Love Matches for Leos

Your Best Love Matches

Somewhere in the recipe for successful relationships are the following key ingredients: knowing your most compatible signs and what it is about you that attracts them. For some savvy insight into your best love matches, dearest Leo, read on!


The Aries is quickly attracted to Leo’s creativity, vibrancy, big heart, openness and sincerity. Whether male or female, your mates revel in your ability to make them laugh and cheer them up, which you do with ease. They admire your glamorous and extroverted personality and approach to life, which you exhibit simply by being yourself. As you both have fiery, passionate natures, there is always instant attraction! Is your fiery Aries lover giving you the cold shoulder and you don’t know why? Talk to Psychic Kinsey ext. 5135 and find out.


The Geminis are intensely drawn to your creative spirit, as it is a shared passion between you two. They love your dramatic flair and affectionate nature and deeply enjoy the intellectual level of conversation that comes so naturally to you. They are never bored with you, and your mutual appreciation for the finer things in life sets the stage for many a fine night out!


As you are both fire signs, Sagittarius loves your passion for life. He or she deeply respects and shares your optimistic and generous nature and decidedly enjoys your self-confidence and flair for the, ahem, dramatic. A Sagittarius is deeply attracted to Leo’s open-mindedness, and socializing skills, and is always impressed by your self-confidence and pride which characterizes how you live life. You couldn’t really ask for more! 


Libras admire your self-confidence and creative nature as well as your taste for the elegant and refined in life—including your dominant, flashy style! As Libras are by nature indecisive, they like your take-charge attitude, including your sense of fun and bravado. As you both feed on new life adventures, your Libra loves your creativity and openness to trying new things, so keep the innovation coming!

Creating the ultimate relationship cocktail involves many different factors, but in the end, there needs to be a crucial balance with each individual flavor complimenting the other. Now that you have a little more information about your more compatible astrological signs, it’s time to get out there and start shaking it up!

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4 thoughts on “Love Matches for Leos

  1. marc from the uk

    I am a Leo and was married to Libra for 22 years, I felt the majoity of the time that I was in her shadow and was purely around for her convenience and ego! I mean this in a nice way, she was not a cold calculating person but selfish and egotistical. In the end I grew in my own stature and moved boldly forward despite threats of failing and lonliness.

  2. Kris

    Matches for a Leo can either be someone who is as fun and dramatic as a Leo, or someone who buffers a Leo, such as a Libra. Also, let it be known that someone can be compatible with you not just by a sun sign. For example, I am a sun Leo, but my BF is a moon Sagittarius. Just the fact that he has Sagittarius in his chart, makes him compatible with me to a certain degree. So, remember to check your mate’s moon and rising signs–not just the sun sign.


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