Red Responds: Psychic Blocks

Regina writes:

I used to be very “in-tune” to everything around me and my environment. Somehow, over many years now … I’ve lost that sort of psychic connection, leaving me unsure about most things happening in my life. I’ve been told by other psychics that I have many blockages … even psychic blockages. How can I rid myself of these blockages, when I have no idea how I got them, or when? Can someone help me do this? I just want to be my confident, in-tune, my old self again. Can you help?

Dear Regina,

Blockages happen. Yours seem to have accumulated slowly, over a period of years, simply because you’ve been living your life. It’s one of those things that if you aren’t paying attention — sometimes, even if you are — the energetic sludge of the everyday world can creep into your being. Stress, certain people you need to energetically protect yourself from, and a busy life have also contributed. Just like the body builder who quits working out gets soft, psychic abilities that aren’t nurtured can get clogged up. You can free yourself from your blockages, and you also can enlist the aid of others to help you. With a little work, you will get back to your old self.

Some energy blocks can literally manifest physically in the body, and a little outside intervention can be very beneficial. Research your local spas, alternative medical clinics, and healing centers for practitioners of Reiki, acupuncture and healing touch massage. These modalities can really expedite the process of breaking down the physical manifestations. A cleansing performed by a shaman or energy worker can also help you get started clearing the path. These cleansing practitioners can be found locally, or we have some amazing psychics who are trained and offer their services through the California Psychics Line.

There are also many ways to tackle your energetic tune-up on your own. Communing with nature is a great way to get grounded. Physical exercise (particularly yoga), a healthy diet, breathing exercises, chakra work, visualizations, and meditation all pack a huge punch when it comes to releasing energy blocks — regardless of whether or not they have manifested physiologically. You may want to browse the internet or bookstore for guidance on particular techniques. Even though you have some blockages, the right modalities will still resonate with you.

With so many responsibilities and obligations, it can be hard to find the time and energy to tend to your personal needs. But, when you make yourself a priority, you can find a way. Talk with your favorite psychic about the best way for you to obtain the fastest results. Remember, where thoughts flow, energy goes — so try not to stress yourself out.

Brightest Blessings!

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