Simple Tips to Brighten Your Day

You’ve heard the saying it’s the little things that mean the most, right? Well the same thing applies to wellness. A healthy, energized lifestyle is the sum of lots of little choices. These simple things can make a huge difference in the quality of your every day! Without expending much energy you can significantly increase your energy and spirit.

Wake up earlier
The morning is a daily fresh start. But what can you expect from a day that begins in an absolute frenzy to get out the door? While it may seem unattractive at first (we all relish those moments in the comfort and warmth of our beds), if you can get in the habit of rising a half an hour earlier – and taking that time for yourself 100% (no computer, no cell phone, no kid related stuff, just you), you’ll find you feel more centered, focused, relaxed and energized. In short, ready to take on whatever comes your way that day!

Take your vitamins
Most of us don’t get all the nutrients we need from food, and taking vitamins may be your solution. But even if you already take vitamins, chances are good you’re overlooking some of the things you need. Add magnesium and beta carotene to your standard calcium, A, B, C, D, E variety and you’ll be doing your muscles and immune system a favor. Not to mention the benefits to your mood, heart and cancer prevention!

Slow down
Misconception number one these days may just be that increased output is the only way to get ahead. That could not be more wrong! By burning the candle at both ends, you almost certainly ensure yourself more work in the long run since exhaustion breeds mistakes – or in the least does not encourage optimum quality of product. If you want to do your best at the tasks you tackle, know when to say when. Process is part of the experience as much as achieving a goal is, and if you’re fully present (and not half-way focused on whatever’s next), you’re apt to do a much better job – and feel better about having done it!

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