Your Career Forecast for September 2012

Release Your Creative Mojo!

September is the month to set your creative “mojo” loose at work. There could be some real financial benefits along with putting you in the spotlight for promotions and more, particularly on Monday the 10th. You’ll experience some personal and financial breakthroughs on September 19 with those in power feeling protected and more powerful. Ride that wave and keep coming up with those great ideas. Do you feel there’s an impending financial breakdown on the horizon? Find out what you can do with a reading from Psychic Josie ext. 5520.


Stay cool during the first week of September. No matter how excited you are about great new ways to do things, you’ll have a much better reception at work in the middle of the week of September 10. Your next great idea comes at the end of September, just in time for a whole new successful project in October.


While someone at home or a parent may be distracting you from your career for the last three weeks of September, use your usual determination to get yourself focused at the office. Your natural charm and steadiness serves you well in the workplace in the middle of the month, and you have the ability to save the day for the whole company.


September is the month to use your special talent to do two things at once to bring your great ideas into play while you hold steady and meet your deadlines. Don’t let the confusion of others at work interfere with what you need to accomplish. The end of the month offers recognition and benefits at work, so just do your great balancing act until then, and you’ll be pleased with the results.


Those worries and doubts at the beginning of the month shouldn’t stop you in your career. They dissolve by the second week of September and your new sense of security will serve you to make some real gains in your position after the many changes you have been experiencing. The end of September and October should bring great relief to heavy workloads and concerns.

Never doubt your leadership skills and “star quality” and they can serve you well this month. Your innovations will be really appreciated by the end of the following week. Mid-month brings recognition and appreciation as you dazzle others with your enthusiasm.


Whew! Communications will be so much easier in September, Virgo’s birthday month. While you may get tired of being the grounded one at work, you’ll probably be one of the only ones thinking straight, particularly mid-month. Just stay calm and take advantage of the situation to pursue your goals.


September will relieve you of those conflict issues that you’ve had to smooth over to keep everyone around you happy, thank heavens! The good news is, this great ability has really allowed you to shine at work, and you should be rewarded by early this month. When the sun goes into Libra on September 22, new opportunities will open to you.


As Mars continues to be in its home sign Scorpio throughout September, it’s “full speed ahead” for you. Just subtly make your boss or client aware that they are enjoying the benefits of your work, and if they don’t reward you right away, make notes for future reviews or presentations to them.


Develop those great ideas or creations of yours in the beginning of September and through the month and be open to any benefits you may receive. Just in case the boss or client doesn’t have more cash, other assets may be at least as valuable to you, like education or other benefits. In the last two weeks of September, you’ll be really pleased with new tools for your projects and other opportunities that will prove to be truly fun.


You have been carrying the responsibility for your coworkers for a few years now and really want to pursue your own ambitions. Just know that September is the end of this situation with freedom coming in October. You’ve been working with insights for some time about inherent problems at work and will see an opportunity for real change. Now it’s a matter of bringing others around to your way of thinking.


Mars is traveling through Aquarians’ career house of Scorpio through the month of September. So be prepared for tempers to flair and for management or clients to be unusually intense. Your social skills and willingness to make necessary changes can bring real gain in the second and third weeks of September.


Your inspired work continues into September. This is a month when your talents and sensitivity could serve you well. Your gentle abilities with heartfelt ideas and beautiful creations could soothe colleagues and clients at just the right time. By the 12th, you should be hearing appreciative words at work for your compassion. Thanks to friendships and a personal, spiritual breakthrough on Wednesday, September 19, you will find new freedom.

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11 thoughts on “Your Career Forecast for September 2012

  1. priyadarshini dutta

    hiiii, my birth date is career is going through a very rough phase. designation and the salary everything is bothering me.when will i get a better position?

  2. meg miller

    I have just come through a very testing time with much physical pain involved,not to mention the financial cost,s.
    How come not one of you picked up on any of that, it,s been going on for over a month.
    Are your predictions just generic ?.
    Really would appreciate a answer to the question if anyone out there is up to answering it.
    Meg Miller.

  3. Debra Keil-LeavittDebbie Keil-Leavitt

    Coral an others: Sun sign forecasts are a service offered to you about the interactive energies available to you from the perspective of where the sun was in the sky during the time of the year that you were born. As the sun is a star and our closest amazing energy source, sun signs say a lot about who you are in this lifetime and how you will “shine.” At the same time, these forecasts are somewhat general guidelines for you that you can use to your advantage, in that we aren’t working from your specific day, time and location of birth. There are other “signatures” in your chart that, integrated, give a lovely more specific map of your unique qualities, talents, opportunities and challenges. For those of you who aren’t seeing the same results as Juan, our psychics can be contacted – many of whom know astrology – to offer you personal attention to the very specific opportunities and challenges that are impacting your individual chart and life. I hope this is helpful to you all.

  4. blackie

    This sounds goode even though I’ve had a great career but it was cut short with health problems and I would greatly appreciate SSI that I paid into so long either getting it to me or quit taking younger peoples money and let all the judges and lawyers and people who sit on there all day a real reason to go home instead eating our fica money.


    every month i read career forecast, but i don’t know why it is not happening ecxately what is mentioned in forecasting, eventhough i am trying to change my job for better career prospectus but i dont know when right time will come. anyway i am very happy to read this.

    thanx and regards


  6. juan Rivas

    Thank YOU ; this is very accurate in my own case. Astrology WORKS // as the UNIVERSE’..I had followed my life Path ; by this advises, and encouragements. Blessed by THE SUPREME BEING’


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