The Illusion of Fear

The universe is comprised of only two energies – two choices that we as individuals make and can experience: Love or Fear. Every moment of every second of every day, we are constantly choosing one or the other. It is by the light of our own consciousness that we can become aware of when we are on auto-pilot and can then actively, consciously choose love over fear.

Fear is a manifestation of our ego, and the ego is concerned with only one thing: keeping us miserable, which ensures its survival. It is the ego where our past remains very much alive, and to ensure that it keeps us trapped, it projects our fearful and painful memories into the future to try to predict the outcome. It rationalizes that even if the future is miserable, at least I can be certain of what’s to come. The end result is that we loose the present moment – the only moment we have – where only Love resides.

When we become aware that our fear is generated by ego, and how and when it is manifested, we are much more in power to choose not to follow its dark and well-trodden path. Fear’s usual manifestation comes in the form of guilt, judgement, blame, anger, internal conversations or arguments with ourselves or others, and the refusal to forgive. These manifestations are first directed at ourselves, creating unnecessary suffering, which we project from our own minds onto people, places, and situations, all in an attempt to avoid looking at ourselves truly and deeply.

In my own life, I’m realizing how much time I have wasted, how much suffering I have created and how much happiness I have denied myself. As I begin to see my mind drift into fearful fantasy and imaginings of the future, I realize that it is all coming from a past experience I’ve had, and how by this form of visualization, I am re-creating the same for my future.

Once I become aware of my ego’s attempt to cloud the sunlight of my being and lead me away from the reality of Love, I return to my breath, to the present moment, and I realize that I have the power to choose my own thoughts – thoughts of Love, or the ego’s illusion of fear. And when I choose love, kindness, forgiveness, I am quickly reminded that fear does not exist, except in my past, which cannot touch me. I realize that the only reality in each unfolding moment is only Love.

Every moment you see yourself wandering that well-trodden path, breathe gently into your heart, allowing it to spread its warm embrace throughout your body, and realize that you are a brilliant manifestation of Source, which is nothing but pure, gentle and all-embracing Love for self, others, and all of humanity.

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4 thoughts on “The Illusion of Fear

  1. Jacqueline

    Absolutely fantastic article, I agree with you we as humans waste too much time on fear, it is true fear is simply and illusion, it is not real, it only exist in our minds, once we acknowledge that fear no longer serves us, then truly we will be set free.

    Blessings and Big Hugs!
    Jacqueline x9472

  2. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500


    Now THIS is an article to be printed out and kept handy…….we are all down here to learn and grow……we learn and grow by overcoming our obstacles…..we overcome our obstacles by taking charge of our lives, by being present in the moment and by…… overcoming our fear. The more one learns to conquer their fears…..the easier it gets, thus you gain more power over your life path/destiny with each successful hurdle you clear.

    Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose ext.9500

  3. velvetoversteel

    This is one of the most needed yet beautiful post I’ve read so far. Great explaination and wonderfully written, Phoenix!

    Love of self, others and all hunanity is what is missing in most people’s lives. As sad as that is and as much as most people don’t want to admit it… it is the truth!

    Absolutely love this, Phoenix!!
    Blessings & Hugh Hugh to you,
    Coreen @ VOS

  4. phillipphillip

    Brilliant in wisdom and simplicity. As I told you my friend, you are aptly named. I am so pleased we are all able to share in your gifted insight. Your art is a blessing.


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