5 Things Happy People Do Differently

Is the Secret to Being Happy Simpler Than You Think?

We may not believe it but happiness is a conscious choice that we make and we all have the opportunity to choose to live happy lives. No one can be forced to be happy on a constant basis and material items only provide a fleeting sense of happiness. Happy people choose to be happy in the here and now and they believe they can feel happy every day while unhappy people believe that they need to obtain certain material items or levels of achievement to be happy. For example, some unhappy people feel that they will only feel happy in their lives if they lose 20 pounds or win the lottery.

Why wait years from now to be happy when you can have all the happiness you have ever wanted right now? If you want to know the difference between happy and unhappy people, here are five things happy people do differently:

1. Happy People Surround Themselves with Positivity

Happy people do not enjoy being around negative people who send out negative vibrations and who deflate their mood. Happy people make a conscious effort to engage with other happy people so they can have healthy and positive friendships and relationships. When happy people hang out with other happy people they rub off on each other.

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2. Happy People are Not Jealous People

Happy people do not waste their days being jealous of other people. Happy people have no need to desire everything that someone else has. They are purely content with their own life and who they are. They don’t need to compare their lives to the lives of others because they love the life they live. These happy-go-lucky individuals believe that jealousy is purely a waste of time and energy.

3. Happy People Take Time for Themselves

Happy people know that taking some time for themselves every day is imperative for a happy life. Meditation is something that is practiced daily by many happy individuals as it is known to reduce anxiety and stress in one’s life. Happy people make sure they put aside 10-to-20 minutes each day for personal time because they know how important it is for stress reduction and general well-being.

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4. Happy People Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

Happy people do not allow minor issues to trouble them to no end. They believe that they can overcome most obstacles that life presents and they do not put themselves through any unwanted stress over issues that can be solved. Small problems stay small and larger issues are manageable.

5. Forgiveness is a Fact of Life

Happy people find it easy to forgive and move on. They realize the damage of holding onto anger and how it can effect general health and the quality of life. A happy person knows just how important it is to forgive others for their wrong doings.

Happy people do many things differently and they make sure that they do everything wholeheartedly and with great effort. They are those passionate people who usually have a big smile on their face and who you see living their lives to the fullest every day.

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43 thoughts on “5 Things Happy People Do Differently

  1. Marc from the UK

    Happiness is like learning something new, YOU have to develop it and embrace the lesson. !!

    You can choose to be unhappy or happy with exactly the same situation that presents it self to you.

    My ex wife was in Kerola in India years ago, and met the happiest people ever, and all them living without the Mod Cons we have, the things we take for granted,cars, fuel, heating water, houses, they have to strive for daily.

    And they are so happy!!

  2. Suzanne

    Many awesome comments. If God gave so much comfort and peace, how come there are some many UNHAPPY people. ACCEPTANCE OF ALL., is a great component to this so called state of HAPPINESS. BEING comfortable with the self and being present to the colors of the world goes a long way to obtaining the JOY ZONE.
    Those of us with messed up WIRING FROM OUR YOUTH, MUST, work diligently to rewire our core beliefs. The power of a Belief System is by far the most important thing. It is not the only thing. ACTION TO THOUGHT. I like to use D O. DIRECTIVE OVERWRITE. Once you overwrite your original messaging, what ever method works for you, ,then and only then can you get relief permanently. EFT, SOMATIC EXPERIENCE, UNIFIED THERAPY, YOGA, THE BRAIN THAT HEALS ITSELF, NEUROPLASTICITY…..THE list goes on. Of course I highly recommend a reading if you are confused about where to begin.

  3. mb

    shelley July 26, 2013 at 8:24 am

    ^ said it right, happy people should be more empathic & sympathetic to the less fortunate. Not everyone is programmed with a mind that functions at a normal level.
    When someone is programmed in their childhood by people who have a tendency for evil or are mentally sick (or both), the child grows up with thought processes that ultimately lead to negative emotions hence the person feels they cant achieve what they want because they cannot connect-the-dots.
    This is a common story for many and IMO is the basis of mental illness/personality disorders.

    These people can be good people. As Shelley said its not their fault at all that they can’t act and feel normal. No one here is just normal, normality is what the society deems and how the person is programmed individually. Ofcourse functioning here the way we were supposed to is normality however even happy people have strayed away from what we were meant to be doing – helping other people who can be helped.
    People shun the narcissist but how different are happy people from narcissistic people (NPD) in regards to how they function mentally. Happy people are privileged who have lesser compassion and understanding because they are primarily focused on self-preservation.

    Many happy people all over the world are kind loving and sharing too.

  4. Viorica

    I am sure everything is in our mind.The way we think our actions our feelings come.We have to learn our interest and control our mind to get te best in life .

  5. Felix

    I love this 5!!!!!!! Also, if you repeat this affirmation, you will be much more happier :”every day in every way , I become happier and happier!!!!!and clap your hands. Just be present for new positive changes.
    It’s like we can’t notice how we are getting older, the same way we can realize one day that we are more happier after this exercise!!!!!!!!

  6. eee

    good article! instead of happy i like to be joyful.i find the word joyful more interesting than
    happy.happy is a scarry word and many people dont like to see happy people,bcas they themselves are unhappy.

  7. Dar

    When will I stop being taken advantage of and get my finances back to where they were…6 years ago was asked to retire from 35 year job….during a downsizing…I had no idea my work was poor in fact manager had told me several times that he could not afford to let me go when I had asked to go back to my old area….I was trapped in the area and then they let me go….the company will not help me and now that statue of limitations has run out they won’t even acknowledge my questions along this line…can not find a lawyer to help on contingency has need one also to help with finances since financial advisors screwed me out of at least one third of my retirement funds so can not afford to retire as yet…took me 5 years to find a job after layoff so had to use much of savings to live on…but still had retirement funds that were lost due to mismanagement by financial advisors who did with funds what they wanted and not what I had asked including cashing in all my stock…and transferring my funds without my permission telling me to sign certain papers and assuring me that would be the only way they could view only my accounts and then with the paperwork actually transferring the funds a move which cost me about 17 grand alone in early withdrawal fees not to mention much much more…..I am still responsible or helping out my children one of whom is still a teenager and am trying to hold onto the house for them but can not convince my 23 year old son that working in a pizza place for $7 an hour will not be enough to support him…while my daughter is trying to get an associates degree with no idea of what she wants to do and I am trying to get her through school somehow so she will not have a big college bill to deal with whenshe gets out something I had worked for all my life … am trying to save home but insurance- car, homeowners, life, health, along with taxes are making it very difficult….

    When is something going to change for me? I have always helped others out and now no one seems to care…I thought there was a karma but do not see it and am trying to figure out what I did to others to deserve this….I am going to have to sell my home very soon and do not know what kids and I will do if things don’t change soon…I need to find two lawyers who will help on contingency one for financial advisors who cheated me and one for the company who told me I was selected for retirement….
    don’t know where to look or what to do anymore

    When will financial situation change and what to do about it…need to know soon

  8. maureen lorenzo

    I totally agree with this article. You make your own happiness. some people are not happy unless they are unhappy. Make sense ??? I believe in God and I believe that when one door closes, another one opens. I also avoid negative thinking people, they are a downer.

  9. shelley

    This would be nice, in a dream world; what about the tortured – through no fault of their
    own are pummeled every hour of every day with pain, starvation, violence, loss of family
    members – how can this luxury of being ” Happy” be relevant to them… they are barely
    alive – And what about being so called “happy” I think it is a selfish state of being, and
    shouldn’t we be striving beyond this childlike notion and grow up into mature beings who
    can give selflessly to the whole human race of beings for the sake of our planet’s well being!

  10. jomarie

    If I had the chance earlier in life to have met that special person, and let him know how much I love him, and made a difference and had been a better person… I would of taken that chance. My life would of been more respected and worth living

  11. maria

    I work very hard to be happy but the past keeping me from smiling I forgive I love GOD I pray i m single many times stress keeping me from work im 60 my men cheat what I do to forget

  12. Sage

    If you are an unhappy person, who wants to be happy, so you strive to be happy and you won’t be happy until you are happy, doesn’t that make you unhappy? Since the article said unhappiness happens when you won’t be happy til you reach a goal, doesn’t that make you unhappy even when you are happy? PARADOX!!! I’m sorry, I’m not trying to be a troll, just something I noticed. Great article and thank you for writing it, I’ve been unhappy lately, as a matter o fact I was crying when I saw this article, but I’m gonna strive to be happy now. Thanks for the guidelines!

  13. Belle

    Being happy is a life long decision, it is a choice and not by chance of becoming a happy one. Happiness cannot be measured by the materials we have but by the experiences and situations we had that thought us to find the true essence of happiness.

  14. Mary S


  15. Mary

    Hey Kristie, there is so many things we cannot control but then that’s when we give it to God and hope for the best and focus on the Good! I always try to tell myself that there is a lesson in everything only if I was smart enough to recognize it at the time and then go on about my life in the best light possible!!! not forgetting to be happy that am still here!!

  16. TERESA

    I love this article. I always try to brighten up others lives. I am always mindful of who, what and when to try to improve peoples lives with a little humor depending on who involved. But if you cant have a little humor especially in a workplace or other stressful location, life can get very hard and it can be bad for health as well.

  17. Gary D. Miller

    No matter how badly life manifests to anyone; finances, health, relationships, etc. to be unhappy only exacerbates the situation. To practice happiness is to ameliorate suffering, to bring healing to oneself. Peace joy and love cannot be recognized in an unhappy life.

  18. Gordon Barnes

    I have had a very successful, positive,optimistic life and career, now a single 83 years old widower in a seniors residence, where my last calling in life is to convert the many unhappy persons around me to something more pleasant and appreciated, it is a challenge but interesting.

  19. Psychic Glenna 5418

    This is a wonderful article! I agree happiness is a conscious choice. The longer I live the more I realize this truth. Laughing as often as possible multiplies the fun.

    Psychic Glenna

  20. Cori

    all the comments are awesome, yes we must strive to be happy, one day at a time, for you never know what coming. I lived in chaos and now i live in peace and serenity

  21. Nancy Smith

    Happy people don’t try to control the things that are out of their control . Accepting this fact and letting go will always bring peace of mind , if not right away with practice . Knowing what things we can control and what things we can not control is the challenge . Let Go Be Happy !

  22. Hami humayun

    Without faith in the Supreme Being our creator we cannot achieve inner peace which leads to real happiness.God wants us to be happy and we must learn to love his creation.

  23. c.wright.thru.u.

    infinite Divine blessings of happiness/joy/love/peace/total well being-doing-having of all the best to ALL.

    btw, you control how you act/react regarding ALL things.
    and you always have this choice moment by moment, experience by experience, event by event.
    the key is to stay aware of this as often as possible.

  24. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Great advice…..all true.

    My Great Grandfather lived to be 103 years old and lived is life in this way.

    Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose ext.9500

  25. Bella

    GREAT ARTICLE IF MORE FOLKS WOULD GET IN THAT KIND OD MIND FRAME THEIR OWN LIFE’S would be a lot MORE 🙂 🙂 thank you GREAT ARTICLE & very up lifting 2 for 1 own spirit .. 🙂

  26. Jessica Grant

    I am all these things, but can be a little jealous at times. But overall I am the poster child for happy go lucky individuals lol….

  27. Rivers ext. 5273Rivers Ext 5273

    Great article Natasha! So many people spend their lives reacting to things rather than choosing how to respond. Knowing you can make a conscious choice brings much more happiness.

  28. dolores

    awesome I really like I am one of this happy people but strayed with life issues abuse and other minor things but now I am coming back to this way of thinking which use to be natural to me thank you and many of gods blessing to you and all

  29. Alonzo

    I could not agree more with the five factors that happy people must do to maintain a positive demeanor thorough life. I also believe in having a relationship with God is the most important of all

  30. Melania

    I try every day to forget the past … I have the days when succeed …. and days when I remember back to the past (without my permission)
    Thanks for your advice !

  31. michele klock

    HALLELUJAH!!!! I believe wholeheartedly. I have lived this philosophy my whole life, tried to instill in upon my children. God Bless

  32. kathleen warren

    you are so right. I am lucky enough to be able to lead my life in an optomistic way. Had many a set back but was able to pick myself up and begin again. For those who are not as fortunate as me your 5 ideas to help lead a happy life sure come in handy.
    Kathleen Warren


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