The Crucial Link Between Self-Esteem and Your Gut

Trust Your Instincts

Everyone is born with a basic connection to our higher power. It’s called “our gut.” Our gut is a natural born gift that is placed within our bodies for survival. For example, when when we stand at the entrance to a dark alley, our mind tells us everything is going to be okay, and that there is no such thing as the “boogie man.” Our gut, however, is screaming, “Stop! Do not go in there!” If we trust our gut in this situation, we stay safe. If we lack trust within ourselves, we can (and sometimes will) step right into danger. Unfortunately, it’s not always as obvious as a dark alley. Usually, we ignore our gut when it comes to relationships and decisions, in general.

Our self-esteem is damaged by our wounds. It doesn’t matter if we acquired them at childhood or just last week. Unless otherwise healed, our past hurts will make us doubt the very core of who we are as human beings. As our self-esteem diminishes, so does our trust. When our trust diminishes, we become hungrier than ever for love and acceptance, and this is because our wounds are screaming out to be healed. The challenge, however, is that our wounds can mask, or deafen, our attention to our gut instincts.

Here is an example. My friend Lisa (I’ve changed her name to protect her identity), was sexually abused one time by a neighbor, when she was a child. She told her parents, they confronted him, and he, of course, denied it. For whatever reason, even though she exhibited all the signs of having been violated, they didn’t necessarily side with him, but they did sweep it under the rug. Her trust was shattered.

As she grew into a young woman, all she wanted was for people to believe her. Ironically enough, this made her a horrible liar. She would tell lies hoping that people would believe her and side with her. She wasn’t doing this consciously; it was her wound that was dominating her life. Her gut kept telling her to stop, and she wouldn’t listen. The lies became more outrageous with time, and then came the point where she couldn’t remember the trail.

Finally, the lies caught up with her. She was forced to come clean. Lisa lost everything, and when I say everything, I mean everything. Those of us that understood what was happening to her stood by her, but that was only because she was willing to seek healing—emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

Today Lisa is a high-functioning adult. She lives with integrity, and she is extremely intuitive—always listening and following her gut feelings. This came from her willingness to dig deep, receive Reiki (a form of energy healing), and to sit through (sometimes brutal) therapy sessions.

If you find that you don’t trust your gut, look into your wounds. It will take courage, but you are worth it! Wouldn’t it be a great relief to you to trust your gut again, or maybe, for the first time? Trusting our gut is the true transformation of our lives. What is your gut saying to you right now?

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  1. Psychic WhitneyPsychic Whitney

    Great Article Larkin! There are so many out there who need to heal their past wounds in order to move forward. “Lisa” is a fabulous example for those I see, on a daily basis, who could benefit from energetic healing and intensive therapy. Blessings, Psychic Whitney


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