The Science of Intuition

Professional psychics agree that each of us has some level of intuitive power — and research supports this phenomenon. According to scientists studying our brainwaves, there are five vibrational states we all experience (known as Beta, Alpha, Theta, Delta, and Gamma) and each correlates with a certain level of consciousness — from alert an analyzing to integrated awareness. Best of all, researches have established connections between each of these states and certain activities. Translation? There are practical and scientifically proven ways to enhance your intuition and improve your state of mind — and your state of being.

Here’s a bit about each state and how you can achieve it:

Beta, the Busy Bee
Probably the best known state, Beta is the place most of us live most of our lives. Active and thinking, analyzing our surroundings and applying (or at least attempting to apply) logic to the situations we encounter. The trouble with Beta is that living there for too long (or with too great an intensity) can be extremely stressful. The positive side of this state is that it allows us to get things done and outwardly achieve. To use Beta for your betterment, turn your focus to logic games and puzzles. It’ll sharpen your thinking without stressing you out.

Relaxed and Reflective Alpha
A generally positive frame of mind, the vibrations of Alpha occur most often just before we drift off to sleep, or sometimes when we’re on a long drive. You know you’re in this state when you experience an overall feeling of stillness wherein you’re relaxed and calm, but still awake and conscious. It’s a step away from the busy-ness of Beta, but not quite trancelike or meditative. To amp up your alpha-tude, try creative visualization and guided relaxation, as well as yoga. If that’s too ambitious at first, you can start by implementing deep breathing (where you focus on your breath and being present) to your daily routine.

Fall into in the flow of Theta
Also known as the dream state, experiencing Theta vibrations will lead to a deeper connection with your subconscious. In other words, this is where deep intuition lies — it’s why dream interpretation helps unravel our inner turmoil and point us toward the path of highest good. To get into the ‘flow’ of these vibrations, start by working on your Alpha skills like visualization and yoga, then expanding them to include meditation (particularly effective when done outdoors in nature, and — believe it or not — repetitive tasks. There’s a reason the Zen masters find stillness in repetition. So whether it’s a morning walk, doing the dishes or even playing video games, allow your conscious mind to drop out and your intuition to drop in. You’ll be surprised at what hits you when you spend some time here.

Down and Deep in Delta
Once you’ve connected to the consciousness that is your inner intuition, you are closer to what some would call enlightenment or nirvana, but not quite there yet. Delta vibrations (the second to last in the progression) come with deep, restorative, non-dreaming sleep and a long-term meditative practice. People who are “blissed out” are experiencing Delta. It may take time to make this state a regular part of your life (we’ve all felt it in small doses), but commitment can take you there. Try getting a good night’s sleep every night and consider transcendental meditation.

Gamma Rays of Integrated Awareness
Once you’ve made your way through the other states, you arrive at Gamma, where compassion is overwhelming, you have the ability to focus effortlessly (and yet remain present) and feel, naturally, the connective tissue of the universe. The Dalai Lama automatically comes to mind as a person who is very attuned with the Gamma state of being, which can be encouraged by deep meditation, hypnosis, and mechanical brainwave entrainment.

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