Spiritual Questing

“We are not weak, sinful, shameful human creatures who have to somehow earn the right to become spiritual. We are Spiritual Beings having a human experience.”
–Robert Burney, The Dance of Wounded Souls

Burney is helping me through my own spiritual quest. “We are not trapped in a vale of tears because there is no God force. We do not simply exist because of some biological accident.”

Try this one on: “It is not human needs and desires that cause suffering, it is looking to get those needs fulfilled in someplace where they cannot be fulfilled that causes suffering.”

I want to share what I learned from reading this — I am one of those people who seeks outside validation. I admit it. Never trusting my opinions, judgments, gut instincts at times, or myself — I look to others to define ME. When this happens, I feel empty inside, like there is a void I choose not to fill.

This makes me into my own victim, a hostage of negative emotions, fears, self-hate. I long to break this cycle by seeking IN-dependence from OUT-side or external forces and people. This is my struggle. I have to look inward to help myself, build ME up before building up others, something I am determined to do through cracking below the surface of “self-analysis” into “self-discovery.” I hope this helps others, too. (ARG — there I go again looking outside instead.)

Which books, thoughts, or quotes have helped you?

9 thoughts on “Spiritual Questing

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  3. Laurie

    Sounds like you are confused by outside energies. Could you be an Empath???

    Just a thought, find a gemstone that resonates with you to carry. Perhaps that will help you empower yourself.

    “the Stomping Goddess”

  4. Chandira

    Understanding what has been termed ‘victim consciousness’ is absolutely essential to spiritual life!

    If we allow the feeling that we are a victim to anything, we give away our own authority to that ‘other’ and give them all our power, and guess what, they have won. We can always choose to feel differently about ANYTHING, than going to being the victim about it. And believe me, I have had many hardships in my own life that have taught me that lesson, it is not said glibly. Years of illness, sexual abuse, you name it. I am no different than any of us, we have all had our own hardships.
    What it boils down to is that I chose not to feel victimized by ANYTHING that has happened in my life.

    A good spiritual teacher is essential. There are a lot of very genuine Masters and Gurus out there, that can help us find our way through these things, and the ones that are genuine always will show us that very thing, and support us in finding our own strengths.

    One teacher I have read many books by and very much recommend is Adi Da Samraj, but there are plenty of others when you start to look.
    There is a phrase in Buddhism that goes something like ‘when the student is ready, the Master appears’.

  5. Diadriel

    Will Rockingbear, a Cherokee Shaman @ http://www.earthmedicinelodge.com. Get his CD. Listen to it over and over. Each time I heard this ‘circle’, a new lesson for me to ‘work’ on myself became clear. We have been domesticated from the wild and free. It is our domestications which hinder our spiritual growth. Paraphrased here ‘ I will know how much you love me, by seeing how well you love, respect, and honor yourself’, ‘ Get rid of the harsh, jagged words you use to yourself, use only the tender, soft, loving words to yourself’, ‘ First give to yourself, all the love, respect and honor you want to give, and give, to others’, ‘Truly loving yourself is not selfish, it is a way to show gratitude to the universe for loving you so well that it provides the abundance we are given each day’, ‘seek spirit bear who shows us how to go within to find our answers’. This is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg. Another good resource I have found is James Redfield’s ‘The Celestial Vision’ which presents ways to identify those ‘energy-stealers’ and how to stop them from affecting you. Tell every cell in your body, you will not accept the negativity or toxicity of those around you, by saying “Not me, Not today”. Bright blessings, peace, clarity and joy to you on your journey!

  6. indigodanceIndigodance

    I just wanted to reply to Gina Rose – I was fascinated with your response. For years, much of what I knew, feel about intuitive awarness was only by self-realisation. Like being here on this planet. I remember being very sad, then a thought just popped into my head that just said – we are here to learn our lessons, this is just one big learning ground – like school.

    I now intend to find the book you mentioned – but most of what is now written I already know – which I find very strange as I did not read it anywhere before – so I get very disolusioned with many books as many are written for money and ego (repition), not entirely for proper intentions – also, I cant relay back what I see and feel very well – I see and feel an awful lot – but I cant share it, it wont come out ??

    I personally an not a great fan of Doreen Virtue – but I find her writing very prolific and repetitive. Her name sells her books regardless of content. She truly does great work and reaches out to many people, but we all have different tasts and reasons to read, just sometimes we need to look further afield.

    For Heidi, I have read many books of differents tasts – some I was so cross and frustrated as I read through though, more about the author as some write with selfego – so I frustatingly got my self to the end and sometimes I find, even reading a whole book and not liking where its going – maybe just one sentance at the end gave me a thought to hang on to.

    You will find you are drawn to particular authors once you get a flavour of their writings, also, dont just go with the more prolific authors – they often write for a partiuclar audience. Sometimes the hard more obsecure ones are filled with a treasure trove of thoughts.

    Take care

  7. believerBeliever

    Hello Heidi!

    All of Brian Weiss books have made a huge impact on me. His theory is…our past lives make a huge impact on our present lives. Also, Collette Baron-Reid is brilliant, go to her website and read her blog, articles, etc. It’s all very thought provoking. Lastly, Doreen Virtue….all of her books are great!

    Good Luck on your mission!


  8. Jacqueline x9472

    Hello Heidi,

    I have been on this quest of finding true happiness and seeking the acceptance from the creator and within myself, I have found in my own studies as well as my near death experiences, that it is important to live your life with heart and passion.

    If you seek acceptance from an outside source, you will never find it, it doesn’t matter, is what matters is what you and your relationship is with you and the creator or source, remember you cannot seek acceptance from someone who is too trying to find there way, that is why they are here is to continue to go through there own experiences.

    One of the best books that I’m reading now is “Seven Arrows” by Hyemeyohsts storm, it show you to seek from within, and things are not always as they appear, it teaches you to see beyond.

    You can never truly know who you are by following a group, or a particular individual, you must trust your guides to show you the way and know you are always, always on track, remember too things, situations, bumps in the road always shows up to teach us something, quickly learn what is being shown and move through it.

    Blessings and Big Hugs!
    Jacqueline x9472

  9. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Hi Heidi,

    Try reading Journey of Souls by Michael Newton Ph.D…..as you know, I’ve died and crossed over twice,it is the only book I’ve ever read, ever, that comes even close to describing what I learned in crossing over and what my Guides have taught me.

    I’ve taught Intuitive Awareness classes long before the words Intuitive Awareness became such a catch phrase , I make the above mentioned book pre-required reading material…..as anybody, I firmly believe, entering this field should have a basic understanding of Karma and how Karma works.

    The above book should answer many questions for you.
    BUT…..some of your questions will be answered in time anyway,….by merely living your life and experiencing life and making life decisions.

    We are all down here to learn and grow as a result of lessons learned along the way as we travel our individual Karmic life path in this current incarnation.

    I hope this aids you in taking back your power and walking your Karmic individual path with confidence and not relying on outside validation of others .

    Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose ext.9500


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