How to Tell if They’re Trustworthy

Is Your Partner Trustworthy?

Whether you’ve just met someone or have been in a relationship for a while, you may be wondering if they’re trustworthy. You want to make sure you can rely on them. You want to be positive that the time, emotion and love you’re investing in them is worth it. You want to make sure they’re being honest with you, because you’re being honest with them. Here are a few tips to help you assess the honesty of the one you love.

Why People Lie

People lie for many reasons, but one of the most common reasons is that they’re trying to “save face.” They care so much about their reputation and what other think of them that they are willing to lie in order to be seen in a positive light. Another reason people lie is to maintain control of a situation by shifting reality. They may tell a little white lie or they may do something more significant like cheat on a significant other or hide money. The lying can become habitual as being irresponsible becomes their coping mechanism. They don’t understand that not being trustworthy limits opportunities in their personal and professional lives.

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Test Them 

It’s okay to test your partner to see if they’re trustworthy. If you ask them to do something, do they do it and in a reasonable amount of time? Do they call you back when they say they will? Do they promise to support your activities and events and actually show up?

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Notice How They Speak About Others

If your partner is saying nasty things about other people in your presence, there’s a good chance they’re saying nasty things about you behind your back. I had a friend who would speak ill of others in my presence and I later found out that they were speaking ill of me behind my back too. It’s a hard lesson to learn, but it’s important if you want to make sure the person you love is trustworthy.

Money, Friends and Family

Depending on your level of commitment, you may notice money missing or money issues. This could be a sign of cheating or addiction. If they are acting unusual, they may be trying to hide something from you. If they are keeping you from friends, family or major life events, they could be doing it because they don’t want you to know who they really are. Friends and family who have been around for a while know your partner on a deeper level. They may tell you something unflattering about them and if you’re partner is keeping you apart, it’s probably because there’s something they don’t want you to know.

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Check Their References

Before a company hires a new employee, they do a background check. The same should be done when it comes to a new relationship. Google them and check out their social media profiles. If you do get to meet their friends and family, politely probe them for information. If they aren’t willing to tell you much, observe how your love interest interacts with them. It helps to understand what path your mate has been traveling on before they met you.

Trust and Intimacy

Trust and intimacy go hand-in-hand. If you don’t fully trust someone, how can you give yourself to them completely? Sure, most of us lie to our partners on occasion, whether it’s because we don’t want to hurt their feelings or start a fight. However, successful relationships are based on sincerity, honesty and the ability to trust one another. And true intimacy stems from sincerity, honesty and trust too.

In the beginning of a relationship, you have no other option but to trust the other person, if you want the relationship to work out. By doubting someone from the beginning, you may be sabotaging your relationship. We’ve all been burned in the past, but trust them and proceed with caution.

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If you want a trustworthy partner, be trustworthy yourself. Be open and honest with who you are, warts and all. This will encourage your partner to be open and honest with you. And if you see or hear anything you don’t like, at least you have the power to make an informed decision about moving forward with them or moving on to find someone new.

27 thoughts on “How to Tell if They’re Trustworthy


    The subject about how trustworthy your mate is was very nicely unfolded before us and made us have some seconds thoughts. Thanks a lot for such articles. kilo sarri

  2. Grace

    Me and my partner have 4 kids together the oldest isint his daughter but he raised her he cheated on me once with my ex sister in law i left him and we are giving another try but i feel like his going cheat again what do you think or know?

  3. sharyn pompelia

    In a long distance relationship via facebook with a highschool crush. should I believe him and his feelings since he has made no attempt to come back home to see me.

  4. feli

    Hi, I jus have a gut feeling my husband is messing around with someone else. Were married for 14 years, something is just off. Can’t put my finger on it……is he or I’m just exaturating.???

  5. BEAN

    I don’t know where my relationship is. He asked me to marry him. However he goes out and never takes me with him. When I complain he takes me to some of his family house but no where else. We live together.

  6. seleta

    I’ve been goin out now for about 9months now…its easy for me too say i love u…But when i ask him y he never tells me he love me..He tells me its all about him being home with me tells me that he loves me..He’s A Scorpio i b lost tell me do he really love me like i love him r should i move on with my life….

  7. Valerie

    I’m an Aries women dating a pieces for a little over a year. Am I wasting my
    Energy on him and is he a cheater.

  8. Denise

    Always trust your intuition. If a little voice inside your head says something like “he’s a loser, you could do better” but he’s still sexy and hot, your ego is controlling you. This always spells trouble and your heart will eventually be broken. Just beware that your ego just wants the sex and image.

  9. priya

    I don’t know if my partner loves me the way I do. He says he likes me as a friend and doing all those things with me as you do with your partner. So I am really confused here can you help me to find out what is the truth

  10. Jacky

    Well said couldn’t have said it better its the truth and nothing but the truth in every word that have been said

  11. Teofilo

    95% of female lie… What lady’s..???? I give up with girl out here..the girl I’m looking for is the one on 5% bases.tru real honesty one … But where is she?????

  12. Sonia

    I love reading your comments. You are always correct in all your predictions in my life.

    Ps. Is my husband going to get better?

  13. doris garrity

    I would like to know weather its time to move on we have been separted for 2half years
    he tells me his still in loves me and wants to be friends then he says he dont love me like that

  14. maria

    my partner is a leo and find it hard to cuddle me how do i find out if he is a commented as me in this relationship


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