If you’ve seen Sandra Bullock’s latest movie, Premonition, you know that the gift of clairvoyance isn’t just about happy things, like guessing the right lottery numbers or predicting the winner of a baseball game. Sometimes being able to perceive the future can be down-right scary.

Psychics are able to hone their gifts so that when they sense the future, they know how to understand it. But what happens when ordinary people like you (or Sandra Bullock!) have a premonition? How do you know when you’re really sensing the future – and when your imagination has just run wild?

Possible Premonition #1: You dream you show up late for a big presentation at work — naked.
Just because you dream about showing up to work naked, doesn’t mean you actually will! This is a classic “anxiety dream” – a common occurrence when you’re feeling pressured by a demanding boss, a hectic work environment or a stressful deadline.

Dreams aren’t always a vision of your future – sometimes they’re ways for your mind to cope with what’s going on in the present. Of course, if you’re under that much pressure at work, it’s probably a good idea to make sure you show up to meetings on time (and fully-clothed).

The verdict: Imagination run wild.

Possible Premonition #2: You’re overcome with the feeling you’re going to get a traffic ticket.
If you have no reason to fear being pulled over by a cop, then chances are this premonition is another symptom of anxiety. Like the dream, this sense is a way for your body and mind to cope with some other stresses in your life.

But if you’re driving around with expired license plates, a missing taillight, or worse, it doesn’t take a psychic gift to realize you’re eventually going to catch the eye of a police officer ready to give you a citation. Sometimes our “premonitions” are just little notes from our brain, reminding us to take care of nagging worries

The verdict: Common-sense conclusion.

Possible Premonition #3: You’re daydreaming about your new boyfriend, when you suddenly see a flash of him with another woman.
If you’re prone to jealousy or have a history of unfaithful men, you can’t take this one too seriously. Your subconscious insecurities may be feeding your imagination.
But if the vision truly came out of nowhere, it might be worth investigating further. If you tend to trust blindly, slow down and pay attention to what’s really going on. Don’t abandon your trust altogether – just make sure his words and actions add up. If they don’t, your vision just might be a real premonition.

The verdict: Could be the real deal.

Think you’ve sensed the future? Not sure? If you’re trying to figure out whether your vision is imagination run wild, a common-sense conclusion, or the real deal, it’s time to consult an expert.

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