Restore Your Balance With Light Gem Therapy

Unlock the Light Power of Gems

Gemstones as healing tools have been used for centuries in Chinese medicine and Native American shamanism. More recently crystal healing has become popular in many alternative-healing practices. Practitioners have learned that light and color are in themselves, distinct ways of communicating. And gemstones certainly display qualities of both light and color.

Color therapy, a closely related cousin, shows that every single molecule in the universe operates on its own unique frequency. And this frequency is sent out, not unlike that of a radio wave. Each and every cell in the human body reacts keenly to the varying and changing vibrations of color. For we are, after all, beings of light.

In essence, all the food and vitamins we take in are color incarnate. Most have heard that the easy way to eat properly is to make sure we have colorful plates. That’s true. So we can see nature has made it easy for us to restore health and healing to our bodies.

Light Gem Therapy uses this information, combined with modern day knowledge of the unique properties of various gemstones, to help restore the body to it’s more holistic state.

How does this work exactly? Certain gemstones are specifically chosen for the client’s particular imbalance. These gemstones along with their filters are placed inside a tiny chamber housed within a low voltage lamp. The gemstones are then electronically stimulated so that they may begin to resonate with low voltage electronic pulses. The voltage, frequency and timing are always adjusted according to each patient’s needs.

An interesting note: Light Gem Therapy uses the same principles commonly used in equipment such as ultra sound apparatus, surgical lasers, and ultrasonic scanners.

The frequency of energy depends on the particular color of the selected filter and the corresponding gemstone applied to the situation.

The client sits under these lamps and lets the soothing, non-invasive light rays do their gentle work. Light Gem Therapy has been reported to be quite relaxing and comforting.

This therapy can be used along with other disciplines such as reflexology, nutritional counseling or Theta Healing, to mention a few.

If you’re thinking of trying another type of alternative treatment, why not give it a try?

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4 thoughts on “Restore Your Balance With Light Gem Therapy

  1. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Hi Ariel…….fabulous article !!!!!

    very educational and informative…..I love it !!!!

    And you are right…..this HAS been around for centuries, and by the way, Edgar Cayce believed in this too and used this theory thru out his life and practice.

    Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose ext.9500

  2. Abigail EXT9570

    Lovely article Crystal sister Ariel I have lots of lovely pieces that I use daily. They are my diamonds LOL!

    Many Blessings


  3. Gelsomina

    Hi Ariel,

    Great article very interesting and something we should all be looking at. New ways to heal the body, mind and spirit. please write more about this.

    Love and Blessings
    Gelsomina 5354


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