Psychic Pilar: 5 Easy Tips to Boost Your Self-Esteem

Self-Esteem: Feel Good About Who You Are!

I want you feel good about who you are right now. I’m not talking about when you lose 20 pounds, get the perfect job, find the perfect man or buy the house of your dreams. I’m talking about who you are RIGHT NOW! I know it seems difficult (if not impossible), but the truth is it’s actually pretty easy. Don’t believe me? That’s okay for now. But I’m here to share five tips with you that will help you boost your self-esteem. Take a look and commit yourself to trying one, a few or all five. If you do, you’ll be feeling better in no time.

Self-Esteem Tip 1: Give Yourself Credit

Always give yourself credit for the positive things you’ve already done in your life. You’ve already accomplished some of your goals, whether it be something huge like finishing school or buying a car, or something smaller like talking a walk to clear you mind or helping a friends in need. Anything counts! And remember, we are imperfect human beings and we have to understand that even though everyone makes mistakes, they are just isolated moments in time.

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Self-Esteem Tip 2: Be Kind to Yourself

Are you kinder to other people than you are to yourself? Do you make a conscious effort to not judge others, but judge yourself every time you look in the mirror? When it comes to looking at who you really are, kindness and respect are so important. Being hard on yourself won’t improve your self-esteem and you know it! In fact, it will make you feel worse.

Self-Esteem Tip 3: Don’t Confuse Feelings with Facts

Challenge your negative feelings. Look at the evidence. If there is no real reason for you to feel the way that you do, acknowledge that and stop feeling low. Often what you believe and what’s the truth are two different things. Don’t undervalue yourself and your ability to see the truth. Don’t let your feelings take over. You are a magnificent being of light. You have special gifts, including an abundance of love. Acknowledge your power, your wisdom, your grace and your own divine fire.

Self-Esteem Tip 4: Know that Conditions and Situations Have Solutions

Whether it’s a challenge with a loved one, a major life change, the loss of a job or a work crisis, know that every one of these situations or conditions has a solution. Start with rational thoughts that are based on facts and reason. Listen to your thoughts in order to know what you really see yourself doing successfully. Leave the fear and emotion behind because they stand in the way of your happiness.

Self-Esteem Tip 5: Find Positive Role Models

There are people who want to help you. Whether they are family, friends, co-workers, or your psychic, know that there is at least one person out there who wants to help you feel better about yourself. They can offer you a different perspective on your challenges and help you wade through the mixed messages you receive.

As a psychic, I can help you work through your self-esteem issues. I’m kind, compassionate and non-judgmental. I can help you overcome whatever it is you’re going through. I’ve heard it all and I want to help you heal. You’re an incredible light being with such beautiful gifts. Let’s discover them together.

23 thoughts on “Psychic Pilar: 5 Easy Tips to Boost Your Self-Esteem

  1. Seren ext. 5445Psychic Seren, Ext 5445

    Lovely article, Pilar.

    Self-esteem tip 2 seems to be particularly challenging to many people. It just seems to be easier to be kinder to others than they are to themselves and yet it is so important that we treat ourselves with the kindness, compassion, generosity of spirit, and love that we extend out to the world.

    Wonderful suggestions!

    Brightest blessings,

  2. Ida

    To Fiorella,

    You should try meditation for attracting your soul mate. If you go on YouTube there are several that you can listen to with headphones. This will allow you to become one with the universe and send an open signal to someone special. Just believe and it will work. No one wants to be lonely, we all deserve to be loved unconditionally. Peace and blessings!

  3. Linda Longstreet

    These were beautiful and supportive affirmations that we should all live our lives by. One must nurture one’s self with positiveness when we are surrounded by negative feedback most of the time. Thank you for reminding me of that. Linda

  4. raielle

    I ‘ve just examined this reading, and I was so surprised about the way I was feeling about myself. Now I have a different perspective about my weight, appearance, and personality.
    I am proud of who I am the beautiful things that I do for people. It also makes the world a better place to live. It’s all up to us.

  5. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Advice to live by, for sure !

    Nice little article to read first thing in the morning before you start your day.

  6. Maris

    Those are great mood lifters. I don’t actually beleive in psychics, but the power of God and divine guidance, but I’ve been in a FUNKY place lately. So, yeah, thanks.

  7. Asha

    Great! It’s exactly what am needing at my place of work. Everything has been said truthfully…. you are wonderful…thanks

  8. Pavlina

    i was told that i will meet partner in life and have a child.did not happened last summer?!
    what i need to do to make it happened this summer?!!
    i am kind of loosing hope

  9. Dawn ext. 9777

    Really, really beautiful! Well written, and all true! Nice boost for the start of the day! Blessings,


  10. jean bruce

    Your advice is good,especially looking at the facts and knowing there is a solution. Too many emotions cloud the mind. Thank you.

  11. Fiorella

    I would like to know if I am ever going to meet someone in my life or the right person?? I just feel I’m not moving anywhere in my life??…….thank you


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