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Catching up With Rivers ext. 5273

Psychic Rivers ext. 5273 is a natural born Clairvoyant, Clairsentient and Empath. During a difficult life transformation, she began having experiences she couldn’t explain. She embarked on a quest to seek spiritual guidance, and learned to tune into her own psyche. Transcending into an awakened state, she developed a deep compassionate nature for others by tuning into their energy. She connects with callers as soon as they list their concerns or questions. Rivers conveys information in a compassionate and straightforward fashion.

We caught up with her for a short interview, and got some great information!

What does she like most about reading?

“One of the best rewards is when you get that confirmation from a client, and they say ‘oh my gosh, you’re so right on.’ That’s always a good thing to hear. I feel as though because of my own life experiences—being a mother—people who gravitate to the way I read are people who are looking for guidance you’d ask from a mother but are afraid to ask mother. If you talk to stranger it’s OK. You feel more comfortable.”

What advice does she have for somebody calling for the first time?

“Before they make the call, they should have some direction of what they want to look at. Sometimes, it depends, you get people who just want a reading, but I feel as though if they can give me a basic direction in relationships, a general area of life they want me to look at, I can hone in on that immediately. There’s a lot of times people call, and all they have is three minutes on the line. They’re looking for answers right away. The other thing is to try to suggest that they take deep breaths and relax themselves. A lot of times if they’re calling and really tense and talking a lot and rambling on and on, they’re not giving me time to read, so if they can be in a calmer state and be more focused on what they’re going to ask in the beginning, that would be good.”

If she could get people to understand one thing, what would it be?

“That they should trust their own intuition. Once you can tune in to your own intuition, you’re on the road to developing [psychic] ability in yourself. Being aware is one of the biggest things. We’ve gotten so involved in doing what we do every day, from getting up to going to bed, and we need to take time to be in the moment. That’s when you’re going to be able to tune in. We’re so worried about past and concerned about future that we forget about the now, and we’re losing the present moment in the process. Really, that’s the only moment you can do anything about. As far as trying to stay present, it brings it to that place where you can meditate. Meditation is a big part of helping develop psychic abilities.”

What can Psychic Rivers ext. 5273 see for you?

4 thoughts on “Psychic Rivers: Looking Within

  1. Rivers ext. 5273Rivers ext. 5273

    Any time a psychic receives good feedback from a client it’s not the pat on our back we’re looking for it’s the confirmation that we’ve been able to make a difference in someone’s life because that’s what’s important.

  2. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Hi Rivers !!!!!

    Well written article with some very good advice. And yes, meditation plays a huge part in developing psychic ability .


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