Steps Toward Your Goals

Take a moment and pat yourself on the back. You deserve it. You have already accomplished many things and come very far.


Is your reaction –  Yes! Of course I should celebrate! Or – Why didn’t I accomplish enough? I need to work even harder to achieve my goal.

Think about your initial response to the idea of celebrating what you have. Does it need an adjustment?

By naming a goal you set your energy into motion towards it. The next step is to detach from the results and bath yourself in patience. This sounds like two opposing ideas – have a goal, and then detach from it. This approach is acknowledgment of your part and the universe’s part in the dance of existence. By naming a goal, you do your part. By relaxing completely into the knowledge that it will come to you, you are allowing the universe to do its part.

The human condition defaults into the setting of a goal, barely achieving it and then setting a further, even harder goal. This is a cycle of striving and effort. For some, this works for a time, but it will lead to the unsettling feeling of never having enough.

In other words, the key to “having it all” is to decide you already do.

Celebrate what has already shown up in your life. Give yourself 24 hours OFF from thinking about what you wish you had and feel the abundance of it already having come to you.

Graduations, getting married, anniversaries, new homes, and promotions are all things that are cause for celebration. The gathering of family and friends, the exchange of gifts and a meal together mark the “arrival” of a new phase of life. These are wonderful times and they are a symbol of the ebb and flow of the energy of the universe. Take these occasions and swim in gratitude. If the event is for you look around at everyone who is there to celebrate and give thanks. If you are the guest, smile and participate in the joy. When people gather in a group a new energy comes forth and you are a part of it.

And here is the best news, your life is the event of the universe’s imagination. You are on the list and get the supreme privilege of participating in the party. The universe has opened up a space for you to flow into the abundance that is already around you!

The more you participate, the more you participate. Momentum is the continual force that will overcome resistance in your life. Once the initial push gets going, the rest falls into place. So smile, and take a moment to see how far you have come and all the things that have shown up for you. Celebrate the anniversary of today and know that the rest will fall into place.

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