Psychic TeriLynn: Regain the Power You Give Away

Regain the Power You Give Away

 Let’s Get Your Power Back!

When you invest emotions and feelings into remembering hurt, rejection, disappointment and sadness, you are giving your power away. This behavior validates your hurt and becomes a habit pattern. It also creates blocks in your life that keep you from moving forward. But rather than dwell on these painful experiences, I’d like to help you recognize them, let them go, regain your power and move forward!

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Recognize the Hurt

Whether the hurt comes from negative words, physical, mental or emotional abuse, profound disappointment or another cause, you’ll need to first recognize the hurt before you can begin to heal. When you recognize the hurt, take caution and focus on one issue at a time to avoid feeling overwhelmed. If you take on too much, you’ll feel like you aren’t accomplishing anything and will emotionally sabotage yourself. Taking on too much at once will only make your feel worse.

It’s a Roller Coaster 

It’s going to be difficult, but the relief, joy and motivation you experience from going through dark times makes it all worth while. These feelings may be transitory as you ride the roller coaster that comes with this kind of work on the self, so enjoy these positive feelings when you have them and look at the more difficult periods as times of testing and learning.

Awaken Your Power

When you deal with what’s been holding you back, you awaken your power and start to get it back. New beginnings are on the horizon for you as long as you remain positive. Reach out to others for help our counseling. You may want to consider enlisting the help of trusted family, friends, a counselor or your psychic. When you do, you’re adding their power to your own.

Don’t Surrender

Surrendering drives your personal power under ground, so don’t surrender, even if things get hard and you feel like surrendering is easy. Don’t surrender to your frustrations—old or new. Express them, find solutions and work through them in order to build your strength.

Your Journey is Yours

Your journey is yours, and you have the power to make it as positive or as negative as you want. Life is full of joy, sadness, accomplishments and disappointments. No matter what you are experiencing right now, there is always a lesson to be learned—although some lessons are harder to find and learn than others.

You also get to choose who you invite on your journey, whether they be partners, family or friends. Pick the people who will help you reach your higher path. They are the people who support your physical, mental and emotional well-being. You know who they are!

Call Me

As your psychic, it’s not just my job to tell you what tomorrow will bring. I can also help you understand what brought you to your current stage in life. I can help you change by releasing negative energy and emotions. I can help you make informed decisions about your future. It would be my pleasure!

Psychic TeriLynn ext. 9625

21 thoughts on “Psychic TeriLynn: Regain the Power You Give Away

  1. Gail

    Thank you TeriLynn for this inspiring article! I had saved it to read when I had time, and just now opened the email. I have/had been going through very difficult times with my 82 yr old mother, and recently had a couple of light bulb moments about how she’s treated me throughout my lifetime. Her personality is classic narcissism, and I realized that her love for me is purely conditional. I’m 51, the youngest of 5 girls, and 1 younger brother. She has 3 golden kids…if you will, that can’t do or say anything wrong, and 3 scapegoat kids of whom she undermines…me getting the absolute worst of her demeanor. She puts me down, yells and screams at me in private, and will deny everything if I bring it up in conversation with a “golden” sibling. Hence, I’m the crazy, horrible one and why am I treating mom this way, only to have them shut me out until I change. Anyway, I opened your article at the right time! This gives me great insight as to how I should move forward and take control of my life! Thank you again!!

  2. Lisa

    Great article! It is just what I needed at this time in my life. I do seem to dwell on past hurts, etc. but I am now trying not to think about them and trying to stay positive.

  3. cecilia

    Thanks so much, for this beautiful note, many blessings to you Terilyn !!
    So sweet words from you to us, we need it.,love and light.

  4. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Excellent article, TeriLynn !!!!

    Very important, and wise, advice in your article. Hope to read more of your articles.

    Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose ext.9500

  5. Chrissy

    Thanks!I needed this message so much today.I have been homeless for six months now,I have skin cancer,and its getting worse,I cant find shelter,or a doctor,or a job,pluss my boyfriend just broke up with me,I have a good support system,with my church,butall I need is a good job,I am very tired,and emotionaly drained,Ive had it,everyone says I am a strong person,The threads are getting very thin,I do have to reamber negetive,and positive thougs,Thankyou very much!

  6. Vera

    WOW! I have been extremely overwhelmed by the hurt from mainly family. I feel like the other person,this dould not have come at a better time. I started reaching out to friends 2 days ago, and they were there for me. I usually have to much pride,but I’m going through alot! Thank you for your amazing message and I am taking your advise!

  7. Denise

    Thank you. I needed to be reminded of this. I’ve been going through quite a lot of emotional stress in my current job. I almost cried when I read this.

  8. Anna


  9. Maggie

    An important relationship for me ended a few months ago. Since then I have struggled to come to terms with it. Lots of self reflection…… I do find that I hang onto the hurts as a means of staying connected. This article has given me insight and will help me grow out of the relationship.
    Thanks Teri-Lynn

  10. elainediamond

    I was woundering why I can get passed the past to move on I keep on thinking my husband is still cheating with my daughter inlaw what should I do even if it is not her it is with some one else

  11. Maggie

    Yes, Great article. An important relationship ended some months ago, and since then I have struggled with coming to terms with it. Now I find I am doing a lot of self reflection, and this article has given me insight to help me grow out of the relationship. Thank you

  12. Fred

    That was very good advise because I lost my power and I’m trying very hard to get it back
    I lost my son a few years back and lost my job and everything went down hill my back went out and just lost my way and I feel so alone but I’m not I have a grand daughter without a dad so I try to stay strong for her but I feel so week I find myself trying to put myself in place of him for but I hurt so bad that brings on the weakness so sometimes I feel so alone but I try be strong but I am week.

  13. Seren ext. 5445Psychic Seren, Ext 5445

    Wonderful article, TeriLynn! You offered great advice, especially about not surrendering when something seems a bit too hard or overwhelming.

    Brightest blessings,
    Seren, Ext 5445

  14. deborah

    hello TeriLynn, i wish for the help and wish i could take a class? but im 51 and dissabled and have not even enough to eat right monthly. thank you for your concerns you are right on. i want to sign up for the class unblocking your abundace with christie shelden but cant afford her class. i also have a gift and it seems i have many sychics tapping into my energy right now. and i feel im to learn and need help on that very issue? but in regards to funds? i have non to offer. how i wish this grey clowd would lift. i also need help with et experinces?

  15. Sharon Eggleston

    Will I meet someone who will love me for who I am or do I know him already?
    I have a friend who likes me but he doesn’t want a relationship.
    He is living in a halfway house.
    His name is stephano.

  16. Judy Zwyghuizen

    You are right! I’m supprized I’ve been badily abused many time’s before from ex’s i have 5 ex’s and am affraid to love again because of the men I choose severly beetin to many time’s. But I will stay living alone now forever, but nothing seem’s fun anymore all alone and very lonely , and My finance’s I’m afraid Of when all alone but I have to protect myself from any more abuse. I’m struggling with my getting by from month to month on my bill’s but it’s way better than getting emotionally and physically abused, Game’s over with any live in partner, and now I had to get a second mortage on my house from a loan my ex-husband didn’t pay anything on now for 4 year’s since he walked out on me and abandoned me within one week’s time he said he want’s a divorce and is leaving in one week 4 year’s ago, so I got me apit-bull instead, to help me thru my shock we wern’t even fighting I still don’t know why he left me, and found out he ran away to Canada! to get out of this loan he had on his lawn equipment and I co-signed while we were married now I have to pay over 10,000.000 on his loan he didn’t pay..this is my life

  17. SUE

    I just recently ran into a guy that i knew years ago. he was very nice, & seemed very interested, i thought so years ago as well. i always got along great, & met him at some parties i used to go too. he always seemed to be interested in me romantically in the beginning. then i found myself calling him w/ no response back. when i saw him last week, he gave me his phone number to call him for help w/ something else. he helped me that day put air into my tires, but i also felt he kept talking & wanted to stay & talk but i couldnt because another friend was waiting for me. i dreaded having to call him but i waited a few days called & left a message thanking him for helping me & would he please call me to give me a number he promised me. so far its the 3rd day & he never called me back. again this person has disappointed me , as he did years ago too. i dont know why i thought this time things would be different. lesson learned????

  18. Lisa

    Great article! And so true, too. I really liked the reminder in the next to last paragraph that each of us already knows who are the people in our lives that help us evolve to our highest level and greatest good. It’s important to be reminded of this, that we do, in fact, already know who such people are (and who doesn’t fit that criteria).


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