Throw Away Negativity

Take Out the Negative Trash!

Negative thinking can prevent you from enjoying your life fully and may even make you physically or mentally ill. People who live a life full of negativity are not able to enjoy their lives wholeheartedly and stay in the here and now. Are you constantly being bombarded with negative thoughts? Do you feel as though negativity is ruining your daily happiness or affecting your close relationships? Don’t lose faith. There are a variety of ways to take out the negative trash and to completely clear your mind on a day-to-day basis.

The Write, Rip or Burn Method

If you want to get rid of negative thoughts that seem to haunt you throughout your daily activities, try writing them down. Write down everything that you are feeling no matter how dark and depressing it may sound. Avoid editing your writing and continue to write freely and openly. Then after exhausting your hand and mind, rip up the paper into little bits or burn it over the sink or somewhere where you can immediately extinguish the fire. By doing this regularly, you will be able to keep the negative thoughts at bay and make room for positive thoughts to enter.

Cut or Drag and Recycle Deep, Dark Thoughts

Another way you can physically throw out negative thoughts is by typing your thoughts up and then dragging the files to the recycling bin. Although you can regenerate your negative thoughts and files from the recycling bin, the process of moving them out of your main documents will allow you to rid yourself of them. Once in the recycling bin, empty it. Get a compassionate reading from Psychic Catherine ext. 5116 and learn to lose the negativity!

Press Record, Vent and Erase

If you are truly wanting to get some negative thoughts and feelings off your chest, record them. Get a voice recorder, lock yourself in a room and spill the beans. Say everything you have been wanting to say whether it is towards yourself, someone in your life or general negative thoughts about life and the world. Don’t hold back. Allow yourself to truly be in the moment and sit with the negative feelings. Don’t be afraid to cry if you need to. After saying everything you have been negatively feeling, listen to it only once and erase it. The whole action of venting and talking out loud allows us to purge any negative thoughts that have been ruining our days and regular enjoyment of daily activities. Don’t let negative thoughts ruin your ability to enjoy you life! An inspirational reading with Psychic Venus ext. 9463 can help!

Take Out the Trash Once a Day

It is important to be aware of negative thoughts and when and how they end up in your daily thoughts. The more aware you are of these negative thoughts and the more you realize that many of them are irrational and do not truly apply to you, the easier it will be to destroy them. Remember to check in with yourself throughout the day and catch negative thoughts that enter your mind immediately. Put them into journals and get them out of your thoughts immediately. Ready to take out the trash? After a week’s worth of journaling, rip the pages out of the journal and put them through your office shredder.

“Make a conscious decision to be aware of and let go of negative thoughts that keep you stuck in unwanted circumstances. Awareness is key.” – Psychic Rivers ext. 5273

4 thoughts on “Throw Away Negativity

  1. mags

    i think it has to do with the inner personality of a person that you can not change just like that …our way of thinking is our way of living which we grew up without better control,it is just there with us…to do changes with one’s self is just like a revolution to happen and that is not an easy task specially when one is emotionally weak…a person who sacrifice for others happiness is a weak person but a good person too…and can have a bad conscience,feeling insecured and then– is negative
    i think one thing that can help is to have friends around you,good or bad friends because you can be influence in many ways and you can see and feel through others what is good and bad,and pick up the positive influences you can get from these people which can be positive for you….it is a can never get rid of negativity in life as long as we are sorrounded of all kinds of person in this world….

  2. Cat

    You are both right. My problems is I am so sensitive to other’s feelings I tend to pick up on them without realizing it. For three days, all I had were negative thoughts and depression. Then I found out my boyfriends wife died 16 years prior. The anniversary of her death was the worst day. I picked up on his sadness without realizing and understanding what it was until he told me. The next day it was as if a fog lifted. Very weird.


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