5 Ways to Master Your Work-Life Balance

Master Your Work-Life Balance

Your Work-Life Balance is Important!

We live in a three-dimensional world. We have a personal life, an ultra-personal life and, last but not least, a work life. And when those dimensions collide, as they sometimes do, it can mess up the work-life balance we’re always trying to maintain. So, how good are you at keeping your personal life drama from affecting your work life?

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Though it may not be uncommon to come home and talk about your stressful, annoying workday, most of us make a concerted effort to not indulge too often; we try to leave our work at work. We all know that too much “work talk” can take its toll on the sanctuary we enjoy at home and in our relationships. Certainly the same holds true in reverse, but maybe even more so.

It may not be easy but it’s a good practice to keep your personal life drama at home and keep it from affecting your work life. Maybe you don’t think anyone sees or notices and maybe at times you’re so upset that you don’t care, but you should. Your behavior and attitude make impressions on your boss and co-workers and if you’re bringing your personal life drama into the office, you could be derailing your career.

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Life can get messy when one dimension crosses another. So, here are five ways to master your work-life balance and keep personal life drama from affecting your work life:

1. Think of work as a sanctuary.

If your personal life is driving you to distraction, look to work as a respite—a place where you can put those concerns aside for a few hours. Dive into your work and get some relief.

2. Don’t share too much with co-workers.

Even if you feel your secret’s safe with someone, it’s better not to share too much. We tend to share the stuff that bugs us more often than the stuff that makes us happy. If you tell someone you had a big fight with your spouse, they’ll paint a picture of your personal life that will be hard to erase. Even if you tell your co-worker you’ve worked it out, they’ll remain skeptical and maybe even share your drama with others.

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3. Take care of yourself.

If you’ve been up all night dealing with personal life drama, the results may be brain fog, red, swollen eyes, crying jags and a whole host of other things that will be hard to hide. They’ll also become a lasting memory in your boss’ mind, making you an easy target to blame when something goes wrong. Maybe you should consider taking a mental health day instead of going into work looking and acting like a mess.

4. Lose the desire to always be right or discount others’ ideas.

Sometimes when our personal lives leave us feeling helpless, we try to compensate in our work lives. If you lose control of one area of your life, you can’t make it up in another. Remember to keep your dimensional lives separate.

5. Don’t recommend friends or relatives for jobs.

This may seem cruel, especially in a not-so-great economy, but again, mixing dimensions is not a good idea for a lot of reasons. Not only will co-workers have added insight into your personal life, but now whatever that person does at work (or doesn’t do) will reflect on you.

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Show up on time, be fully present and don’t let your worlds collide. You’re being paid to do your job and if you’re distracted or making too many personal calls or even calling out sick too often because of personal life drama, work will kick you to the curb (which will in turn affect your home life). There are plenty of ways to keep the veil up between your worlds, and hopefully this has given you some ideas to try. You’ll be glad you did.

5 thoughts on “5 Ways to Master Your Work-Life Balance

  1. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Liked this article, LJ

    I agree with Quinn about #5,

    …but I especially liked #3 because the path to a successful and happy life incorporates a HEALTHY mind, body, and spirit .

    And might I add that meditation is very key in eliminating stress, clearing the mind fog, and sharpening the focus. Meditation is a great aid in the healthy mind/body/spirit concept.

    Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose ext.9500

  2. saroj

    Nice Tips. Very useful.One more thing.When u share too much with too much people whatever it may be it gets multiplied.So be aware! Try meditation like “Vipassana”,the ancient Indian meditation technic as thought by Lord Budhha, to eradicate defilements of your mind. There make ur mind clean & calm.U will be a perfectly balanced individual.
    Thanks for tips again.


  3. Jim mcdermott

    I am a 61 yo male never married , no kids, non smoker, non drinker, my problem is I can not find a female or a companion to have sex or go out to eat with

  4. Quinn ext.5484Psychic -quinn ext. 5484

    your timing is so good LJ, I was talking to a lot of people this past week about work, job, people at work, how to deal with stressful situations.
    you summed it up in this article.

    I especially subscribe to #5
    “Don’t recommend friends or relatives for jobs.”
    that one is a whole other article. 🙂

    great work week ahead.


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