60 Ways to Get Closer to Your Partner

Unconventional Love Wisdom

Here are 60 unconventional ways that could help strengthen your relationship. Try some and see if you’re even more in love than before!

1. Buy fridge magnet words and write messages to your lover regularly.
2. Buy their favorite food at the grocery store—a different item each week.
3. Give each other your passwords to email, Facebook, your safe, et cetera.
4. Buy some kinky dice.
5. Share stories you’ve never shared with anyone else.
6. Send each other texts, emails, pictures and video clips regularly.

 7. Reveal each other’s fetishes and try to satiate those desires.
8. Take photos together, frame them, post them and mail them.
9. Don’t wait too long to propose. As soon as you know they’re “the one,” act on it!
10. Do the housework together.

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11. Take turns picking what movie you see at the theater.
12. Give each other impromptu massages just because.
13. Spend quality time with the television and stereo off.
14. Have dinner at the table most nights.
15. Remember good times and then commemorate them in a poem, photo album or video.
16. Move on from the bad times. Forgive, forget and let go.
17. Start some special traditions together.
18. Keep each other’s secrets.

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19. Talk about birth control and/or your birth plans ahead of time.
20. Talk finances sooner rather than later.
21. Don’t bottle up things that upset you. Let it out before you grow resentful.
22. Make an inspirational collage of everything you want in your relationship.
23. Show interest in each other’s hobbies and take an active part in them if you can.
24. Always think about what you can do to make your partner’s life better.
25. Don’t comment about other men’s or women’s good looks to each other.
26. If you partner dislikes your ex, cease communication with that person.
27. Get tattoos together (not of each other’s names, though)!
28. Take walks, jogs or hikes together.
29. Cook meals together and eat at home often.
30. Move states! If you have a lot of baggage here, pack up and get a fresh start.
31. Lay all your cards on the table. Reveal all your secrets.
32. Sign up for volunteer work together.
33. Lose weight together.
34. Spice things up with a threesome or swinging.
35. Use your babysitter more often so you can have more frequent date nights.
36. Go to couple’s counseling.
37. Call a psychic. Ask them for their unconventional wisdom!
38. Take a vacation. Spin a globe and travel to wherever your finger lands.
39. Open up that bottle of wine you’ve been saving for a special occasion.
40. Redecorate your bedroom.
41. Take a break! Some time apart will allow you to miss each other.
42. Say “I Love You” every day.
43. Play board games like Scrabble and chess.
44. Stop complaining about things to your man. Tell your girlfriends instead.
45. Compliment his or her flaws. Show that you love every part of your lover.
46. Take an active role in their personal grooming.
47. Dress up as a “furry,” dominatrix, nurse or other sexy costume.
48. Read books together.
49. Take a camping trip. Enjoy being alone out in nature together.
50. Wash and detail your partner’s car.
51. Shower together.
52. Spend time in a hot tub.
53. Run a marathon together.
54. Watch shows with happily married couples.
55. Make a “bucket list” of things you want to do together.
56. Pack delicious lunches for each other.
57. Share pictures of each other frequently.
58. Record shows and interesting clips on TV for each other.
59. Surprise them at work.
60. Try trading responsibilities for a day, week or month.

These are some unconventional ways to strengthen your relationship. Pick a few ideas that feel good to you. Try them out. See what happens. Relationships can stagnate so spice up your usual routines. Being a dynamic couple will strengthen your relationship and bring you closer than ever!

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  1. Dezy

    thxs for the article its really great n hope it’s great for the couples plz all couples try new of things from this it makes a lots of changes in ur life n wonderful once agin thxs Miss Melody Lee! Keep it up

  2. GymRatWP

    These are all great things to do, BUT…UN-conventional?! I’d really hate to see what you consider “conventional.”


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