Psychic Red Flags: Curses and Spells

Psychic Red Flags, Curses and Spells

Curses and Spells Are Not Part of a Legitimate Psychic Reading!

Someone has placed a curse on you! You are the victim of a malicious spell! Does this sound familiar to you? It does to me and over the past six months I’ve had numerous callers contact me worried that they are under some sort of horrific curse or spell. And why do they think they’ve been cursed? A psychic told them! They may have thought they were talking to a legitimate psychic, but who they were really giving their money to was a person who took advantage of them during a vulnerable and very difficult time in their lives. These people aren’t legitimate psychics; they’re scam artists! Curses and spells are not part of a legitimate psychic reading!

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Here are some of the warning signs that someone claiming to be a psychic is trying to scam you:

1. They lure you in with accurate information. The scam artist gains your trust by luring your in with detailed and accurate information. When they feel like they’ve convinced you of their abilities, they move on to discuss the curses and spells placed on you. These people often do have genuine psychic abilities, but they use their gifts to manipulate clients and take them to a dark place.

2. They avoid your big question. Whatever your big question is, don’t expect it to be answered. The scam artist will stop just short of answering it and instead, focus on the “dark energies,” curses and spells surrounding you.

3. They blame your unhappiness on “dark energy.” The “dark energy” is spells or curses someone placed on you. It’s keeping you from being happy, wealthy, getting your dream job, finding true love, losing weight, etc. Can the “dark energy” be removed? Of course it can, but for an additional fee! Rituals need to be performed and supplies need to be purchased for those rituals. They’ll ask you to place a deposit on the ritual, but since the spells and curses are very intense, they will need to do additional work that will, of course, cost your more money. Before you can say “abracadabra,” you are out a large sum of money!

Walk Away

The moment you’re told you or someone you love is cursed or under a spell, walk away. These criminals not only prey on those in need who are truly trying to seek spiritual guidance, they also give legitimate psychics a bad reputation! Sure, negative energy exists, and it has an impact on your life, but that’s because you have allowed it to linger through anger, fear and misery. With the help of a legitimate psychic, you can cleanse your energy by shifting it from negative to positive, living in the moment, letting go of the past and relinquishing fear.

Trust Your Instincts

The next time you choose a psychic advisor, consider my warning signs and trust your instincts. Is your psychic on the right path, or are they just using scare tactics like curses and spells to get more money out of you? You know the difference now.

Psychic Pauline ext. 5777

27 thoughts on “Psychic Red Flags: Curses and Spells

  1. Ellen

    I totally agree with all you have said. I had one “GEM” on the phone last year, this is what she asked me to send her a mans rolex watch, could I get it on credit? ship it too her, she would then take it apart!! put all or part in water?? in order to perform work too remove a negative block that is keeping me and this man apart. She also had asked me about my finances!! I guess she thought she had a sucker on the line. She resides in Florida no less. I am in Pennsylvania!! and I had told her this.. so couldn’t even ever see her face to face. I had fun with her kept stringing her along with promises of sending her money, she was doing certain things on her end in the meantime as this work was so important too keep doing.. never sent her a dime, let alone a rolex… too amazing. Plenty of them out there 🙁 that piece of work would either have sold the watch and pocketed the money or give the watch to her husband… and I would be the one financing it!! CRAZY

  2. Psychic Pauline

    Hi Brandi:

    First let me say how sorry I am that this bogus psychic manipulated you. Your question is a very good one and I’m glad you asked it.

    All of us psychics become aware of our gifts at different times in our lives and through different circumstances. Usually, we don’t really know until we come to realize that there is something different about us. Perhaps we know things or see thing that others don’t. We must learn to embrace our gift and not to be afraid of it. We must also heal ourselves before we can begin to heal others. The one thing that my mentor taught me was that if we are blessed with a gift, we have a very specific purpose in this life and that is to be in service of others. Working on this line gives us a place or a platform in which to do the work that we are meant to do. It enables us to reach as many people as possible that are seeking spiritual guidance.

    Regarding your question about how to know if a psychic is genuine or not, remember the warning signs. If they are manipulating you by speaking of dark energies and curses, that is a huge red flag. Walk away and don’t look back. As for the psychics working on this line, we are all thoroughly test and screened before being given the opportunity and privilege of working for CP.

    Regarding your question about tarot cards – these cards are just a tool to help the psychic channel information as quickly as possible as you are paying by the minute and has nothing to do with witchcraft.


  3. Brandi

    Great article! That Maria character keeps emailing me also. Before Maria contacted me a different “psychic” contacted me by email telling me about a curse that was on me. I ignored her for a long time, but one day I convinced myself she had to be right. I paid 19.99 for her help, and with much regret I paid dearly for my decision. Very valuable lesson learned. I do have a question for all psychics…. Why charge a person who is in desperate need of help? How do one know they are psychic? Once a person realize the gift they have, how do they grow in the their gift? is learning tarot card witch craft?

  4. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Excellent article Paulina !!!!! 5 stars to you !

    I’ve been in the psychic field for 50 years and I’ve seen it ALL !

    Sometimes, a psychic scammer will tell you that a curse was handed down on your Mother’s side of the family.
    And then go on to ask for family heirloom jewelry such as your Mother’s wedding band or something expensive that belonged to HER side of the family , to remove it.
    They almost always ask for untraceable payment in the form of cash, jewelry, gold, silver, coins, etc….

    And BEWARE of phony psychic mediums who will throw very COMMON first names at you ( to see if any stick or resonate with you ) , and THEN go on to attach their predictions to that loved one who, supposedly, came thru. That client wonders WHY , months down the road, and WHY the prediction never materialized and WHY ” Aunt Mary ” gave wrong advice from the other side.
    They will start out by throwing common names at the client, such as John, Mary, Jim, Mike, Michael , or usually, the phonetic first part of the name …for example ” M “…. ” Ma “…the client gets so excited to connect with that loved one that they actually VOLUNTEER the rest of the name : Mary ! At the end of the reading, the client really thinks that it was the medium came up with the name….lol…when actually the client jumped on the ” prompt ” the medium gave them. very sad and unethical !

    ( That’s called a ” gypsy type cold reading” in the field, very unethical ).

    A medium should be able to give you some type of validation in the way of personality traits, or physical looks or something that loved one said or did when they were alive….something, anything, however small, that proves who that person was.

    Hope this helps…..GREAT ARTICLE, Paulina !!!!

    Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose ext.9500

  5. Debbie housen

    I must get 1 of those a day that , some evil is keeping me from everything that I am destined to have , luck , money and love,, but I am spiritual , and am positive even though , those comment’s are true @ the moment , I just figure,, if it happens it will.. I have gotten were I am today all by my self. and proud of It.. All the letters I get and they try so hard ,, But if they were Psychic they should know I live on nothing, and am broke,.. So even though I read what the have to say and they try to scare me , I just move on
    love N Light Deb
    Have a Great day

  6. Melania Nistor

    We have learned from this article ! Happened to me …. suspect someone ,I have given up. All she would tell me according to my map, it was true …. but I never managed to get those opportunities, because it does not tell me what should I do, what path to take it, that I get those opportunities…. when normally , she should be presented with advices ! Instead she spoke of spell and course (but does nothing in this sense)….required in continuous money, money, money….
    Thank you very much Psychic Pauline ! God Bless You !
    Romania here….

  7. Fernando 5786

    I so agree with you Pauline. In my time as a reader I have helped a few people that had been badly duped this way. Psychics claiming that they had to perform rituals to get rid of curses from past lives that could sometimes end up costing people thousands of dollars and are just a scam.

    Anyone engendering fear in you on a reading whether it is a curse or they are trying to somehow control you I would steer clean off. like Pauline says always trust your gut instincts and if there is a know in the stomach telling you to put the phone down then I would say trust that instinct. You could save yourself a lot of heartache an trouble.

  8. india rodgers

    That’s exactly what happened 2me! LOL in 2010, $450 +$100 down…. giving a case file and all! Using the situation with my partner!

  9. Betty Todd

    I don’t believe in spells but bad luck oh yes. I had to quit my job after 17years to take care of my 3grandchildren don’t get me wrong wouldn’t have it any other way love them so much. But. In the pass year we have loss our home all our credit and now we can’t even have Christmas for the kids. We can get no help from social surcuity or from family services my husband works so hard but the bad luck doesn’t go away. So no Spell but yes to bad luck!!!!

  10. darlene

    hello i dont know who to believe im loss dont know where to turn so unhappy everyone wants money to help i under stand that but i have none to even help me and my family i dont know what to do

  11. sherpeace

    I forgot to mention that she told me I need to come to her twice a week for a couple months. She must have thought I was an idiot!
    It did get me thinking about the crazy relationship I was in at the time. I got out of it fast! So she was good for something!

  12. sherpeace

    This happened to me once! I didn’t see another psychic for 10 years! When I finally started working with an intuitive healer, it was because a friend I trusted was studying under her and I got a free chakra balancing and clearing. I am glad I took the time off. Now I know several people I trust to turn towhee I feel the need.
    By the way, this women told me that my soul mate was someone I knew. at the time, I thought she was crazy, but it turned out to be true!

  13. Tajah

    Thank You Pauline for writing this wonderful article. Not only is it informative it is ‘right on!’ I can’t count how many times I’ve had to advise an innocent client that they were not ‘cursed!’ There have been unfortunate clients that have spent tens of thousands of dollars to remove a false curse. Just know that these types of psychics are creating their own ‘curse’ in the form as ‘BAD KARMA!’

  14. James Bashura

    I am receiving from a person called Golden Girl to join her inner circle free. for one month but wants 39.99 per month after that for her advice. She also wants to give me some sort of medallion which I think is a bunch of hocus pocus or in other words CRAP. Whats your option on this?? JIM

  15. Stevie x5778

    Thank you Pauline! Excellent post. I’ve been running into this as well. I feel so bad these people are living with anxiety that was not necessary.

    Stevie. X5778

  16. Sal

    This was a great post. I have been to quite a few psychics over the years, and as soon as they start with the dark curse BS,I am outta there! I always trust my intuition and go only to someone who has been recommended to me. Thanks again.

  17. Barbara

    Thank you for telling people this! I’ve met some of these charlatans, too. One psychic I met with several years ago had religious pictures and paraphernalia around her shop, but my own intuition told me it was a facade to make people think she was ligit and religious. When she asked me for something like $150 to get some special crystals to do a protections spell around me I knew she was a fraud. At the time I could afford it so I gave her the money to see what she would to next. Then she said she needed $700 to go to South America to get some very special crystals for the ritual. At that point I said an emphatic “No!” and moved on. I could see her brown bony fingers reaching out to pull me back in but I didn’t succumb to her clearly strong energies, and blocked her from my own energy field. Eventually she gave up and moved on. So, Thank You for telling people it’s nonsense.

  18. arlene

    dear pauline my name is arlene and i just read your read out on curses and spells thankyou i was wondering about that ive had a page come threw my email thats talked on tha matter to myself named maria arlene

  19. daaiyah shabazz

    I have begun to read about energies, negative & positive. I’ve learned that making a quiet and sacred space in my home has helped me a whole lot; as well as writing down what I want for.,myself, my grown children, and my husband–and then concentrating on what is positive for them has manifested.
    I believe in angels, and my guardian angel and archangels have helped me through some very difficult times, and although I can’t say 100% but what I’ve asked for most have come true.

    So, as far as psychics telling me about curses on me, etc., I have learned to avoid when I need to pay for articles or items to get rid of such bad energies supposedly on me.

  20. Marianne

    I keep getting emails from a psychic called Maria who tells me that someone has placed a dark spell around me and I need to pay her $19.95 for the proper spells to diffuse this.

    Very grateful for your article, Pauline, because although I’ve never given this “psychic” a cent of my money, when something not so good happens to me, this scenario plays in the back of my mind and that maybe I should pay her.

    I realize now this is bogus. Again, thank you so much for this article. It’s exactly to a tee what is being told to me in these emails.

  21. Regina 5764

    thank you so much for writing this! I’ve had so many poor, confused, hurting people on my line who are terrified into believing that there’s some evil curse put on them. It’s simply not the truth. Well there are such things as curses, they are almost always things that we ourselves have created and manifested. Usually we do that by telling ourselves that we can’t overcome a certain fear, or we can’t live without a certain person, etcetera. But those are the kind of things that we can be freed from with some positive thinking and action, there’s no need for anyone to charge us money for them!


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