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Pretty in Secaucus, New Jersey, writes,

Hi Claire, I have spoken to you couple of times. I would like to understand if you can help me with how to differentiate a message coming from Spirit Guides or is it coming to me a result of my desire? I think I am fairly in tune with them. But I would like to be sure.

Hi Pretty,

Intuition is always there for everyone. The act of meditation will calm the mind so that one can hear the messages. Meditation does not activate the intuition, it simply puts you in a more calm, aware state so subtle energy can be picked up and used for guidance.

If you already have a meditation routine then you are halfway there. A little trick I teach my students who wonder if they are receiving accurate information — is that everyday regular thoughts of most people reside in a certain space in the brain. Pay attention to where you feel or hear yourself in your regular/everyday thoughts, and notice the area of the brain they are coming from. Observe yourself a few times and you will see that your own thoughts come from one area.

When you ask an intuitive question from your guide, notice where you feel and hear the answer in your head. Notice where you are feeling it because it will always be a different area than the location of your own thoughts. If you do not have a quiet mind this is very hard to do, because your thoughts are moving so fast, it is harder to locate them. The deeper you relax when reading, the more accurate your answers will be.

It is important to be centered in the chakra system and relaxed of the brain when doing a reading. The deeper you can get yourself into the lower brain waves the more accurate the information you can pick up. The energy of our regular thoughts is usually heavy and chaotic, information coming higher (deeper) levels is a more refined energy. There is no clutter and confusion in energy coming from deeper levels. (Yes, you have to go deep into self to access the higher levels.)

Purchasing a meditation CD and meditating in an alert state is a good way of learning to lower the brain wave frequencies to a more relaxed pace. This is the state where day dreaming takes place, and burgeoning intuition levels. It is a good space to be to manifest desires, too.

Once you have mastered this level, you can move to theta brain waves, when people drift off to sleep. It will take practice not to enter a sleepy state at this slower brain wave. Once mastered, this is the best brain wave to access the vibrations of intuitive energy. In the delta state, or state of deep sleep, is the brain wave used to channel information (miracles happen in this level) and there are few memories of what was spoken. This is a very hard level to maintain for long periods of time, and a lot of people never reach it, it takes much practice to be in an alert state — most people are in REM sleep.

A little trick to get your energy system (chakras) in balance fast is to relax every muscle in your face. We carry so much tension in the face muscles, especially the eyes and jaw. By totally relaxing every tiny muscle in the face, it puts the entire energy system in balance.

Questions asked in a state of anxiety or on a need to know basis are asked from a higher frequency of brain waves (beta) — and aren’t usually accurate. By setting aside any personal desire for the outcome, the true answer will flow more accurately. Also, never ask in a state of trying to receive an answer –it blocks your energy — just allow it to flow. “God bumps” are also a good litmus test. They confirm accuracy. For those unfamiliar, “God bumps” are head-to-toe goosebumps.

I hope this helps you!

In love and light,


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