Red Responds: Is Her Car Possessed?

Dee in Los Angeles writes:

I bought a new car a year and a half ago. Since that time, I have had some strange occurances happen. I have an XF radio that I have turned to the 40s, 50s and 60s decades of music only. I have returned to my car and the radio comes on set on other stations, i.e, the weather report in New York (I live in Los Angeles) and really, the weather in NYC isn’t something I would listen to. I parked the car and went to my bank, came back, and the seat was moved way back, I couldn’t possibly reach the brake or gas pedal.

I always close my widows and lock the car when parking, I came back to my car last week to find all four widows down halfway. All four doors were locked, and I had the keys. These are just some of the occurrences that have happened since I bought this car. I don’t feel any menace or fear, it is more like something or someone is playing a joke. This keeps happening again and again. I have also felt a presence here at home, as my daughter has also felt it. Last week she was downstairs and I was upstairs, and we both felt a breeze and a gentle touch on our shoulders all within the same day.

Dear Dee,

It isn’t just creepy old houses that can attract spirits. Not all invisible friends are imaginary!

You do seem to have a ghost issue. Like your daughter and yourself, I don’t sense anything malicious about this spirit, he just seems to like you. There is a true and warm fondness for you that he emanates. I’m having a problem understanding exactly who he is, because he is not a blood relative, but he has some connection to your family. What family friend died a few years back? While this ghost has an easy 20 years on you, you knew him when you were a child. When you were nine or ten, you flirted with him or made a conscious effort to attract his attention. This man didn’t have any children of his own, but does have step-kids through his second marriage.

All the activity will die down and fade away as quickly as it began. He isn’t going to be around too much longer. He’s really not joking with you, he is just behaving as he would if he were still flesh and blood, leaving you signs of his presence. And, he likes your car.

Don’t be afraid to talk to him. Ask him to please watch the car, tell him that you don’t mind if he listens to the radio, but would appreciate it if he could retune to your station before you get back. Ghosts are people, too. Sometimes you just have to express yourself and outline some boundaries.

If you want to know more about him, and why he’s taken such a shine to you, I would talk with one of our mediums. That is probably the quickest way for you to get to the bottom of this, and learn the best way for you to handle him. You may want to speak with Tammy (ext. 9380), or speak with customer service for a recommendation.

I really hope this helps!
Ext. 9226

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