The Keys to Bliss and Balance

Balance: The Key to Happiness

They say too much of anything is never a good thing, and it’s really true. Too much work, and even too much play, can throw us off balance and make other parts of our lives feel off and out of sync. What do you do to find balance?

It’s easy to get engrossed in things. Work projects, television shows, working out at the gym. Interests and passions can quickly turn to obsessions when we lose sight of everything else around us. When we know how to balance and prioritize our lives, putting the important things first, that’s when we can find our bliss. Of course life can’t be all bliss; even that would be out of balance, but being happy and fulfilled should be the norm in our lives, so that when the hard stuff comes and takes so much out of us in a short time, we have a reserve of balance and bliss within us to sustain us and get us through.

If you’re in a bad mood because you have to work all the time, and you can’t find time to work out, then you already know that the one thing you need to balance things out is making that time. Working out relieves tension, gives us an outlet for aggression, and the sheer act of putting ourselves first can be what we need most of all.

Being Selfish is a Good Thing

With all the time you give to others, friends, family, bosses, how much of that time do you spend on yourself? It’s a strange paradox, but when you spend time getting in touch with your own needs, people respond differently. If you see yourself as important you change the very mood around you. Your schedule opens up. People respect your space. And because you are balanced and happy, you have that blissful aura surrounding you, making everyone respond differently. People no longer vie to be on top of your list of priorities, because it is clear that you hold the top position. They are in awe of you, your beauty, and your power. If you don’t respect the importance of your time, then no one else will. You set the precedent.

(As Chloe ext. 9421 says, “Being clear with yourself about what your boundaries are is the first step to living with dignity and spiritual focus.”)

Eat, Sleep, Exercise

Our bodies need to eat healthy, enjoy long, restful, uninterrupted sleep, and exercise. In the end all we have of any worth is our health. You need to eat, sleep and exercise and not push those aside for other non-nourishing things in our lives. Replenishment and rejuvenation gives you armor to fight disease, depression and a host of other bad things that try to invade your space. Leave them no room to roam. Fight them off before they attack.

(And as Faith ext. 9608 says, “Letting go brings you into balance aligning you with your true self.  It is the most natural experience on earth to let go of what is hurting you. Letting go frees your mind of the attachment, thereby filling you with peace.”)

Balance and Bliss

Finding the balance in all you do allows you to prioritize sensibly, make good decisions, divide your time wisely and gives you that overall feel of bliss. Reflect on your typical day. Do you have balance and bliss in your life?

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  1. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Great article

    …and I loved Faith’s quote as well !!!!

    ALL psychics know just how important a role balance plays in maintaining happiness in mind,body, and spirit .


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