The Art of Forgiving and Moving On

Forgive and Let Go of Negative Emotions

Forgiving other people for their actions, mistakes and comments is a healthy practice. We may not realize how much holding a grudge can make us unhealthy. A long lasting grudge can keep an individual back in life and present stress-related health problems. By using the art of forgiving and moving on with our lives we can find the freedom we have been looking for.

People that are filled with hatred towards another person may suffer from illness early in life. The hatred grows and blocks the peaceful energy we have within our bodies and minds. It has been shown that people with hostility, anger and hatred suffer from cardiovascular problems, mental health complications and a general all over feeling of sickness. By replacing the hatred and anger with forgiveness we can release ourselves from the dungeon we have put ourselves in. Here is how you can practice forgiving and change your life.

The art of forgiving is just that; an art. It can be colorful, abstract and you can paint your own picture of forgiveness. Sometimes forgiveness does not have to be done face to face or with the person you hold anger towards. You can practice the art of forgiving by yourself and allow yourself to be free once again. Many people practice forgiving alone and still find the results beneficial. You can write down all of your feelings in a journal or on paper and burn it to allow yourself to be free of it all. Some individuals forgive others and move on easily. Others may find it extremely difficult if trauma or loss was involved.

Talk to someone you trust and care about. Share and vent your feelings about this person. Ask them to just listen and not to try and fix this matter. You will feel that the more you release out into the open, the more stress-free you will become. If you do not have someone close to you, try going to a counselor or therapist to work through your anger and hostility. You don’t need to suffer alone.

Why yell at someone? Or confront your villain? It could only lead to more complications and sometimes dangerous situations. If you feel the need to directly forgive the individual that has hurt you, you can sit down in a calm mature manner and say what you need to say. You can also write them a letter and have them read it in front of you if you find you cannot say how much they hurt you to their face. Let go of your negative thoughts and forgive. Allow your words to sink in and then try telling them that you forgive them for the actions they took. Both of you will be able to move on in a healthier state through your individual lives. You may not forget the pain, but forgiveness can break the wall that has been blocking you in life, providing you with more opportunities for love and friendship.

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14 thoughts on “The Art of Forgiving and Moving On

  1. Susan

    The key is to listen to your intuition ALWAYS!! It can prevent heart ache/brake before it even happens. I met an old classmate from elementary school and I did not listen to my intuition prior to dating this person and I was sorry afterward….He would call me and babble incessantly about himself and his life. He finally cornered me into a date when I really only wanted to go out for coffee..and the rest is history. After my initiated break up with this person I looked back and realized that I had known from the start that this person was not right for me and my intuition was right, but I chose NOT to listen to it.

  2. sandra

    I have been crying since April since throwing my husband out for the 2nd time of cheating on me and emaling women and a date he had while I was away Now he is with another women said that he loved her going to marry her down the road III cry all the time even in my sleep I do not want to see him with another women or be happy Iasked him again when is he getting married> Said he never said that.

    What is so painful is how well he is handling all of this I have sent him angry emails everyday venting my anger he never answers them but I know he reads them comes here to get his mail pain on his face quickly leaves won’t look at me much I throw him out and he is happy and I am all alone every nite bymyself eating dinner crying I image them together eating sex and going out like we used to.

    I asked him if he was taking Viagra? Last 2 years he had a problem He looked at me right in my eyes and said Oh we re not doing that? Is he lying to me or really trying to do it right after all he was married before cheated on her married 25 years left her for me and we had hot sex every day that is what is killing me? I have been to counseling for 9 years to keep me sane not having anervous breakdown and trying to change him I have been his shrink, mother, lover care taker he has never given anything back emotionally I did all the giving 300%

    never has said he was sorry for anything he has made us broke makes 200,000 a year and spends it all not including a milliondollar building that he lost

    I have spent 10 years of my life obsessing over this man my kids have had it all the energy I have used and he never spends one second talking about me not inlcuding he chocked me last year and I had to call the police my family hates him including his own son.

    I think he is a Narcissit or a sociapath???? as a child he was left home alone age 6 to 10 not parents never loved them has no respect for women and cannot commuincate

    how long will it take for this women to find him out??15 years like me? Heard her voice on the p;hone sounds bossy and close to my husband

    I do not deserve what has happend to me I took care of his mother before I married him I ask God and people WHY DID GOD PUT HIM INTO MY LIFE?????

    I was a widow for 24 years and 3 kids I was so happy How do I get rid of all this pain??

    thanks for listening

  3. Olga

    I have to agree with Miya, it is hard to forget that someone that you cared for so deeply and trusted 100% could hurt you. I guess, it just takes time to get over the betrayal, but I agree that the hurt and resentment only hurts your health.

  4. misskrystal

    ps would like to share-seems like the more I say to myself, about something that did not work out, is, just that-“I accept that this just did not work out, and I wish this person the best, God bless them”– the more I do this, the better I feel, and I feel more serene within myself-also, it helps me be more open to new relationships. Some people will just not understand us, period, but that doesn’t mean that everyone will be like that, trust me because I am living proof lol….Can’t make it with everyone. I cherish the people in my life that see the good in me. I thank God for those people, everyday..

  5. Jacqueline x9472

    Hi Natasha,
    Wow is all I can say, I love your article and incite, I have too seen when someone holds on to ill feelings towards another it only brings you down, not them they really could care less, it effects you on such a real deep strong way, letting go can be done it may take some effort but it truly can be done and then sit back and watch all of the rewards from your efforts come flowing in,

    Blessings and Big Hugs!
    Jacqueline x9472

  6. sadia

    i like this topic very much …….its really very true…………forgiveness its soothes your body and mind………………

  7. Joe

    Great article. I was looking for something to give me a sign and this was it. It couldn’t have been put out at a better time.

  8. Faith ext. 9608Faith ext. 9608

    Appreciate your article very much Natasha. Forgiveness is definitely the way out of pain and the way through to freedom. You’ve presented very good tools and techniques here to go about forgiving. Wonderful article on the Art of Forgiveness, thank you!

    Blessings, Faith ext. 9608

  9. miya

    It’s easy to say I forgive you and even have empathy toward the person that you feel has wronged you,…For me, I can act better than I feel, I can go on and hope that time really will heal, and continue on a path that seems as though all is forgiven …however, it’s my experience that if you are deeply hurt by someone that you deeply cared for and didn’t expect to be hurt by them,…How can I really forgive, if I can’t forget?

  10. Jesi

    Great ideas! just don’t expect your words to change how the person sees their behavior. It probably wont. Just do it to have your feelings expressed .

  11. drsonshineDr. Son

    Hearts will be hurt but if you follow your “intuition” or “gut” instinct I like to refer to this as my God saying “are you really not listening?” so listen and make a move whatever it may be and when the time is right, but don’t be afraid to do whatever you are called in your heart to do. Love can sometimes be blind or at least we use it as an excuse because we don’t want to admit that we really did know better.

  12. drsonshineDr. Son

    Well said. Keep looking at the next 20 minutes to an hour or day as positive change. Keep your mind and prayers focused on positive change for YOUR partner as well as yourself and family. Wishing you all peace, love and joy. Be well, Dr. Son


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