideas will finally be noticed and appreciated. The sky signature of this time is an “army” of caring, youthful people rising up to protect our Earth home. If you are involved in a “green” career or anything connected with the health of people and our planet, you’ll see more focus on your field.

Jupiter is reappearing in the sky before sunrise beginning in early July. This was a time that ancient people celebrated the birth of a new energy/new leadership. Former President John Kennedy was born with this special Jupiter, and many astrologers think that the “star” that led the Magi to Bethlehem to celebrate the birth of Jesus was Jupiter in a series of sky events similar to today. If you are committed to leading in a new age for humanity, you’ll be seeing breakthroughs that are both exciting and powerful over the next several months. The area of your life this event affects is listed below:


Your homeland and personal home are impacted by this “Sulpa’e” Jupiter power. You are likely be the person who speaks or acts courageously regarding a new way of thinking (a leader). You are certainly having brilliant ideas about a better future, and finally people will begin to listen to the power in your words.


You are the primary communicator about how finances should be handled in any partnership, whether at home or with an employer or client. You have a wonderful balance between inspiration and practicality that can keep others’ feet on the ground so that you can have the funds and the power to bring dreams into reality.

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You have had the clear picture for a long time as to how to make everything work in your career and with the public you want to reach. Unfortunately, others didn’t understand what was so obvious to you. Finally, power is shifting and funding will be available for what you know needs to be done at work and you’ll take the lead in health matters at home.


You understand so clearly what needs to be done to keep a healthy and happy world that you may find yourself in a leadership role whether you are seeking one or not. A resulting raise, bonus or gifts is likely to be a part of this new power situation at work or in your home life.


Use your investments and sex appeal in front of crowds to promote your biggest dreams for yourself and the world. A trip or a new educational program could really benefit the future you want. Envision yourself in your dream position of power, making a difference in the world and work toward that goal for success.

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Your mastery of every detail in building the future is really crucial to making needed changes in the world. Because of your excellent communication skills cutting through others’ confusion, you’ll be the crucial person in creating needed networking. As usual, everyone’s dream future can’t happen without your clear mind and you’ll reap the benefits, possibly finding the perfect life-partner in the process.


July brings a whole new focus on your career and in how the public views you. Just take care in the workplace to be viewed as financially responsible and to be certain others understand you. In fact, you should push yourself to be assertive even though your nature is more to be cooperative. With this accomplished, nothing can stop you.


You’ll find yourself receiving surprising and exciting educational, teaching and travel opportunities through your creative efforts. Your ability to plunge into the depths of understanding will be in great demand over the next few years. Your fearlessness in being honest about ideas that others find challenging will also put you in a good position.


A lover or creative effort serves you well in kick-starting your future dreams. In fact, you sex life may play an important role in motivating and inspiring you. Making an effort to understand the deepest of others’ desires will help you promote any ideal or goal. Find out what they crave and if it suits your dreams, provide it.


In July the time has come for that ideal partnership in your life. A rather serious friend may suddenly appear as the perfect lover. Stay open to what others are communicating and you’ll find unbelievably rich opportunities to attain everything you desire in life.

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In July you are poised to offer wonderful new ideas about healthy lifestyle and a thriving planet. Communications with partners are brilliant, so listen to them carefully and see what kind of powerful collaboration you can find in both your love life and in the future of the world.


Whatever creative efforts you’ve been working on (your dreams that seemed impossible) are about to be born in a powerful way. Listen to the ideas of people in leadership positions, as well as educational and spiritual advisers. A surprise gift at work from a small bonus or raise to an actual windfall may take place as well.

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