Psychic Workout: Find Harmony Within

Elise in Canada writes:

Hi Marin, I love your column.

I’m having trouble with fears. Because of that, I “fear” I will manifest that which I fear. I am scared of being cheated on, of being abused and betrayed. I have trust issues. I need a way to center my energies to ground and to trust. Do you have any suggestions? Thank you.

Thank you for your question, Elise. Your question is very “deep,” and may have developed from personal experiences, yet I wish to offer you a very simple answer that will help you deal with your situation.

In the spiritual realm, fear equates to uncertainty and an opening in your life where doubt and negativity can enter. So, for example, if you’re wanting a new relationship, and 90% of you believes that you will succeed, but that little 10% of your mind is overanalyzing how the first date will go, trust issues make you hold back, and you’re afraid you will make a mistake…

In reality, you are “dwelling” on the negative, and therefore placing most of your energy into the doubting aspect while trying to manifest the new relationship, instead of a successful outcome, seeing yourself happy, trusting, and embracing your lover. Sadly, you are self-sabotaging your personal power and desires. The ability to manifest or, in your case, eradicate fears, requires the ability to see where you’re placing your focus and energy. Unfortunately, for some this is not as easy as it sounds.

I suggest that you create your own personal mantra, so that when trust and fear issues arise, you can catch yourself and seal that opening with confidence. Reciting a mantra has the ability to transform your reality.

Sit for a moment and think about what this may be. A mentor once taught me that FEAR is “False Emotion Appearing Real.” Feel free to use this suggestion or create your own personal mantra. As you repeat your mantra, imagine closing the gap of fear in your energy circle and enjoy the grounded feeling that this newfound confidence brings.

In addition to finding your confidence through a mantra, you may consider having a reading with a psychic to identify your personal source of the underlying fears. A reading can reveal if fear is a bigger “life lesson” for you, explaining why you have been confronted with issues of fear for sometime, or if your fears were unique to a situation or person. Sometimes pinpointing the association or onset of fear will give you the ability to remove it entirely. Whatever resources you choose to assist you, you should be proud of yourself in that you have already began the process to a fearless lifestyle by reaching out for an answer. Have no fear!

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2 thoughts on “Psychic Workout: Find Harmony Within

  1. Monica Ollendorff

    I’ve looked at the profiles of several psychics here who deal with the particular issues I want help with, have the approach I prefer, etc (per your nice directions). I came up with 10; now how do I pick one?

  2. Cristiana Anton

    Marin, I have you very close to my heart. Some months ago, after reading your column about how to manifest what you desire through a candle ritual, I put it into practice, following attentively your instructions. I added some of my own intimate elements in the meditation process, and I achieved my goal.. My feeling of gratitude is with you always 😀 (big grin).
    Now I continously meditate with candles and my life has become more joyous, in quality and quantity. Thank you. May you be blessed <3


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