Psychic Zelda: Live Without Fear

Embrace Not Knowing

These days it seems we all fear something and Psychic Zelda ext. 5090 gets a lot of calls about fear. Whether it be the fear of never finding love, never getting out of debt or even a fear for personal safety (today is the anniversary of the September 11th attacks), it seems we all have something weighing on our hearts and minds that keeps us up at night. But debt, lack of love and harm are all tangible fears. We fear not having lasting love because we’ve never had lasting love. We fear succumbing to debt because the bills seem to keep piling up and we can’t get ahead of them. We fear physical harm because we have experienced pain at the hands of others. We have these fears based on experience.

Experience Makes Us Fearful

Experience creates tangible fears which make up your fear equation. It’s a matter of Event A + Event B = Fear. Here is an example of someone’s fear equation: My father left my mother (Event A) plus I am getting divorced for the second time (Event B) and this is why I fear I will never find lasting love. Logically being able to trace the fear back to an experience or event makes us somewhat comfortable. But this equation only works because it uses past experiences to explain why we currently feel the way we do. It doesn’t help us deal with one of the biggest fears most humans share—fear of the unknown. This is the unsettling (and sometimes even paralyzing) fear that we have no idea what’s going to happen in the near or distant future. Is a fear of the unknown making you anxious? A chat with Psychic Zelda ext. 5090 could calm your nerves.

You Can’t Plan for Everything

According to Zelda, “Ninety-eight percent of the world’s population plans, but we can’t plan for everything and planning isn’t a guarantee that nothing bad will happen.” How many times have you planned for something and got an outcome that was totally unexpected? That’s probably already happened a few times before you began reading this article. You planned to get up early, but you slept through your alarm. You planned to finish your college education, but family obligations got in the way. You are planning for your retirement, but you don’t really know how much it is going to cost you. We know that there are no guarantees in life, and this scares everyone to some extent, no matter how old or young we are, or how healthy or sick we are. Zelda says, “There are changes every day, if not on the hour, then on the minute.” Some people just accept this not knowing as a fact of life. But for others, this concept makes them so fearful that they become what Zelda observes as being “…psychically stuck in the mud, or like a broken record, isolated, and lonely.” People can become so paralyzed by their own fears about an uncertain future that they aren’t even living in the present. Are you too focused on the future to live in the present? Psychic Zelda ext. 5090 can give you the tools you need to embrace “the unknown.”

Look at Uncertainty Differently

So how does Zelda help her callers deal with their “fear of the unknown” or with fear in general? She starts by asking the caller to sit quietly and imagine they are a tree with roots firmly planted deep within the ground. Then she focuses all of her attention on the first and second chakras. Why these chakras in particular? Well, the first chakra represents your basic, fundamental needs, like your need for survival. The second chakra focuses on your emotions. This makes a lot of sense when we think about fear of the unknown. Not knowing what the future holds in store means not being certain of your survival (chakra 1). Also, fear is an emotion (chakra 2). So it makes sense that Zelda would tap into your first and second chakras.

Life is uncertain. That’s what makes it scary, but that’s also what makes it exciting and beautiful. You can get up, go to work, run your errands, exercise, go home, and go to sleep—the same routine for weeks on end—and no two days will be exactly alike. It’s important to look at “the unknown” with positivity, because that’s healthy. Your future is going to come no matter what you do, so stop worrying about what could happen. Be responsible, treat your mind, your body, and your spirit well, and try to enjoy every minute of your life going forward. And, if you need some help combating your fears, Psychic Zelda is only a phone call away.

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6 thoughts on “Psychic Zelda: Live Without Fear

  1. Freedom of Fear

    It´s sad to read what Marc wrote. Fear dominating somebodies life is making them no live at all. They just exist, or try to continue to exist. You must live life without fear and enjoy it. Live life is my motto.

  2. dmarantz moderator

    @Max, I agree. There are all different kinds of things to fear. A problem arises when we treat something like a nosy neighbor with the same level of terror as we would a “deadly trouble.” It’s important to put things into perspective and really assess if the amount of fear we are showing towards an event is appropriate to what the event actually is. It’s hard for some people to do that because their fear response is the same to everything. Thanks for your comment and insight! I hope you comment on my articles in the future.

  3. max rocchi

    Fear sucks!
    I much would rather have a ‘simple inconvenience'(like nosy neighbor) than somethong of drastic fear (like deadly trouble)

  4. Amanda ext. 5605

    Thank you, Dania for another great article. I often plant my feet firmly into the ground and ” grow roots”, especially as a psychic. It’s important for all of us to be grounded. I’d like to add that part of our experience on this planet, part of our journey here is to ” make known the unknown”. That is the quest we are on and to ” create”. These are two of our biologically driving forces. Therefore , when we continue to create , and continue to embrace the unknown, and make the unknown the familiar, we find our lives richer and more exciting. And…. it can be a scary journey… that’s where our gifts come in so handy and what we do can really help others in taking the steps their soul calls forth from them. ~Psychic Amanda 5605~

  5. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Re ext.9500

    Nice article …..and an important one too, by Zelda.

    I’ve always said that fear, and especially fear of the unknown, is the biggest crippler there is for anybody.

    FEAR stifles spiritual, mental and emotional growth, life experinces, and even, sometimes, can prevent you from fullfilling your Karmic destiny and walking your Karmic path in this incarnation.

    It’s a big wide world out there, let go of your fear and set yourself free to experience all that life has to offer and to fullfill your Karmic destiny. So….don’t allow yourself to grow old and regret the things you were always too afraid to try or do.

    Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose ext.9500

  6. marc from the uk

    I met a work friend recently, we were out on a job and I got to asking him about his life, He told me he was divorced, went through hell with his health, but although he kept a healthy relationship with hjis chldren which required, hundreds of miles travelling, paying a ot of alimoney etc, he has never got over it. He lives his life on a daily basis, never dated again, and lives in the past. THAT IS FEAR DOMINATING THIS POOR MANS LIFE!! How sad I thought that he will not confront these demons and fears for that is what they are, they are stopping him getting happier emotionaly and pysically better. He has every right to feel sad and bad, but he also has eevry right to be happier and by trial and error he could get, there if he helps himself first!


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