The Full Moon Can Change Your Life

Align Your Energy with the Power of the Wind Moon

Every civilization that has tuned in to the patterns of nature; the Moon, stars, and the seasons of the Earth, has witnessed a different energy to each full moon of the year. On April 17, 2011, we will have the “wind moon.” By tuning in to the energies around the magnetic pull and frequency that is strongest now, you can use that energy to move energy in your own life and spiritual path!

What the ancients tell us about the wind moon, or sometimes called the “seed moon,” starts with the full moon before that, March’s “storm moon” (March 19, 2011). The storm moon brings the transitions of winter to spring; rain, winds, and thunderstorms prepare the ground for the new seedlings of spring (and also prepares us to let go of old wounds and begin to embrace the new). The wind moon brings the winds to sweep the seeds from the trees, bushes, and flowers to spread onto the fertile and prepared soils. For us this is the time to be inspired as to what we could bring into our lives! What “seeds” do you want to plant in your life this year?

Now don’t go crazy and choose more than you can really take on, because each item you “plant” will take a bit of care, thought, and action, in order to grow. So be realistic in what you call into your world. And be aware of what effect that new growth will have on the people and day to day world you now exist with. What I am saying is to think about this carefully, think through the changes that each will bring, and what it will take as a commitment from you.

I do it in small steps. I gather magazines, or go online for pictures, words, or images that represent what I may want to “plant” around the spring equinox (but you can still do one anytime!) and as I put together my artwork, I think about each item, and see how it fits with the others. I usually focus on one or maybe two larger issues, with more items being about supporting the work I’ve already done, or improving situations or relationships. Then I create my “Dream Board” by placing those together on a poster board. I draw on it, and add things as well as pictures: gemstones, dried flowers, herbs, etc. All these images act as examples of what I want to “pull” in over the next year.

When the full moon comes in (April 17, 10:44 p.m. PST), I will meditate on my crafty little picture. I will keep it up where I can see it until the final harvest, Samhain, on October 31 (in tune with the plant/harvest schedule of the Celtic Wheel of the Year). These moons can help you to move energy forward in your life, kind of like a clock set to remind you to take action once a month. Blessings to you on your journey!

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