27 Simple Remedies to Reduce Stress

Natural and Healthy Ways to Reduce Stress

Reducing stress does not have to involve marijuana, Xanax, or other drugs. Sometimes it can be more effective, natural, and cheaper to use Eastern medicine and practices. Review this list and see what stress-reducing options appeal to you and your healthy lifestyle.

1. Put a Zen garden on your desk; rake the sand and slide the rocks around when you feel the stress of work pressing on you.

“Find that funny place and laugh; relieve your stress with laughter!” – Psychic TeriLynn ext. 9625

2. Meditate regularly, not just when you are stressed. Develop a routine in which you meditate at the same time and place every day, or whatever your schedule allows for.

3. Take a bath with Epsom salts or eucalyptus oils.

4. Go for a walk around the neighborhood and observe all the beauty. Clear your mind.

5. Go on a hike. You will feel accomplished when you make it farther and farther up the mountain on each trip.

6. You can take St. John’s wort to support a better mood, but make sure to talk to your doctor about it first!

7. Do yoga. Attend a yoga class or use a yoga workout video in the comfort of your own home.

8. Stretch in the morning and at night to wake up and wind down each day.

9. Drink herbal teas. I recommend burdock root tea and raspberry leaf tea for women’s wellness.

10. Drink Cal/Mag before bed. This is a hot calcium and magnesium drink that sometimes has melatonin in it as well. It’s great for treating PMS-related stress.

11. Forgive. If you are holding a grudge against a loved one, let it go once and for all.

“We can forgive a partner for anything if we want.”  Psychic Joyce ext. 9598

12. Clear your mind. I recommend keeping a journal and write all your issues in there. Once you close the journal for the night, try not to think about all the problems you just wrote about.

13. Read self-help books.

14. Think beyond this life. Consider past and future lives. This will make your stress feel trivial.

“If it’s something that’s out of your control, accept that you can’t change it. Focus on things that you have control of.” – Psychic Leo ext. 5265

15. Volunteer for a good cause. Find out where your friends and family volunteer or find a new place where you may volunteer your time.

16. Go vegan, vegetarian or raw. Some believe that eating animal products cause our bodies to stress.

17. Rescue an animal and welcome them into your loving home. They will repay you by being a calm, loving presence that reduce your stress.

18. Go minimal. Get rid of all the dross in your home and keep only what really matters!

19. Take off your makeup, wigs, fancy clothes and be the real, natural you. Don’t let looking your best stress you out any longer.

20. Go for a swim in a lake. If possible, swim naked. It’s so freeing!

21. Go camping and enjoy the great outdoors.

22. Get a massage. This will really help you de-stress.

23. Light some incense or sage. Pick your favorite relaxing scent and spray it in every room.

24. Play comforting music. I highly recommend ambient albums without lyrics. “Tosca” is one of my favorite electronic music bands.

25. Detox. Consider doing the master cleanse, the gall stone flush, or other detoxes that will help you feel better.

26. Drink more fresh fruit and vegetable juices. Consider buying a juicer.

27. Talk to someone about your stress. Call a psychic if you wish to speak to someone who specializes in sensing your energy. They will give you great information for de-stressing your life.

Before jumping to use Western medicine to reduce your stress, first consider these Eastern-inspired methods. They tend to be cheaper, easier and longer lasting. Having stress at various points in our lives is inevitable. Some people succumb to this stress and others deal with it in healthy, productive ways. I hope this article helps you pursue the latter in order to lead your healthiest and happiest life.

4 thoughts on “27 Simple Remedies to Reduce Stress

  1. Reed x 5105Reed x 5105

    When I am stressed I use some of the things from this article. Good ideas. Also, it is helpful to take time to think about the things that ARE working, not just the things that aren’t working. There is a silver lining in almost every dark cloud and finding it will strengthen you and lift your spirits.

    Reed x5105


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