Single and Loving It!

A 10-Step Guide to Living Up the Single Life

Live up the single life now because it may be the last time you’re free from commitment! Love tends to find us when we least expect it, which forces you to say good-bye to your wild, single days. So, here are 10 ways to live up your single life before it’s too late. This way, you will have a regret-free future with your Mr. or Ms. Right!

1. Announce Your Single Status on Facebook

Publicize your “single” status on Facebook for all your friends and acquaintances to see. This will spare you the ordeal of telling everyone you are single, it will notify any male friends interested in you that you are a free agent, and it will show everyone that you are confident being on your own.

2. Get a New Hairdo

Step outside your comfort zone and defenestrate your traditional look. Try something totally new: trim some bangs, get a perm, bleach it out, get bold! When I became single, I cut my hair into a cute bob then dyed it bright red. New hair can change your whole look and give you added confidence.

“Making adjustments to being single again is a big transition. You start to go through a process of reclaiming yourself and your newer evolved identity.” – Psychic Asia ext. 5486

3. Get a New Hobby

Pick up a new pastime that you’ve always been interested in. This will help you spend quality time with yourself, become more talented, and have another topic to discuss on future dates. During my single phase, I bought a bowling ball and went to the lanes weekly to spend my free time in a fun, active way.

4. Take Yourself on a Date

You would be surprised how enjoyable this experience can be. Wear whatever you desire, eat where you wish, see the movie you want, and be glad there is no awkward kiss at the end of the evening, just you headed home to some hot chocolate, a bath, and relaxation time.

5. Attend Singles-Only Events

If you are single, this is your opportunity to attend singles-only parties. Take advantage of the opportunity to meet other singles in your area or with your same interests. Make sure to read reviews online before paying for these events, which can be a bit pricey.

“You have to be satisfied and happy with yourself and your own life—you have to feel whole. You will then put out the energy that attracts a person who is also a whole person.” – Psychic Hayden ext. 5424

6. Buy a Vibrator

Sometimes, we resent being single and long for a date or significant other because we desire physical affection. Our sexual needs build too long without being met. A vibrator or other sex toy may be the perfect temporary solution. If you are too shy to visit a sex shop, just order toys online—it’s easy, efficient, and confidential.

7. Take a Community College Class

Use your free time effectively and develop a new skill. Consider taking classes at the local community college on cooking, knitting, weight lifting, car repair, or some other skill that will make you a better wife or husband someday. I recently took up cupcake baking, financial planning, and Bikram Yoga.

8. Plan a Solo Trip

Vacations are not just for couples and groups. Consider planning a neat weekend getaway to relax, see a new place, and enjoy time with yourself. If you spend your life waiting for a partner to travel with, then you may miss out on great experiences.

9. Save That Cash

Unless you actively want to experience every option listed above, this may be a good time to save money. Spend your free time investing money, clipping coupons, and organizing your finances. This way, you will be in a good financial state to welcome someone new into your life someday.

10. Be Your Own Valentine

On February 14, don’t lament your single status. Instead, be your own best valentine! Dress up, go out with other single friends, drink champagne, and flirt your little heart out. Make that night a great memory!

Being single brings lots of opportunities for relaxation, fun, and, most importantly, personal development. Enjoy these times when you are alone (but not lonely) and carefree (but not careless). Remember that your relationship with yourself is the most important relationship. Being single can be such a blessing!

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8 thoughts on “Single and Loving It!

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  2. Marc from the UK

    I have also decided to bin facebook, and be very careful about my personal info being available to all and sundry, I think facebook is a useful tool that can play double jeapordy!!……There are many things that are personal in life and I feel our data is becoming a currency! The new in is remaining reserved!!!

  3. Marc from the UK

    Ha Hilarious! I do feel that as I get older although I sometimes feel lonely, I am actually enjoying some of my time alone, I feel when we are young we concentrate on doing the right thing as we are programmed! We get married, we have children, we have grandchildren bla bla bla, the reality is we become less animal pack dependent and use our learnings and wisdom to understand and adjust to life in a way that may be different to when we were younger, I do wonder if people like Gina Rose are too knowledgable and insightful that maybe they become too aware and choose singledom as its safe! I mean this in a positive non critical way! A friend of mine is a mental health worker, also a big drinker and a closed book, never opens up about self but on hand for others and very good at that, however who cares for the carer? where is their salavation? Gina Rose has a healthy out look on life, and uses positive actions in keeping occupied, however love requires risk and a sense of letting go a bit, do Clairvoyants play it too safe? as they over analyse themselve’s?…………………

  4. misskrystal

    Thanks, Melody…So true. There is a big singles world out there, everyone. Please call me if you want a clear path on what’s to come in your dating circle-there are good people out there that are, or, become, suddenly single….Please see my article about it. This is a positive place to be. Don’t regret, later, once you are tied down, thinking you could have made it better, when you were single, Live single and free until you really feel the bond of love, trust and respect, with another, come into your life. There are so many pros to being single…A time to explore and be super free. Please call me for your love reading, or reading of a lifetime -please don’t waste another minute being sad about being single..There is one for everyone…Miss Krystal

  5. Marc from the UK

    After 20 years in a long term relationship, I feared my own company more than death itself, however I am learning after two years to adapt and learn new things like cooking and in a way it is nice to have abreak from daily tensions and stresses that relationships often bring. HOWEVER as a man how does one use a vibrator !!!!!! Comments required please !!!but nothing rude lol!

  6. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Well, I’m not on Facebook, Twitter, or Myspace,…or any other space

    But I love being single, after being married for 32 years to a very intense FBI agent
    …, I love having time for myself, my hobbies, my animals, the animal shelter I sit on the board of….love to decorate my old farmhouse….being single isn’t all that bad, for me anyway.

    And when or if I ever start to feel lonely, then I will turn my attention to dating. But I’ve actually turned down several offers of marriage over the past 5 years…..the way I feel about it is….I’m a Grandmother, way too young to get married !!!!….LOL LOL


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