Surviving the Holidays Single

Surviving the Holidays Single

Holidays are not something to survive; they are something to celebrate. When you view holidays from the perspective of gratitude and enjoyment, you will no longer mope because you are not attached to a lover at this time of year.

Benefits of Being Single

During the holiday season, you are free to go wherever you want to and whenever you want to. Unlike your coupled friends, you don’t need to coordinate with someone else’s schedule or decide whose family to visit each year. You can create your own traditions—or stay home if you want to. Your life has no relationship restrictions right now, so enjoy the freedom.

“Seek the happiness inside yourself and your dreams will unfold.” – Claire ext. 5242

Be Part of a Crowd

If you feel awkward going to holiday events alone, go where there will be a lot of people. When you’re part of a group, everyone belongs. It doesn’t matter if it’s a church service or a Christmas parade—the event is meant to be enjoyed by everyone, not just couples. Don’t be shy. At large holiday gatherings, it’s acceptable, even expected, to talk to people you’ve never met before. Who knows? By next holiday season, that stranger might be your constant companion.

Visit Others

Make the time to visit friends that you haven’t seen much over the past year. The reconnection will remind you how blessed you are. If most of your friends are leaving town over the holidays, then arrange to spend time with some people who don’t get many visitors, such as residents in nursing homes.

Watch Classic Movies

Even though you don’t have a honey to cuddle up with, you can still enjoy those cozy winter feeling by watching classic holiday movies like “It’s a Wonderful Life” and the original “Miracle on 34th Street.” Laugh along with Ralphie in “A Christmas Story” and sing with the Peanuts kids in “A Charlie Brown Christmas.”

“Be gentle with yourself and become your own hero!” – Jesse ext. 9027

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One thought on “Surviving the Holidays Single

  1. sweetz

    I’ve spent many holidays alone. I guess God have a plan for me to be alone! If I had a say, I would love to have a significant other. I’m not enjoying the holidays. I’m just more happy when their over. This article make since. I’m 48 years of age, I feel like my life is useless. Sad t say!


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