The 3 Keys to Know if They’re the One

Find Out if It’s Meant to Be

It’s an exciting time. You’ve been dating someone special for a while now, and you’re thinking maybe he or she is the right one for you. But how can you be sure? As extraordinary as your romantic moments together are, that’s not where the answer lies. It’s the ordinary moments that will reveal to you whether or not this is the person you want to spend the rest of your life with.

Key 1: How Was Your Day?

Miranda and Kenny had been living together for several years when they entered couples therapy. “What bothers you most about Kenny?” the therapist asked Miranda. “He never asks me how my day was.” Kenny’s reply, “I shouldn’t have to ask her. If she wants to tell me about her day, she can.” Get more personalized advice, contact a psychic today!

On the surface, it appeared to other people that Miranda and Kenny were the perfect pair. They shared the same hobbies, had the same religious beliefs, and agreed about not having children. No major family issues or money problems. And yet, Miranda didn’t feel cherished. The simple act of asking how her day went would have demonstrated to Miranda that Kenny cared enough about her to step outside of himself, even for a few minutes.

When Kenny refused to change his ways, Miranda left him. It was clear to her at that point that if he couldn’t see how important the little things were to her — and to their relationship — then Kenny wasn’t the right one for her. His lack of empathy outweighed everything else.

Psychic Lucrecia ext. 9326 explains that empathy is “…the mix of understanding their feelings and yours.” Look for the daily, simple acts that show your partner’s level of empathy. Does he turn off the TV, or his cell phone, when you want to talk? Does she understand that sometimes your work or your aging parents’ needs might disrupt your time together?

Key 2: What’s the Big Deal? You Can Buy Another One!

Although people generally take priority over things, we all have a few things that are special to us for some reason. Gregg used to have a favorite frying pan that he had cooked with for years before meeting Heather. He liked the way that food never stuck to it, and he always took the time to clean it properly. One day, when Heather was cooking something with the pan on high heat, not caring about scalding the surface, Gregg asked if she would please lower the heat so that the pan doesn’t get ruined. She then criticized him for telling her how to cook and yelled, “What’s the big deal? You can buy another one!”

Gregg was never able to find another frying pan with that same type of ideal surface, and he should never have had to search for another one. Heather should have respected his property, no matter how trivial it seemed to her. If she had been the right one for him, she would have realized that Gregg’s property was important to him, and that was good enough reason for her to treat it with care.

Does your partner take as good care of your things as you’d like? Remember, if you decide to marry or live together, it all becomes joint property. If your partner doesn’t respect you enough to honor your wishes with little things, how will he or she handle the bigger issues?

Key 3: If You Really Loved Me, You Would Trust Me

Milo stepped away from his computer to go upstairs for a few minutes, and when he returned, he sensed that something was different, though he couldn’t pinpoint what had changed. Shari was just sitting down on the couch when he came back downstairs. He figured she must have been in the kitchen while he was upstairs. Whatever.

A few days later Shari mentioned something about one of Milo’s female coworkers. He realized that the only way she would have known that information is if she had read a particular email that the coworker had sent him. When he asked if she had read his email, Shari became defensive. “If you really loved me, you would trust me,” she retorted. Milo knew then that not only could he not trust Shari to respect his privacy, but he also could not trust that she would be truthful with him.

“Trust can only be earned,” Psychic Jonathan ext. 9601 reminds us. “Spending time and communicating with someone allows trust to build as a couple moves forward.”

Have you and your lover built a foundation of trust to build your relationship upon? Have you had enough experiences to demonstrate that trust for each other, or is it still just blind faith?

Empathy, respect, and trust are three of the essentials for a healthy, strong relationship. If your relationship has all of these qualities on a daily basis, long after the initial honeymoon phase is over, then it’s possible that they are indeed the right one for you!

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