Talking it Out is Good for the Soul

How Psychics Remove Stress

Are psychics fortune tellers? Do they only tell you what you want to hear? Other than knowing if you’ll win the lottery, why do people call a psychic? To me, it’s not a surprise that psychics not only reduce stress in people’s lives, but it’s how they reduce the stress that really keeps people coming back for additional help, support and insight.

Charrmayne ext. 5058: “My clients call me because they’re looking for answers to life’s challenges. I offer practical advice and I’m willing and able to coach my clients through personal situations.”

Cameron ext. 5412: “I feel people call because they want clarity about a situation. They may be stuck or frustrated with some aspect of their lives and they need a new perspective.” Give Cameron a call if you’re seeking clarity or stuck in your life.

TeriLynn ext. 9625: “My clients call me when they are unable to tap into their answers or get insight as to why certain things are occurring in their life, and they need to understand and have answers.”

Ursula ext. 5656: “I specialize in timelines. Whether it is love or career, I am able to tell them what their boss or love interest is thinking, feeling or their intention towards them.” Need to know when it’s going to happen? Ursula can give you a timeline of what to expect and when.

Justine ext. 5402:“Clients are searching for someone who is objective and nonjudgmental—an individual who is not close to the situation.”

One thing all our psychics have in common is they help people move from feeling very stressed to being more relaxed, and they show them the bigger picture. There are also these added benefits:

Gillian ext. 5603: “When someone is stressed, and they have a stressful situation in their life that they are not comfortable discussing with family or friends (the issue may very well be about family or friends), they can pick up the phone and call me with a guarantee of total anonymity, confidentiality and the assurance they will never feel judged. I believe we don’t necessarily have to deal with the cards we’re dealt. I always find hope in my readings with alternative paths and choices for their future. The caller has the opportunity to vent and discuss their situation openly, which can be very therapeutic. I feel rewarded when I hear a caller’s voice change from stressed to calm, or they tell me, ‘I feel so much better since I called you,’ or ‘You were right!’ Together we validate and re-evaluate their situation.”

Jesse ext. 9027: “Sooner or later everyone will find themselves in a situation that feels completely hopeless. Suddenly fear and insecurity begin to take center stage in their life. That’s when people call me, and I help them find their way through the dark moments. As long as there is breath in your body, there is hope! My job is to let you know when the calvary is showing up!”

Tenley ext. 5602: “I am ‘The voice of reason,’ a ‘second opinion,’ and an outside source. I don’t know anyone they know, and they’re free to discuss anything they wish. With complete abandon, they share their deepest darkest secrets and sometimes just want to vent or connect with a deceased loved one. Our customers know and trust that we never ever repeat or discuss the details of their reading with anyone including other psychics or management.”

When you’re stressed out, can’t find the answers on your own or are at the end of your rope, a psychic can lend you a hand. See what they can do to help you seek out new solutions.

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  1. jennifer mcelroy

    im a lebra and the man i love is a capicorn we have been split up for almost 6 months are we a good match what can i do too get him back i think of him everyday i know hea the one i feel hes the one am i right or wrong we fault alot but i still love him how can i make this work when he wont even talk to me???? help

  2. Quinn ext.5484Quinn ext.5484

    great article and information about how we are all so different and work with our gifts, tools and light. im so proud to be part of this network of psychics –
    california psychics rocks.


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