The Garden of Tarot

I Crept Into the Garden, as Day Slipped Into Night, and There I Danced With Faeries, Under Sweet Moonlight

I am a simple woman who loves the earth and all her myriad beings—be they finned, feathered, furred or green. I have been an earth woman for centuries and am gifted in hearing the songs of nature. I am often asked if I read cards, speak with angels or channel spirit.

Within the faerie’s circle of nature’s song, I dance the Tarot.

Nature’s cycles mirror back our own reflection, our human earth walk, and within her rhythms all guidance is given to those who listen with quiet hearts.

I see the Tarot everywhere, it is the spirit of all things living, evolving, even as we evolve daily, shaping itself into songs of understanding and grace. This otherworldly presence is known to many as faerie. There is no other expression of love, creation and guidance so clear, so pure, so unified, as the harmony manifest in the garden.

There are long rolling paths to walk slowly, each step a new area, a new energy, a new plant, a new Tarot card, folding seamlessly into each other. The overlap between the worlds, of the seen and unseen can be experienced here. The garden is resplendent in her colors, life pours forth from the delicate spring flowers, scenting the air with life, health, rebirth and underneath the humus, sleep. The World Card is clearly seen here.

Chicory (Justice) stands elegantly delicate, her thin green stems surprisingly strong, bearing many green buds and flowers on upright stems. Beautiful bluish purple flowers, like rays of blue suns for a blue planet. Chicory is tall, a graceful model.

Pink and Crimson Clovers (Queen of Cups) stand in exquisite contrast , slightly shorter and rounder, wearing their brightly colored flower hats boldly. Blue, red, and pink emerge from green grass whilst indigo sky embraces the billowy white clouds above. The landscape they create is both breathtaking and exquisite. The intelligent design of the earth co exists with the equally intelligent mind of designer. One can come here to heal, to recover, to meditate, to play, to work and to be. I come here every day.

The Foxglove Digitalis (Judgment), bears pink and spotted trumpets—heralding memories of an old friend who left earth much too early.

White Daisies (Queen of Swords) dance in the warm breeze, their white petalled skirts flirtatiously flowing into a salsa upon the gentle winds of Zephyr.

Sage (The Sage/High Priest) sees clearly… Waving magnificent pillars of blue flowers high, a scepter of petals, a tower of fiery inspiration and wisdom.

The garden is the Tarot, a living green ecosystem, both creating and nurturing itself. All of life here is synergistic, bees, butterflies, lady bugs, worms, all coexist and co create her, life after bud after seed after plant –combined with insects, small reptilian dinosaurs waltz with winged beings such as hummingbirds and woodpeckers combining to bring us the Wheel of Life and Fortune. There are others—armadillos—odd and armored, voles, small , the architect of tunnels, a plethora of insects whose buzzing and chirping adds music to nature’s song.

Bronze fennel (Four of Wands) bursts with life and promise, the energy of playing and dancing, her new leaves small copper pony tails, dispersed throughout her stalks, sending loving energy to all.

Angelica (The Empress) has earth angels that dance lower down, near her roots, bowing splendidly, a deep curving bow, arching gracefully forward, curly green tips the finale.

Rue (The Magician) is bolder, exotic, sexy and funky, bearing yellow flowers daringly, calling the sun gold color of that star into itself, turning the flowers into light. Light pours from the garden, the leaves fiery swords of spirit, of transformation, transmutation and regeneration. At the entrance to the garden lies a flat rock marked with a runic symbol, so ancient, no one living remembers its name. It is the symbol of the faeries who guard this garden, sign of their presence and an invitation to dance the garden paths.

Dancing them is a reading, the herbs of the Tarot everywhere to be seen, sharing wisdom, life, possibilities and healing.

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10 thoughts on “The Garden of Tarot

  1. elizabeth

    Absolutely beautiful! Since childhood I imagined this garden…lost it through the years. Thank you for bringing me home…

  2. Faith ext. 9608Faith ext. 9608

    What a gentle, beautifully descriptive article Robin. Your writing emanates like a Garden Full of Grace.

    Blessings, Faith ext. 9608

  3. ever

    dear robin, thank you for your dedication to your craft, we should all so lucky to hone in on our passion, im so glad that your there when i need you!! ever simmons

  4. Ophelia EXT 5078

    Beautiful, Robin. I love the way you write. So lyrical and like a song in words. I anxiously await more of your writing.

  5. Abigail X9570

    You have a very magical air, and grounded spirit about you. Beautifully written ~

    Many Blessings

    Abigail !


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