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Psychic Royce ext. 5448 Shares Her Success

Royce ext. 5448 is a no-tools clairvoyant who sees what you need to be made aware of to empower and assist you in gaining a deeper sense of self-awareness. Royce acts as a messenger, relaying key information from your guides. Her extensive studies of human nature has given her the unique ability to adapt the delivery of her guidance to the style you will be most receptive to hearing. She enjoys reading on a variety of subjects, but she focuses on relationships, especially the one you have with yourself, as it typically goes with the least amount of attention and nurturing. Royce believes that readings are an opportunity for you to learn more about yourself and discover the greatness you can create.

We sat down with her to find out about some of her greatest successes.

“Some of the readings I do are about developing a connection between body and spirit,” she told us, “so when people call and they have a certain experience they’re either stuck on or depressed about, I carefully look at the connection between beingness, spirit and body, and the quality of that connection. When I read that, I can then assess what kind of info they can hear to strengthen that connection.

“I’ve had many calls where a client really believed that they could or couldn’t do something. Of course, those beliefs were the foundation of whatever their failed experience was. So I help them revitalize their having-ness, their ability to create from a new unit of time, anew. So many people repeat their experiences based on past traumas and failures. Thus is human nature. I asked them, what’s your belief about this, or what was your belief about yourself when you lost that job, when your husband cheated on you, or when your girlfriend broke up with you? I helped them see and take responsibility for what they’re not conscious of.

“And basically, I helped them change their belief so that they can change their life. And that works most all the time. People will call me back and say ‘I did this or that that you suggested, and I’m really excited about my life again.’ We’ve been programmed for centuries to listen to something else outside of ourself, when the truth is that we’re creating our physical experience all the time from the spiritual vantage point, so if that connection is strong or you can rehabilitate some aspect of that connection, your experience in the material world can shift; the material is so impermanent that you could be having a bad year, month or day and it will change if you have faith in yourself, and you can make that change. I basically say your beliefs are more loyal than anything. So you change your beliefs and you change your life.

“There was a gentleman that called and his, he told me that he had a failed marriage, he had tried everything, he had tried therapists, spiritual counseling and he was really desperate for new information, so I asked him to tell me in his words, what did you want that you weren’t getting in a relationship? What did you want that you never asked for in a relationship? Did you without blame, without judgment, try to communicate what you really needed? He told me that he just would be so upset and re-stimulated every time he thought he wasn’t going to get what he wanted that this kept him from communicating clearly. I gave him a few tools… they had children, they had history, a deep soul connection, right up against some deep self worth issues. I gave him a few tools and some quick encouraging, empowering information, just for him in his situation. He said OK, I’ll call back and check in. He’s been a regular caller, and he really is one of the most grateful customers. He said, ‘I just didn’t realize it was that easy.’

“So each time he calls, I counsel him through that. Now he has this level of self confidence and knowingness about himself and about his mortality, humanity, so that he has a bigger, broader perspective of his experience, and how that experience can become if he has faith to move through it.

“I had a young woman who was an artist, a musician with a long standing crush on one of her teachers. And he was married, and he was really tough on her and she always took it really personally. I could tell that she was very brilliant creatively. We started asking questions about her relationship with father. She had a very rigid dad who she could never please, she was never good enough, so she was falling in love with a teacher, and he wouldn’t give her time of day. It took two months of phone calls to get her to look down that path and see what she was creating. She came through that completely understanding why she would want approval so badly from someone who made her feel so small and unworthy. That’s a typical scenario that humans will set themselves up for. She did it so she could heal it, so that she could see what her beliefs were around getting validations. I personally believe that that’s one of the issues we face in humanity that holds us back from connecting with our own truth.”

If she could help people realize one thing, what would it be?

“That truth is subjective. This is your life, based solely on your truth, when you author your own truth and it encompasses compassion, integrity, joy, enthusiasm, creativity, then you can come into a life that is truly worth living.”

What can Royce ext. 5448 see for you?

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