Top 10 Times to Reveal the Ugly Truth

People always say that the truth is always the best thing but there are always times that this may be hurtful. Let’s find out when and how we should follow the truth.

When to Tell the Truth and How

The truth can be very ugly and hurtful, but that is why it must be revealed to those affected as soon as possible. Give your friends, family, acquaintances, and even strangers the same consideration that you would want when it comes to knowing the truth. No matter how big or small the truth, have some compassion and let it loose. Otherwise, you could be left with a conscious full of guilt and regret by allowing someone to be left in the dark. Look over this list of the top 10 common situations when you should totally tell the truth and when exactly to do it! Remember, timing can make a big difference in impact and reaction. Don’t know if you should tell the truth or not? Talk with Psychic Marilyn ext. 5364 who can see your life path ahead.

1. If someone is cheating on a test.

Tell the exam proctor immediately as to not jeopardize your own score. Even if the person is not cheating off of you, reporting it is still the ethical thing to do. Are you struggling with telling the truth, let one of our experienced psychics guide your way.

2. If someone has food on his or her face or a booger hanging from his or her nose.

Though not a huge deal, this can feel quite horrifying when it happens to you. Tell the person quickly, quietly, and when nobody is looking in order to minimize embarrassment.

3. When you drop out of school or get fired from a job.

Though you may be tempted to wait on telling people this news until you have the next step lined up, it is actually better to let people know for two reasons.:First, this change may affect your immediate family’s finances. Second, others may have suggestions or opportunities you could be interested in for new degree or careers paths. Afraid telling them might result in catastrophe? Talk with Psychic Tamara ext. 5518 to see what happens.

4. When you cause an automotive accident.

Imagine what it would be like if you were hit by another car and they blamed you for the accident! Be honest about what happened so that an innocent person does not get blamed and have to pay up when they are not at fault.

5. When the feelings are not mutual.

Let the person down gently, and do tell them before they get too serious about you. It is already painful enough to love someone who does not love you back, so have mercy and cut the ties soon.

6. If you do not reach orgasm.

Definitely do not fake it because that benefits nobody. Be honest with your lover from the beginning about whether or not you reach orgasm.

7. If you are having an affair.

Tell your partner after you have made a clear decision to either leave the relationship or try to stay in it. No need to tell them about the affair and then cause them further distress by not clarifying who you want to be with.

8. If you think a friend is dating or marrying the wrong person.

When in love, we tend to protect our mate, especially when family and friends do not accept our partner. Thus, it can be difficult to let our friend know that this person is not right for them. That is why you must only bring up your concerns when your friend confides in you about her concerns first. This way, you are agreeing with her and adding more perspective rather than attacking his or her lover.

9. Never be ashamed of sharing your religion, political stance, or personal values.

You do have these personal beliefs, and you have a right to tell people. However, refrain from sharing during an event or holiday that you may not support or condone due to your religious, political, or personal beliefs.

10. When someone close to you is about to make a terrible financial decision.

If a friend or family is about to buy a home, finance a car, take out a student loan, or make some other expensive decision that you think they cannot afford, let them know your feelings right away in private. Make sure you have a good reason for your disagreement, such as excessive debt or job security. It would also be a good idea to share your own financial decisions or difficulties to put you both on a similar playing field. Money is a sensitive topic but it needs to be discussed regardless.

A wise friend once told me, “The more difficult choice is usually the right one,” and I have found this to be true in so many instances. Revealing the truth can often be ugly, but it still must be said. As shown above, there is often a time that is best to reveal some ugly truths. Do not speak in haste; think about what you are revealing and who you are revealing it to before saying anything.

3 thoughts on “Top 10 Times to Reveal the Ugly Truth

  1. arise

    Good food for thought, even if I don’t agree with all of them.

    Waiting to disclose an affair until one’s mind is made up (#7), may be a good idea in theory, but in reality it’s the rationalization that keeps these situations in limbo for years!

    If you feel an overwhelming attraction, it’s better to confess *before* it becomes physical and then *separate* until you’re sure of your next steps.

    Even better would be for couples to talk about this subject early in the relationship. Find out how your partner would want you to handle it.

  2. Gina Rose ext.9500

    AND…..when you are giving a psychic reading.

    I tell my clients the truth, for better or worse, as the truth will set them free to walk their Karmic path and be happy.

    Plus, I have a Karmic responsibility , as a professional psychic, to give them exactly what my Guides give me, even though it may not be what they want to hear

    My style is straight forward, I will tell them ANY bad news during the FIRST reading, I don’t believe in letting them down easy, by giving them bits of bad news, over a period of time.

    I figure, too, since they are calling me, a * straight forward-style * psychic, they should be able to handle any bad news delivered in a straight forward way.

    I DO try to deliver any bad news in a kind way, as an empath, remembering that they have strong emotions on the matter, or person, in question.

    Sadly, on very rare occassion, a client will slam the phone down unable to accept bad news, however, I generally hear from them about a year later, and they tell me they wised they had listened to me way back then.

    Great article, Melody…..

    Yes , stand in your truth, honesty and integrity is STILL the best policy and never goes out of style

    Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose ext.9500

  3. Mary

    Melody, this is a great article but as I read it I cant help it thinking that the title of this article should be “Bring Humanity and Integrity Into to Our Lives” this is how a true person of integrity behaves, bringing kindness to others and oneself.


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