Get a Spring Soul Makeover

Refresh and Re-energize Your Soul

Spring is just around the corner and if you have been feeling a little dim lately when it comes to your mind, body and most importantly your soul, maybe it’s time for a change. Many of us suffer over the winter months and tend to feel sluggish and drained of all inner light or energy. But, don’t worry! It’s easy to turn things around and spring is the perfect time to do that. Here’s how to feel energized and newly motivated.

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Your Soul Needs a Clutter-Free Living Space

Have you ever notice that you tend to feel more stressed when there is clutter sitting around your home or personal space? You may not notice you’re feeling cramped at the time, but overall, clutter can be contributing to your negative feelings. Start fresh and clean your home. Use feng shui to truly encourage positivity into your home. Do whatever you can to make your home feel fresh after a long winter full of cobwebs and dust and get rid of anything that weighs you down. Too much clutter in the home can cause too much clutter in the mind and soul. Free your space, free your soul and open up to new opportunities for love, friendships and experiences.

Your Soul Needs a Vacation

Whether you go to a day spa and indulge in first-class luxury treatments and body wraps or you take a week off to go to sunny Mexico, make sure you are giving yourself a break. Everyone needs to take a break every now and then and it’s extremely important to rejuvenate the mind, body and soul when you are feeling down and out. Cold, wet, snowy days can contribute to a tired soul, so get away when you can and return home ultimately refreshed.

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Your Soul Needs to Give Back

Sometimes we remain stuck in our own thoughts and negative thinking patterns take over. We may even begin to feel sorry for ourselves. This will get you nowhere but down. Go help out at a food bank or do some volunteer work for people less fortunate than yourself. This will remind you of what you have in your life and what you should appreciate more such as food on the table, shelter and support. Refresh your soul and do something that is rewarding for yourself and for someone else at the same time.

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Your Soul Needs Fresh Air

After being indoors for those cold winter months, it can be difficult to train yourself to get outdoors on a daily basis. Drop the TV remote, the video games, phones and any other distractions that sink you into a social coma and get outside. Start spring with a new love for the outdoors. Notice the colors in the trees, flower beds and gardens, take a deep breath and let the warm sun shine on your face. Nature can give you the soul makeover you need as it offers a form of beauty that is so refreshing and ever changing.

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There is a long list of ways that you can brighten up and refresh your soul, but only you can make the change happen. Keep an open mind and an open heart, and live day-by-day, awaiting new opportunities and adventures.

4 thoughts on “Get a Spring Soul Makeover

  1. Marc from the UK

    I have started by having a nice holiday in the Canary Islands, courtesy of my partner, I went screaming and shouting as I felt I had so many other things to do. After a weeks sunshine, and being forced to chill and sit still I slowly became aware of the colours of the flowers and trees, the relaxed attitude of the locals and it dawned on me that I need to slow down and enjoy the now, the moment, the food the landscape, we all talk the talk and kid ourselve’s but this time I practiced what I preached. Now back home in the UK and enjoying my environment and appreciating things x

  2. Niki P.

    When I read this I couldnt believe what I was reading! I have been on my fiance so hard to get rid of the clutter & unnecessary things in our house.We also have a vacation for a cruise to the Bahamas & from there 2 Florida waiting for us to set the date! This reading could never be more true concerning my life at this exact moment!!!!!!

  3. Blackie

    down here in the south things are blooming and getting to be more and more spring like the birds are singing and squirrels are playing just great. Next week we maybe in the upper 70s.




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