Psychic Theme Party

Do you want to throw a party your friends will be raving about for ages? Then have we got the solution for you! Putting together a psychic theme party is ideal for a night of thrills and excitement with the girls. It allows you to open up, bond, and create a team for forging the futures you each dream about. And, if nothing else, it’s really fun! So, let the games begin – and the mystical secrets come forth!

Choose a Theme
Psychic traditions go as far back as history. So it follows that there are at least a few ways to throw a Psychic Party! This time around, we’ve outlined one specific theme you can choose for your event (an Astrological Extravaganza) and given suggestions on how to execute it. But remember — there’s nothing saying you can’t come up with your own theme and make it just as much fun!

No matter how you proceed, be mindful that you want to set the stage to inspire thrills and mystery. To keep things manageable a guest list of no more than 10 is optimal, and it’s also ideal to have a main gathering area for socializing and then a separate, quiet private area for readings (a bedroom, den, or any spot that’s separate from the main party will work). If you’re ambitious, you can create a dramatic tent by draping fabric and a hula-hoop from a hook in the ceiling! This makes a circular tent with room for a chair and a small circular table. Drop a velvet cloth over the table, set up a candle and a phone and you’ve got the perfect place for private phone readings with a psychic!

An Astrological Extravaganza!

Astrology and psychics go hand in hand. Besides, who doesn’t know her sign and what it stands for! For this party, the goal is to create magical refuge for readings and fun.

Select décor appropriate to your Sun sign and the zodiac in general (stars, moons and suns will play a large part), and if you’re up for it, tailor invitations to the individual zodiac signs of your guests. If you don’t know your friends’ signs, use Evite and ask for each person who responds to indicate hers. Then, you can tailor the favors and the food.

Some snack ideas include sugar cookies emblazoned with astrological signs, like the ram for Aries, the bull for Taurus, and the two curving lines for Aquarius. Hint: it helps to draw them in magic marker on paper a few times before trying to draw with a frosting tube. If you love baking, roll out sugar cookie dough and use cookie cutters in the shape of stars and moons. If simple sounds better, melt chocolate in the microwave (stirring here and there) then pour it into moon or star shaped candy molds. Of course the theme can be applied to savory foods as well — star shaped crackers with cheese, crab dip in honor of Cancer — you get the idea. Just use your imagination.

Now of course you’ll need cocktails to go with those tasty treats! Whatever you put in your brew (alcoholic or otherwise), consider star and moon shaped ice cubes (the plastic trays are inexpensive and readily available). While you may even want to come up with concoctions to suit the signs, a simpler approach can be found in The Scorpion Bowl… even a virgin rendition (for all your Virgo guests, of course)!

While we’re setting the stage, you’ll have to consider your Astrological Soundtrack! Music could be one of many variations ranging from otherworldly (a la Enya) to campy (Age of Aquarius, anyone?) to sassy (Beyonce’s Signs). A mix might be the way to go. On the subject of entertainment, you may want to select a movie for your guests to view later on in the evening – or even to play in the background without sound. Suggestions for this theme should be psychic-related, for instance the romantic “Ghost” where a young Demi Moore and Patrick Swayze come to understand the depth of their love thanks to eccentric psychic Whoopi Goldberg.

And lastly, what is a psychic theme party without private psychic readings? Once everyone’s relaxed and having fun, have guests go one by one into the area reserved for psychic readings. Your guests will be excited and nervous, so be sure to suggest they have a question ready for their reader. And, if they’ve never used our service before, guests can take advantage of our introductory Five Minutes Free!


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