Psychic Word of the Day: Astral Planning

Ever feel like your physical body is here on Earth, but your consciousness is above looking down on this thing we call life?

The Astral Plane (or astral planing) is believed to reflect our physical plane, but it operates on a higher frequency. Heaven and hell are really just the astral plane, separated by vibrational frequencies.

But the astral has only 7 levels and then you start getting into the higher planes of existence (mental, buddhic, etc.) which is where the “collective unconscious” or “universal mind” might exist. Everyone uses different words for these planes of existence (heaven, hell, collective unconscious, etc.) Spirits live in the astral realm, and when you leave the astral realm to the higher realms, you have no vehicle like the physical body or astral form. You are simply Conscious energy.

All things are vibrations, whether light or sound, so the physical realm is just different vibrations (coarser) then the astral, the mental and so forth.

The astral realm is also known as the “emotional” realm because it reacts to our thoughts.

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