Dating Advice From Men

10 Dating Tips from Men

Some of the best dating advice I have come across did not come from an expert with a PhD or a group of scientists in lab coats. It came from the guys and gals who are dug deep in the relationship trenches, fighting the battle between love and loneliness, occasionally winning, and other times losing. Today, we look at some basic dating advice from guys, which may be simple, but it is also essential in starting any relationship off on the right track.

Most Guys Wish Women Would:

Just Relax…

Men take their cues from women as to how well a first date in going. If she is relaxed and having a good time, he will feel the same, barring any obvious red flags being sent up. All too often a first date is thrown off track because of external baggage (fear of rejection, concern she’s being played, and so on) which drags down what would be an otherwise positive experience.

Lower Their Expectations

Many guys complain that they feel like they’re running for an election on a first date. They don’t know if they should act macho and mysterious, or sensitive and compassionate. Some guys have resigned to just be themselves and not put out any special effort until they can see the value in a relationship. Need some help realigning your relationship expectations? Psychic Shauna ext. 9010 can see where your relationship is headed.

Respect His Career

Some men define themselves by their profession. This is very different from women, who define themselves by their connections with others. This is why when a woman asks about a man’s job/career during a first date, she is in a way putting him on the spot. This is because the question is actually asking about his values, philosophies, accomplishments, and how much money he makes. Never take this question lightly, and don’t downplay your interest once he starts to gush. For a single bachelor, this is like asking a first-time mother about her new bundle of joy.

Keep Daily Communication Short and Sweet

If a girl calls/texts a guy and chats for a few minutes, he thinks, “Awesome, I hope she gets in touch tomorrow.” If she gossips his ear off, he may find an excuse to be busy the next day.

Understand That Our Anger is Rooted in Fear

A man’s anger is often taken as a sign of aggression, resulting in defensive behavior from his date. Usually, anger is his response to isolation, disrespect, sadness, and fear. Men don’t always have the best response when they are feeling insecure, but if you can sense this need, and express compassion rather than exchanging verbal blows, you may see that underneath his roar is really just a grumpy teddy bear.

Avoid Fishing for Compliments

He’s out with you, he obviously has some interest and attraction, which should be complimenting enough. Some women need the constant feedback of acceptance. Guys like to compliment, but it can be draining to be expected to have his date’s ego at the base of his tongue with every topic she fishes out of the water.

Accept Us for Who We Are, and Not What You Want Us to Be

I think most women have gone out with a descent guy with a flaw or two, and thought to herself, “Yeah, I could mold him into something great.” Guys can sense when someone is trying to change them, and they don’t like it.

Avoid the Sin of TMI

When a woman feels a deep connection with a guy, she becomes Old Faithful. Her entire life’s story shoots from her spout in a splendid array of color and hue. Then just as it reaches its intended destination, high in the clouds of his own dreams and aspirations, it loses its momentum, and falls back to the ground. Without an established intimate connection, men don’t know where to store TMI, other than in a backlog of verbal diarrhea. When it comes to men, a little information goes a long way!

Tell Him What You Want

First of all, a woman must know what she wants before she can ask for it. Assuming you already know, don’t be afraid to tell a guy what you want. Trust me, he wants to please you; he just can’t read your mind.

Avoid Dropping the F-Bomb

Friendship to some women is the beginning to a very beautiful, intimate relationship. Friendship to a man is the end of his pursuit for the grand prize (you), and his involuntary acceptance to the consolation prize, which includes wearing matching t-shirts, helping you move, and watching Pride and Prejudice on Sunday afternoon.

8 thoughts on “Dating Advice From Men

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  2. Findlay

    the most useful dating tool I’ve found – the one on attracion(dot)com that enables you to ensure what you see is what you get – it’s called video chat!

  3. michelle

    Men simply don’t care about a woman when her story is said to be “verbal Diarrhea.”I think that if he is interested in her, her story should be relevant to him. It’s not all about him, and usually, ‘What she Wants’ is inside ‘Her Story’. If a men would just pay attention once and a while, women would appreciate men more.

  4. Phyllis

    why is the subject always from the woman’s point of view? what she is or isn’t doing wrong or right, or what she should do? What about reversing that? PR


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