The Power of Thought

I just woke up. It is 6 in the morning. This is a powerful time for me because my conscious mind has not yet fully awakened to the impending drama of my day. That which abides presently is the highly intuitive side of my personality, somewhat akin to automatic writing. Something in me says, “Write this.” I have learned to trust that voice. I no longer question it – I simply comply. At this moment in time, this precious moment, it is NOT about the ego. It is about information.

According to the late Michael Talbot in his book, The Holographic Universe, it would take a computer four stories high and as large as the state of Oklahoma to equal the power of one human mind. When I close my eyes at night and focus my vision on the dark field before them, I can actually see the thought waves moving in a specific direction. I then permit a new thought to develop which immediately creates a new wave pattern which collides with the original wave form, forming a third distinct set of waves. I just described the holographic nature of the human brain, visually.

Now, since human consciousness is a part of the vast ocean of the universe, “as above, so below,” what we observe within ourselves is but a microcosm of the universal mind. A drop of water, a part of the ocean, never apart, yet always a part, and that drop, that ocean IS consciousness. There can never be a disconnection with that thought stream, since that thought stream is what we are. All else is slumber, illusion.Every miracle, every phenomenon derives its power from thought, initially. Years ago my teacher showed me how she could move a compass needle without touching it. I asked her, “Can I do that?” She replied,”No.” I responded with, “Why not?” Her answer was, “Because you don’t believe that you can.” Case closed!

What if all of us had the gift to visually see the effect of our thoughts on physical reality, as individuals and collectively? We see the effects every day but we do not connect the dots. We do not actually assume responsibility for what we are always creating, with our minds, our emotions, our decisions. The result is a life of reaction, rather than deliberate creation. It is unfortunate, because that which separates us from the rest of the animal kingdom is our freedom of choice. Animals react. Humans get to choose. So much is at stake. I read once that our individual and collective destinies are to responsibly run solar systems, galaxies, as we approach Source. All we have to work with is thought in the present moment, to get there. Make those moments count. I will forever remember:

Control your thoughts, and you control your emotions.
Control your emotions, and you control your habits.
Control your habits, and you control your character.
Control your character, and you control your destiny.

Our destiny is the stars. This is what I believe.

39 thoughts on “The Power of Thought

  1. gloria carella

    I just read your short essay and i understand what you are talking about i think. There have been times when i close my eyes and i can sometimes think of an image and it will appear as if i am looking into the back of my eyelids. Its not always vivid and exact but it is definetily made of waves of light. Its hard to explain but I think this is related.

  2. Mark McKinsey

    This is a good article and a good read. Thank you. It is pretty obvious that it was not intended to be about automatic writing, but your morning thoughts and your need to write about them, so don’t be put off by these others.

    Again, this was a nice read, and thank you.

  3. unknown

    I think someone was in the clouds when they wrote this, know what I mean? It makes no sense what so ever! What wavelength are they on?

  4. Stephanie

    Yes, I toally agree with onw repondent above. Where is the article on automatic writing? The topic was barely mentioned at all. All I got out of this was a short poem. Very disappointed!

  5. ERB

    Why not stick to he subject, “automatic writing?” and leave out the rest. This article would then be 1000 times more interesting. Chatter about moving a compass needle is not.

  6. susy

    yesterday I wrote in about my kitty cats in my, I found a white persian male cat who I left with someone to board while I worked and they said someone stole him 3 years ago. I found him the next town over, about 16 miles in an alley where I go to the store from the gym. He was left across the river from here and he is found across the river and another town over, omg he’s home and I feel so fine

  7. DA

    WOW! You have a beautiful way of expressing yourself! This is so wonderful to know! I have seen the thought waves moving and changing when I close my eyes, but I never knew they were thought waves even as I focused on them! Knowing this, I will now experiment and focus positive thoughts especially when I am stressed! I am not psychic but I know when something is wrong. My gut squirms and my mind hooks on to a person or situation and won’t let go until I have a solution. I have seen the book, “The Holographic Universe” which I am looking forward to reading. You have made it so very easy for me to comprehend what is happening! You have turned on a light bulb and opened up a world I have wanted to understand. Thank you!

  8. Gina Rose ext.9500

    Hi Jacqueline,
    Happy Fourth yo you and your loved ones as well…..
    ******* I posted a couple of more things to you in the blog ” when astrology is too close to home “……
    ..but forgot to sign into type Pad first when I did.
    Blessed Be )O(…Gina Rose ext.9500

  9. Psychic Jacqueline x9472

    Psychic Jacqueline x9472 said in reply to Gina Rose ext.9500…
    Hey Gina Rose,
    Again, very interesting I didn’t know that there were truly no “warlocks” I got sucked into the whole illusion the fantasy that there were…. I wont tell my husband he might be a bit disappointed…LOL 🙂
    Native Americans believe if a person claims to be a medicine man run don’t walk as well as someone claiming to be a witch so again interesting connection.
    I agree that the power comes from within, it is you, the connection you have with the Mother Earth, the tree’s, animals….
    Have a Wonderful 4th…..
    Psychic Jacqueline x9472

  10. Gina Rose ext.9500

    You know…..I was just reading the articles on astrology…..and I was thinking, ah-oh!,
    Phillip is an excellent Astrologer,and was also an Astronomer …..his knowledge of astrology is dazzling.
    However, I want you all to know, that Phillip did my yearly reading, ( I do get a reading once per year…sort of like a yearly check-up).
    *******But it would not be fair, to focus completely on his knowledge of astrology as he is extremely clairvoyant and is a very strong empath as well.*******
    His psychic gifts,MARRIED together with his brilliant knowledge of Astrolgy make Phillip a MUST “read”.
    I’ve been reading for 43 years,as a career psychic, I’ve trained and tested, ( and certified at times ), psychics for 20 plus years……so, I highly recommend give Phillip a try, if you already haven’t.
    Blessed Be )O(….Have a happy and safe July 4th !
    Gina Rose ext.9500

  11. Psychic Jacqueline x9472

    Psychic Jacqueline x9472 said to Fran….
    Hey Sweety,
    I love hearing from you, it is awesome what just being outdoors can do to one energy field….great clearing, especially being around water, water in itself has tremendous healing powers and ability to lift ones vibrational level as well as clear energy….
    Have a Wonderful 4th….
    Hugs and Blessings!
    Psychic Jacqueline x9472

  12. Gina Rose ext.9500

    Hi Lorna,
    This little town cannot afford fireworks….but the larger next town over can….fireworks are legal in my state so, actually, we all do our own .
    My step-brother is bringing some fireworks over….should be interesting, hope I can stand the noise…..same step-brother that once burned his eyebrows off lighting stadium-strength fireworks in Oak Park,Chicago many years ago. He also set off every car burglar alarm for about 3 city blocks setting them off…LOL
    Congrats on being a new ” Mommy ” to the kitties…I bet they are really cute.
    Happy 4TH !!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Blessed Be )O(…Gina Rose ext.9500

  13. Lorna ex 9580

    Gina Rose,
    Hi fellow “city rat turned country mouse.” I have fallen off the face of the earth till October. KITTEN SEASON! I went out for a walk, and came home with two more. It’s madness! Found homes for the Aries kittens and now I have a wave of little Taurus felines moving in. God Bless ’em…..
    Well, an old tractor sounds safer than the twisters that were chasing you last month. I’m sure you don’t miss sitting under your dining room table.
    Does your town put on a good fireworks display? It’s a very big deal here….
    You have a happy 4th as well!

  14. SeaTurtle

    Hi Philip,
    I enjoyed your article about the power of our thoughts. I am intrigued and fascinated at your article as well as many of the other articles and opinions of some of the psychics as well as members.
    My background seems to be much different-and yet I find that I can relate to much of what you and other psychics have written. My background is from a non-denominational evangelical church. In the church we have “prophets”, obtain words of knowledge, prayer for healing and more.
    Since moving to a small island almost eight years ago, I have not been able to find a church that satisfys my spiritual side.
    I find that I am sometimes able to tap into what I refer to as “the annointing”. For example, shortly after moving here I had a large financial need. I contemplated taking out a loan (wasn’t even sure that I could get one)..but instead I went to a quiet room and closed the door and prayed. I often pray, but mostly don’t hear a definite answer. This time something exciting happened in prayer…I felt as if “I touched the heart of God” and I knew that I knew that the financial need that I had was taken care of and that the monies would be there for me within the time frame (3 weeks) that I needed them. In fact, I was so overcome with awe that once I left my prayer room, I shared with my children (grown and home from college) what had happened and told them that my financial need was taken care of! (not sure anyone believed me) That was a Sunday night-on Wednesday my telephone range, and I said to my children..that must be my million dollar buyer…and it was…God sent me a million dollar cash buyer (almost 1.4) and the closing occured in under three weeks and I had the monies that were needed.
    The times that I have “touched the heart of God” compare to nothing else that I have ever experienced. How awesome it would be to live life in that stream of walking and talking and hearing from God…all of the time.
    Oh, well, I think I’m writing too much!
    Thanks for the articles that you have written. I am truly enjoying reading them.

  15. Fran

    Dear Phillip,
    Your advice is always so spectacular…now if I could just FOLLOW it!! LOL!! LOL!!
    But seriously…must be this eclipse that’s making me nutty!! (Oh, excuses, excuses…thank goodness for excuses!!).
    Gina Rose mentioned a little earlier that eclipses mean change. I am ready for that, and I’m ready to change my thoughts. At least I’m going to do my best to try.
    To all of you, have a wonderful, fun-filled 4th of July Holiday!!!
    (Should be a thumbs-up soon!)

  16. Fran

    Dear Jacqueline,
    What great advice for raising our vibrations to a higher, more positive level. I also love to burn sage, or “smudge” (my kids think I’m burning something ELSE…LOL), and music is ALWAYS a spirit-lifter.
    This morning I was feeling pretty low, but I went grocery shopping, paid off some bills, then sat outside in the beautiful sunshine and was lazy by the pool. And you know what? That helped immensely! Just being outdoors and appreciating the beauty of nature put me in a better place.
    You’re always so positive. I love that about you. I always look forward to reading your posts.
    xo, Fran

  17. Miss Krystal ext. 9192

    Thanks Gina. I have experienced the same with full moons/either good or bad…
    I believe in Astrology, I only know the natures of the sign, not the calucaltions etc. like Phillip. I like to get my chart looked at every once in a while…It helps…The worst aspect asofar in my life, well, two of them-first was my sun directly opposing uranus and the other, my sun directly conj. saturn… Miss Krystal

  18. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Hey there….HI !!!…Thanks for explaining it to me.
    I’m feeling SUPER-TURBO-CHARGED as I come up on this eclipse !!!!!!!!
    Hope that you , Lorna, and “J”, loved ones and everybodyelse out there have a happy 4th.
    By the way , I sent in that request to CP management …no reply yet…but they are probably super busy this week.
    OK….Gina Rose taking a nap now ….got up a crack of dawn to beat the heat to mow brush on an old farm tractor that goes oh-so-slow.
    Sleepy Be )O(…Gina Rose ext.9500

  19. Miss Krystal ext. 9192

    Thank you so very much, Phillip. I appreciate your detailed answer. Really, it means a lot to me….
    First of all, NO, it is not my astrologer and the person is NOT on our line… I usually call you, Marty or Joeseph for chart info, and you are all excellent….But that last time we spoke you and I got in a little cute battle, because I told you were clairvoyant and not just an empath…I have to say as far as emotional stuff, and the charts, you have a real gift….You were also right about something that only took about six weeks to happen 🙂
    Anyway, this was someone I read their page online…..It had nothing to do with a personal chart, it was broken down for people born between july 7-july 26th and then people near Aug. 5th…for the up coming eclipses….So no, nobody had a chart done on there…It was generic.
    I was just bewildered that someone would write that….I am not into doom and gloom…Again, how would one prepare for something like that? It is not possible…So I did not see the point at all. Sounds like the person has some inner disturbances going on or something. I could never say that or write that, never…I will never predict death….I wont let myself…
    Too dark….No way…Not my calling.
    But I sure appreciate your response. I feel much better. Hope you are doing well. I hear ya about your Aries energy…I am not an Aries, as you know, (you went for that moon in scorp of mine, you really picked up a lot on my moon in the third house-you focused a lot there, but it was great and you were spot on) but I have uranus, neptune and Pluto all in the first house…lol I can sizzle, too…
    My mom, a sag/libra moon, would say to me, when I was HOT, “Throw water on it right now.” My mom and I are tight, I trust her, so when she would tell me that, I knew to stop. I have had to learn in my early 20’s how to handle getting HOT….Thanks for your fire and passion on this issue. It makes me feel a lot better. Please write a book…And, I think the relationship you have with your X wife is awesome (you should also write a book on that) and I have all the respect in the world for your daughter, nutrition changed my life…You are a great friend, dad, reader and soul..
    Hugs and blessings/warm vibes,
    Miss Krystal

  20. Psychic Jacqueline x9472

    Psychic Jacqueline x9472 said in reply to Phillip,
    10x more force to the energetic situations wow that not good with considering missiles shot off by North Korea….Will have to watch this one.
    Looks like we something in common we are both Aries….
    I let a comment for you Gina Rose on the other post, sometimes I think we get so many conversations going we get lost….LOL 🙂
    Blessings and Hugs!
    Psychic Jacqueline x9472

  21. Phillip# 9485

    Hi sweety, Look to Pluto being in Capricorn right now, then throw an eclipse cycle on top of it in Capricorn. Pluto in Capricorn will apply extreme power, sometimes explosive and always large scale. Saturn rulership of Capricorn denotes structure, and the crystallization of matter(The Devil, lol, Saturnalia etc), Now throw an umbral eclipse on top of it and you end up with 10X more force to that energetic situation. The quakes are just a piece of the story too. Also involves government, careers etc. Does this help Gina?

  22. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Hi Phillip,
    That earthquake in Greece is par for the course during a full lunar eclipse in an earth sign such as Capricorn….I’ve noticed too, for years, that weather events always packed an extra punch around eclises.
    Phillip, help me out here please…what say you on that?, you’re the expert on this topic…just something I’ve noticed over the years….?????
    ” Things ” , in general, won’t settle down until around July 28th when we have passed beyond the three week
    ” shadow ” period of this eclipse .
    Ok my dear…..have a happy 4TH !!!!!!
    Blessed Be )O(…Gina Rose ext.9500
    To Miss Krystal…. HI !!!!!
    Eclipses mean change….sometimes good, sometimes bad…but always change.
    Eclipses hit people in different ways depending on one’s natal chart, where the eclipse is, etc.
    Now, I don’t use astrology or tools when I read….but I am a firm believer and follower of astrology, it’s way too accurate to be dismissed lightly.
    I personally, can trace every major event, in my life, good AND bad, back to eclipse points ( lunar especially ).
    Blessed Be )O(….Gina Rose ext.9500

  23. Phillip# 9485

    Miss Krystal, Remember even an eclipse is part of a cycle that waxes and wanes. There is a continuity . Though the effects may be abrupt the effects of the impending eclipse cycle are felt before and after the actual event. and no eclipses do NOT have to be bad. It is about change.

  24. Phillip# 9485

    Hi Miss Krystal, You have touched my heart here. For openers, the conjunction of the Sun to Sun is a positive. that is a natal sun transited by the present solar placement. It is a power month for you, the solar energy intensifying your vitality. Being in an eclipse during this period would only intensify that vitality. Now I do not know what your astrologer was looking at, maybe he has your chart in front of him and is looking at something else, but I doubt it. I am referring to The Eclipse Interpretation Manual by Rose Lineman of the American Federation of Astrologers. The Sun conjuncting the eclipse is exaggerated vitality and success. The Moon would be opposiing your Sun and the eclipse which would create an exaggeration of emotional responses in you. And thanks to that astrologer he may have just possibly created that condition in you. He was way out of line Miss Krystal. You and I both know that. If he is your personal astrologer, I would call him on the carpet for that one. I would need the specifics of what he is looking at to ascertain what he is up to, but I question his ethics if not his knowledge. If I were in his shoes, I would have to see your male relatives charts to even suspect an issue with their safety and I would certainly not drop that bomb even if I did, and neither would you. There is ALWAYS a way out of any difficulty, and if he did not give you that set of options, he does NOT understand what we are here for. IMHO. sorry but I am an Aries and this gets me a bit hot. Be at peace.

  25. Gina Rose ext.9500

    Also Jacqueline,
    We also have our ” wheel of the year “……
    …kind of similiar to the Native American Indian ” medicine wheel ” (?).
    The CIRCLE or ” wheel ” marks the 8 Wiccan Sabbats… The Circle is always moving and changing…as the Sabbats follow the soltices,the moon cycles closely, and marks the growing and harvesting of earthly crops and celebrations. Wiccans are healers and farmers…keepers of the Earth…..and all of Earth’s creatures.
    Tidbit : There is NO such thing as
    a ” warlock “….that is taken straight from TV and movies. In Wicca, a male witch is referred to as a male Wiccan.
    Another tidbit : Beware of people running up to you, especially around Halloween ( Samhain ), claiming loudly that they are a ” witch “. Run, don’t walk away. LOL !!!!!!
    Real Wiccans are Wiccans year round and feel no need to jump out of
    the ” broom closet ” on Halloween for shock value. LOL That is VERY much frowned upon by Wiccan Elders.
    Remember..the Magick comes WITHIN each and every one of us.
    Blessed Be )O(….Happy holidays
    Gina Rose ext.9500

  26. Gina Rose ext.9500

    Hi jacqueline,
    Here is some more info for you ….
    There are two Wiccan Sabbats in the Summer that are celebrated.
    The first one is Litha (Summer Solstice) about June 21st.
    The Sun reaches the peak of power and the Earth is green with crops. The Mother Goddess is viewed as heavily pregnant and the Sun God is at the apex of manhood.
    The 2nd sabbat is Lughnassadh (pronounced as LOO NAHS-ah)
    Irish for Sun God Lugh.
    It is celebrated August 1st, OR the first full moon in Leo. This is 1 of 3 harvest festivals and the turning point of Mother’s Earth year.
    This is primarily a grain harvest which is corn, wheat, barley and any grain product for bread. Any fruits and veggies are picked at this time too.
    The Goddess is seen as the Queen of Abundance and is honored as the new mother who has gived birth to the bounty. The Sun God is honored as the Father of Prosperity.
    * These two Sabbats are over 6,000 years old and pre dates christianity.
    * Eight Sabbats are still heavily celebrated in Ireland, Scotland and other Europe places.
    Blessed Be )O(…Gina Rose ext.9500

  27. Miss Krystal ext. 9192

    okay Phillip and all of the sweet astrologers out there….I got a big question for ya…I would certainly appreciate an answer to this one….
    I was reading online about the eclipses coming.
    Being that I am born on July 23, the transitional day (sometimes it is the 22nd as I know) between the moon and the sun, I read something very gloomy about the week I was born in regards to these eclipses coming….It said, “keep an eye on your father, brother, uncle or male spouse and that they could pass away?” It also said to try to prepare…
    lol okay, how do you prepare for such doom and gloom? I would never even attempt, as a clairvoyant, to even look, below, and try to find an answer to predict death. I have never predicted or even attempted to predict death. I am just shocked that someone would write that…Is this really true? I thought about it….How could someone write that?? I think it was cruel. There is no reason to write that….Or maybe it was the way it was written. I am so disappointed that someone would alert, as such. I think there is no way to prepare for something so intense….Is it really true? I thought eclipses can be good…
    Can you feel the eclipse coming? I have felt a big intense burst of energy in the last ten days with my clients and my family….Do you think this is setting the stage for the eclipse? Can things happen before an eclipse? I know they can after….
    Everyone is so emotional right now. Even clients who are calm, and cool, have shown intense emotional stuff…I have no problem helping folks with intense emotion, I feel honored, but I am very let down from what I read today about death and eclipses. I prayed to God to protect the men in my life. I feel better but, as I used thought control, per your article; however, I can’t believe someone would write that…I don’t see how that helps us….Please tell me what you think…Thanks…Miss Krystal

  28. feelin_sparkly

    Philip thank you for a great article. You have an eloquently simple style with complex thoughts! This article reminds me of reading one of my all time favorites Madeline L’Engle for some reason. Thank you again.

  29. Miss Krystal ext. 9192

    Hello Phillip-
    Thank you for this excellent article.
    There are so many things where man and animal are almost the same. However, even though animals are very psychic, we, as human beings, have the ability to rationalize (animals do not)…We have the ability to open our minds………..But we also have the liberty to make choices……I think we need to be very careful before we decide things….I have seen some huge mistakes be made over quick decisions.
    As my 99 year old grandma still says, today, “Haste makes waste, don’t be in a hurry if you can help it.”
    Miss Krystal

  30. Psychic Jacqueline x9472

    Psychic Jacqueline x9472 said….
    I love you article Phillip, so well put, you have quit the talent for expression, Hi Kim…. once you over come this hurdle of truly letting go, letting go and trusting that there are truly no accident things do happen for a reason, YES… there is no dout that it is very painful and it does hurt… on a very deep profound level, but the more we trust, “Trust” that everything is ok, that it is actually better than ok, and be with that….. then it is in that space, that will either bring the person back or someone that is a much better fit will come in, I find when I have fallen into a state of sadness I switch the energy, I sage like crazy, if I don’t have sage then incense will do, put on great music or what I have worn out is my DVD of the Secret It is a great start in changing ones thought process, remember it took years for us to think one way it may take a bit to change it, and anything good, always has a higher vibration that accompanies it, so by playing music motivational tapes these truly do lift the vibration of your home, car, wherever you are, it is a process.
    I hope this helps….
    Blessings and Hugs!
    Psychic Jacqueline X9472

  31. psychic-matt-5152

    ever since I discovered Jane Roberts and the Seth books in the late 80’s I have been trying to create my own reality..Phillip,.your post is a blueprint,.or that sign at the bottom of the mountain path that leads to the top.Thanks for a great post on the art of manifestation.
    matt 5152

  32. Lise

    Thank you for such a profound article, Phillip. I always find what you have to say so interesting and thought-provoking. Most often, the thought provoked is ‘Why have I never had a reading with you?’ LOL!
    You speak of learning to control one’s own mind to ultimately reach control of one’s destiny. I really believe that is true. Our choices are what govern our lives. Although, I don’t believe we always have control over the emotions we feel, we certainly have control over how we act on them.
    I have never understood why so many choose to believe that life is beyond their own control and, therefore, someone else must be at fault. I know so many people who have not really lost control of their lives, but really who just gave it up. Now they are drowning in the ocean rather than existing within it.
    I try to make a conscious, thoughtful effort in all that I do, so that the choices I make create the results that I want. Unfortunately, it doesn’t always work out. Maybe it is because I don’t always believe in what it is I’m doing, or that I don’t believe it enough. (I’ve always had trouble with blind faith, but I do try to believe and hope for the best.)
    How do I begin to focus clearly enough to connect the dots, to see everything in the big picture and in individual detail? What do I do to make each and every moment count even more?
    Thanks again, Phillip, and thanks to all of the people who contribute to the blog!
    Lise 🙂

  33. Kim

    Is there an exercize that can be helpful to calm thoughts and redirect them into something good can good happen as a result of letting go of sad feelings for instance if you have lost someone in a relationship it is hard to be happy.

  34. Gina Rose ext.9500

    Hi Phillip,
    At the risk of repeating myself yet again….
    …what a GREAT article !!!!!!
    When you wrote :
    “Control your thoughts, and you control your emotions.
    Control your emotions, and you control your habits.
    Control your habits, and you control your character.
    Control your character, and you control your destiny.”
    The SELF CONTROL you wrote about is definitely ESSENTIAL !..IF one is to walk their Karmic path, without straying, and fullfill their Karmic destiny AND potential.
    THIS is exactly what I FIRST teach my students when I’m training them to give psychic readings……the SELF CONTROLl you speak of gives them consistent ” flow of energy “….resulting in very clear and accurate , grounded, ethical raedings.
    The best article yet, Phillip !!!!!
    Good going !!!!!!
    Blessed Be )O(…Gina Rose ext.9500

  35. Joyce #9598

    Dear Phillip,
    I loved this article…you write so beautifully.
    Thank you for sharing your wisdom, I’ve really enjoyed reading all your articles. The last paragraph is very Zen 🙂
    Many Blessings this Uranus retro day!

  36. believer

    Phillip what a wonderful writer you are. This article is profound and filled with absolute truth. I am fascinated by the fact that you can actually see your thought waves. If we could all just remember how powerful our thoughts are, life & the world as we know it would be so different. We would actually be more in control of our destinys – wouldn’t that be amazing! It is do-able all we need to do is BELIEVE….easier said than done. I say its worth a sincere effort from all of us. We can do it!
    To all of the Psychics…please keep the articles coming…what a fantastic way for all of us to learn & grow. And, Phillip your contribution is much appreciated you are obviously filled with sage wisdom and we are lucky to be your students.


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